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How Much Does It Cost to make an app like FaceApp?

5538 Views | 1 min | Published On: July 25, 2019 Last Updated: June 6, 2024
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If you are not living under a rock, you must be aware of FaceApp. Or, you must have seen some horrifying pictures of people transformed into older and younger versions of themselves on Social Media. That’s the magic of FaceApp.

Created by a Russian organization, Wireless Lab, the AI-based photo editing application has shocked the world in the last couple of days. The searches around FaceApp on Internet are partitioned between those who are searching “How to Use FaceApp” and entrepreneurs who are looking for an answer to “How Much Does FaceApp Like App Development Costs.”

Yes, impressed with the success of FaceApp there are many who are searching for a dazzling ticket to success – which FaceApp has proven itself to be. Before answering this much-talked-about question, let’s have a look at why FaceApp is so popular.

What Is FaceApp and Why Is Everyone Obsessed With It?

FaceApp is an AI-powered Face Altering Application for iPhone and Android devices developed by a Russian organization, Wireless Lab. It takes the help of AI to show you how you would look when you get old or younger.

You can add mustache, beard and a lot of other filters in the application artificially. The app also provides an option to swipe gender or replace the background with a solitary tap.

The AI can also help you find the best hairdo and hair colors. Dissimilar to other free applications on Play Store, FaceApp’s AI alterations look more realistic and will amaze you.

FaceApp turned into an overnight sensation a few days ago when all of a sudden social media began seeing individuals uploading their aged photographs consistently. Indeed, even movie stars are utilizing the application to post pictures of what they’ll look like when they age.

Back in 2017, when the application was first launched, Forbes had named it a “revolutionary” selfie application. It made a come-back now with an improved and more alluring old-age filter, which prompted the #FaceAppChallenge on Social Media with individuals revealing their wrinkled appearance to the world.

Celebs like Jonas Brothers, Noah Centineo, James Marsden, David Guetta, Dwyane Wade, Arjun Kapoor, and MS Dhoni were also spotted on social media with their photographs altered utilizing FaceApplication.

Face Changer App

While FaceApp was continuing to be the talk of social media, it crossed 100 million downloads, with a 4.5 rating on Play Store.

Review and Rating of FaceApp

The foremost thing that helped the app recreate its popularity is its amazing features that users are in love with. Here is a list of all of them.

6 Features of Face App that Made It a Big Hit

Features of Face App

1. User Sign-In

This is one critical feature that is developed in mostly all applications these days. And since your AI-powered photo altering application is going to use user-data, login and signup aspect would be required in it.

2. Upload Pictures

Face App enables users to add or upload pictures in the application from Phone or Social Media. You can simply upload a picture from the phone’s gallery or social channels like Facebook and Gmail to apply various filters on the same.

3. Apply AI Filters

The main reason behind the popularity of FaceApp is the AI filters integrated into it. When you upload your image or capture the one in real-time, it’s those filters that alter it into a younger or older you or a different gender you or simply a make-uped you.

To have an application like FaceApp created with your branding, you will have to utilize a similar technology that the application and numerous other editing applications use – Neural Networks. Also, you would have to include multiple filters to give your users a chance to play around.

4. Editing Tools

Alongside filters of making you old and young, FaceApp also provides users with an option to edit the images. The application’s image editing tools can truly change your picture to make it a perfect one. You can change haircuts, impressions, add beards, mustaches, make-up and much more –  with a single app having an intuitive user interface.

5. In-App Payments

FaceApp works under the premium model. The application is free to download and also accompanies a few free features but asks users to pay a specific amount to access certain features.

The premium features that FaceApp provide includes updates of filters and a no-ads experience. The payment methods that they have set for jumping on the PRO mode is – Monthly, Yearly, and for Life-Time.

6. Social Media Integration

Like each well-known application, FaceApp too provides an option to share your worked upon picture via social media for your friends to see, like and comment.

It is true that the FaceApp is not embedded with several features and is still getting popularity. Chances are that the app is in its MVP stage and is testing the waters by providing a few features. Its main feature is its algorithms on the neural network surrounding AI. Also, a robust technology stack would be required to build such algorithms and an app like FaceApp.

In the next section, let’s put some spotlight on the same.

App like FaceApp

Must-Have Technologies for Developing a FaceApp like app

Developing an app like FaceApp requires the integration of emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence. For the same, we recommend you to develop a native app for both the platforms instead of developing a cross-platform application because the process will be complex and might not end up well – the other way.

Here are a few technologies that you will require if you want to develop an app like FaceApp:

1. Swift and Kotlin

Both the languages are fast, modern and ensure the smoother performance of the app. For the front-end development of your app like FaceApp, Swift for iOS and Kotlin for Android will be a perfect fit.

2. Ruby On Rails or Python

Since the application will be based upon Artificial Intelligence and ML, you will require robust PLs for the development. ROR and Python – both the languages are a perfect fit for integrating AI or ML in your app like FaceApp. With the help of these languages, you can create MVPs that will be fast as well as reliable.

3. OpenGL or OpenCV

FaceApp does real-time processing on the images. So either of these two libraries will be needed to perform the same.

With such amazing features and robust tech stack, Faceapp is getting popularity in the market. However, it is facing various hurdles as well. The app does not take permission from the users before uploading their pictures in the app. So, if you make an app like FaceApp, make sure you hire a FaceApp Clone App Development Company that adhere to all these security measures and avoid controversies.

How Much Will It Cost to Make an App Like FaceApp?

Well, the cost to develop a photo editing mobile application like FaceApp will rely upon the complexity of the project, the number of filters you require in your app and how experienced is your mobile app development team.

Considering the complexity, approx 850-900 hours of development time will be needed to develop an app like FaceApp. So, the total cost to develop an app like FaceApp would go somewhere around USD 80-90K. The more features you need, the more funds you will require for development.

Wrapping Up

So, that’s all about FaceApp. Now, that you have looked at the nitty-gritty that surrounds around developing FaceApp like application along with the cost that would go into the procedure, the time now is to begin the development with a trustworthy social media app development company. And you are just a single tap away from the same. Happy Developing 🙂

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