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In the technological era dominated by the craze of selfie apps, there’s only so much creativity the mobile app innovators and developers can come up with. Yet the success of Ghost Lens has proved it otherwise. A wonderful and spooky concept that got people excited all around the world and look differently at photo-editing apps. Ghost Lens is all about having a laugh with friends and family by creating scary pranks like snapping your ghost or recording frightful sounds. If you’ve got a similar app idea in your mind then our expert iOS and Android developers can help you with that.

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What we include?


The lantern opens up new possibilities for scare pranks. A host of effects such as vignettes, color, brightness and contrast along with framing and cropping features would just be an icing on the top.


Your Own Voice
Of A Ghost

If you’re thinking of scaring people with your own voice then you’ll love our pack of voice modifiers. Give people in your circle a scary moment with ghostly voices that are hard to tell from any real ones.



A scary prank could never be complete without spooky sounds. Our solution will have spooky sounds ranging from spirits howling and knives sharpening ideal to play pranks on friends and family members.


Modify Yourself
Into Spirits

Isn’t it fun when you get to scare others with your own frightful photos? Our app will have the functionality of modifying photos into ghosts, spirits, and specters. This will definitely have people jumping out of sofa in surprise.



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