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How Byju’s Acquiring Akash is Motivation for eLearning App Development?

4411 Views | 1 min | Published On: April 12, 2021 Last Updated: June 29, 2023
Byju's acquiring Aakash for almost $1bn

You all might have seen this news. Just a week back, Byju’s acquired Akash Educational Services Limited(AESL) for almost $1bn and made a great move. Now, many other popular offline coaching centers are trying to tie up with other eLearning apps. This collaboration is not just benefiting Byju’s but AESL is also gaining a lot through this tie-up. 

The 23 years old famous educational firm taking such a big step, is not a joke. But they might have looked at the current situation and demand of the time. That due to covid-19 break out students are not in a state of attending any offline classes and which was affecting the AESL. Although Akash does provide online classes, which was not enough for the student’s better learning. So both the leading educational firms came together and provided the best platform to the medical and engineering students. This collaboration was on hold since January and now after all the conversations and discussion. We have received this massive news from the AESL and Byju’s.  Earlier these two firms were in competition, but now they will work as a team.

Let us learn how this tie-up is going to benefit potential eLearning app development businesses in the upcoming future.

best eLearning app developers

Future of eLearning App Development

Aakash’s acquisition with Byju’s proved that the future of online education is very good. Student’s “online learning” preference made Aakash to collaborate with Byju’s for offering the best studying experience. The 23 years old firm has shown its interest in this eLearning app. Then it is quite clear that the future of eLearning app development is really bright. Due to covid, parents are worried about their kid’s safety, and therefore to some extent they hesitate to send their child to an educational institute whether it is a school or a coaching center. Parents are looking for the best online platform, from where their kids can get better learning and knowledge. 

So in the upcoming future, the technology will advance even more and will provide better facilities through eLearning app development. Many distance learning courses have already been carried out through online learning platforms. Now if it is time to take school or pre-graduation studies to the next level then definitely these eLearning apps are great. The eLearning app development needs more improvement and modification to make things even smoother. 

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5 Top Reasons Why Byju’s Acquiring Aakash Is A Great Deal

There are many good reasons why Byju’s acquired Aakash for such a huge amount. Few reasons we have mentioned below to make you understand the benefits of this collaboration. 

Byju's acquiring Aakash is a great deal
  • Increases Business Reach

Having collaboration with such a popular brand like “Aakash”. Byju’s has actually taken a great step towards increasing its business. This deal will definitely give a great business hike to Byju’s. Although both the firms are well known and the best in the educational field. But when the two best will come together to serve, then definitely the result will be amazing. Byju’s was earlier known among online users but now it will be known by offline users too. And this will earn business not just from online learners but also from offline aspirants too. This business deal will not just benefit Byju’s but things will be the same for AESL too. Aakash will also gain even more popularity with the help of this deal.

  • Better Growth

Deal with AESL will really help Byju’s in growing even better as an eLearning app. Nevertheless, Byju already has many other good educational firms which are connected with this app, like TutorVista, Edurite, and Osmo. Covid 19 has given the best chance to eLearning startups like Byju’s to grow as a well-established eLearning platform for students during this pandemic. When everything was closed, these apps actually helped the engineering and medical aspirants in the exam preparation. Now Byju’s got the partnership of AESL so it will further help it to be better among students. Till now Byju’s was just an online learning platform but AESL made it more prominent and trustworthy in front of users.

  • Help in Building Trust

Aakash is really very popular among students who are preparing for medical and engineering entrance exams. And Byju’s just came into existence therefore this collaboration will really help in building trust among Byju’s users. Aakash already has a good market image and this will help Byju’s not in one way but in many different ways. AESL has 23 years of trust among JEE and NEET aspirants and now the same interests will be offered to Byju’s. Therefore this AESL and Byju’s collaboration will help eLearning app development in gathering more user’s trust. 

  • Competition Elimination

Prior to this collaboration, AESL and Byju’s were in competition with each other. Both are leading educational firms, one provides offline service while the other offers online.  But now they will work for each other’s progress and development. This tie-up eliminates the competition for Byju’s and as well for AESL. Now, these two firms will work together for delivering the best to NEET and JEE aspirants and to other students who are preparing for different entrance exams.

  • Expert Faculty Add On

No doubt Byju’s already had the best faculty for every educational course. But Aakash has experienced faculty who have been working in the same stream for the last 23 years. Aakash has experienced faculty and Byju’s has new innovative minds the mix of these two will give Byju’s best team of experienced and smart faculty. The AESL faculty will be a great addition to the Byju’s. 


What Makes eLearning App Development More Demanding?

In this section, we will learn about different points which will help in making your eLearning app development even more promising. There are few features that make the eLearning app experience even better for the users or students. Few main features which you must provide to your users in eLearning app development are:

features of eLearning app
  • Free Subscription 

In the beginning, give free subscriptions to your users. Where they can use or access all the services of the app for free. Keep it for a limited time and when users are liking it ask for reasonable payment from them for the advanced services and best experience. Byjus have both types of subscription mode, free for those who want regular services, and for those who want advanced services. They need to pay to avail those advanced services. 

  • Easily Accessible

eLearning app development made learning very easy. You can take classes from anywhere and through any device. You can use the eLearning app on mobile, laptop, or computer, anything that suits the users best. One just needs to be connected with an uninterrupted internet connection.

  • Variety Of Subjects

On eLearning apps, you see several courses. There are not just medical or engineering courses but other entrance exam courses are also available. You can learn for any entrance exam with the help of this eLearning app. Banking, UPSC, NDA and etc, you can get all varieties of study material on the eLearning app.

  • Vast Course

Users get all in one app. If you are preparing for any entrance exam then you know very well how vast the course is. There is so much to learn and keep in mind when one is preparing for any competition exam. For every topic, they have to refer to different books and notebooks. But with eLearning apps, now this struggle is made easier for the aspirants. These apps have all and every kind of study material that is needed by any aspirant who is preparing for an entrance exam. Now you don’t have to wander here and there, one just needs to log in through the eLearning app and the job is done. 

  • Online Examination

This “online examination” helps users to attend mock tests, which is the sample question paper that helps aspirants in better exam preparation. Users don’t have to go to any coaching center for the mock test. Simply with the eLearning app development, one can attend the sample test online and can stay safe at home.  

  • Planned Crash Courses

Now with the help of an eLearning app, if you have not started with the exam preparation then users can try this crash course or quick classes for exam preparation. In the planned crash course, the whole course is summarised and explained in the easiest and simplest form within a short period. It is helpful when you have to cover the maximum syllabus in a limited period of time. This is really helpful to those who are looking for quick revision or preparation.

  • Quick Revision Test

One eLearning app students get a quick revision test on a daily basis. Which helps them to understand the aspects even better. Regular revision tests help students in clarifying the topic that is taught in the class and then they better knows which topic is bothering them.

  • Qualified Teachers

Online eLearning apps have qualified teachers. Who are IIT or NEET scholars and have good knowledge to guide and teach students for the same. Now if we talk about offline classes, if the class is over then it is not possible to contact the teacher before the next lecture. But the eLearning app allows students to stay connected with teachers through mails or other messaging mediums. Through which you can clear your doubts anytime with the best-qualified teachers.

  • On-demand Video Classes

The very important point to consider, during offline classes, if,  due to bad health or any other reason we skip the class. Then there is no other way to attend that class again or students have to wait for extra classes. And this one unattended class makes it difficult to comprehend the next class better. But with the eLearning app, students can watch any lecture and that too anytime. It is just like the on-demand video class. This way students can check out any lecture, related to any topic as per their comfort.

  • Advanced And Creative Teaching Approach

Smart learning is a new trend and it also makes aspects more clear to the students. For instance, take the example of the physics chapter “Machines”. Offline learning just makes students aware of things partially but the online learning mode Provides a better and smart approach. It shows every machine and its examples even more exact. Smart learning is more interactive and keeps students engaged. The online learning model is never boring but offline mode sometimes makes learning boring because there is a lack of aspects and clarity.

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Work Flow Of eLearning App Development

eLearning app although does not require lots of features to integrate into the eLearning app development. There is only few feature switch you must know for any eLearning app development and those are mentioned below:

work flow of eLearning app development


This feature is provided through which students will log in themselves and will be able to connect with the services of eLearning app development better. Students just need to mention their name and have to choose the type of entrance they want to appear for and then start with the eLearning app.

2.Course Selection

Now comes the course selection, which means what course you need to opt for. Whether it is medical, engineering, banking, or other UPSC exam preparation. This course selection of the app will automatically guide the user to their respective study material. Users can also change their course selection later. For example, if a UPSC aspirant chose railway at first but now wants to switch to a banking course. So one can do this easily with the help of this feature. The medical aspirant can switch to an engineering course as and when needed. This course selection feature is really very helpful for the users and can not be availed on offline learning mode.

3.Select Subscription Type

Once you have selected your course, it is time to select the subscription type. This means do you want to be paid subscriber or an unpaid subscriber. This difference in subscription makes users avail themselves in advanced services or regular services. If one wants to avail all the services and benefits of the eLearning app development then they need to buy the subscription but if you just want general exam preparation then the unpaid subscription will also do. It is completely up to the user how he/she wants to use the app.

4.Get Started

After you selected your course and subscription type. Now you are good to use the eLearning app. You can check what type of study material is available on the app. Can check the quality of the video classes and easily access, whether this eLearning app is going to benefit you or not.

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Cost Estimation For eLearning App Development

If we talk about how much it costs for eLearning app development. Then it is very obvious, as many features you will integrate into the app, the cost of the app will keep increasing. And when it is about eLearning app development then there are other things too. Like, you need to have contacts with the best teachers, app developers, and testers who can handle or solve any technical glitch which causes disturbance with the app functioning, providing the best study material, etc. In eLearning app development it is not all about features but it is about providing the best study material and importantly making users believe in your app through proper advertisement and promotions. If we talk about rough figures then the eLearning app development will cost near about $10,000 to $30, 000. 



eLearning app development is really trending these days and users are also showing the same interest. This is not just a business but one can also learn a lot and get a chance to learn many different and useful things. The app development business is not easy, you learn to handle and bear many responsibilities and have many new experiences. You make new contacts with app developers and other people who are directly connected with eLearning app development.

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