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How to Create an App like Whatsapp – Whatsapp New Privacy Policy

4291 Views | 1 min | Published On: January 14, 2021 Last Updated: June 29, 2023
app like whatsapp

Those were the days where receiving SMS was the way of communicating through text instantly and today is the time of online instant messaging. Where you send anyone a message at any time and it reaches the person instantly. The only condition- the internet connection is needed. Many investors are thinking about how to create an app like Whatsapp and earn money from it.

Online chatting apps have changed the scenario of communication and especially with apps like WhatsApp, online messaging has gone through an extensive revolution.

Simply download the app, register the number, and start sending messages instantly with an internet connection. 

But today WhatsApp is in doubt and questions after it has come up with Whatsapp new policy. In this blog, we will throw light on the same and also look upon the scope of chat app development post privacy policy change.

How To Create an App like Whatsapp After The Big News

You must have heard about the announcement of Whatsapp privacy policy news. It gained a lot of attention and raised concerns about data protection that is with Whatsapp users.

On asking the experts about how to create an app like Whatsapp post-policy release, they said, that this policy would allow the messaging app to share much more commercial data with Facebook servers. If the user does not agree to the policy of the app that will be getting live from February 2021. The users will not be able to access the app and use it for texting or receiving messages.

Once the user agrees to the privacy policy of the app, Facebook will be aided with information that will help in the personalization of content display to the users that will be more relevant. This information will show ads of interest to the users across multiple social media platforms.

Further, this privacy policy will help users to interlink online services like such as Facebook Pay to do payments from the messaging app itself.

Also, read about Whatsapp payments.

The ministry is having a close look over the encrypted messages and functioning of WhatsApp. They further said that Facebook has never breached security and shared data with anybody. 

The information fetched from intermediaries said that they will not be owning content but only placing it over the platform. This way they won’t be liable for any unlawful thing happening over the platform. 

Well, the government is not seeing any threat in this. Also, Facebook has put its further clarification about the reason behind this privacy policy. But people have gone skeptical about this.

chatting app development

How To Create An App like WhatsApp With Best Chatting Functionality

Even after Facebook has released the statement about the privacy policy. The users are not confident about how to create an app like Whatsapp and the app’s safety. The reason being, Facebook had already been summoned by courts for privacy issues and WhatsApp is a product of Facebook. In such times people will be looking for other alternatives.

make online chatting app

Instant message Whatsapp like apps today have a major userbase because of internet dependability. Making a mobile app like WhatsApp is what users today are looking for. Here are some stats that will tell you about user’s dependability on WhatsApp and make it easy about how to create an app like Whatsapp.

  • There are 2 billion users of WhatsApp globally- Oberlo
  • There were 96 million downloads in 2020 of WhatsApp
  • Around 65 billion messages are sent on WhatsApp on a daily basis
  • 1 billion users use this app daily- Fortunly

From these facts, it is evident enough that WhatsApp today has become a necessity. Hence, everyone wants to  If you make an app like WhatsApp that provides alike features but more privacy. It is quite obvious that people will like to use safer and secure options.

How To Create An App like Whatsapp With Excellent Features

Here are some of the important features you need to consider to know how to create an app like Whatsapp.

online chatting app development

1. Easy Login

The app should have an option to easily register and login to the app. The app should be able to register users with the simple process of feeding mobile numbers, email Id, or social media integration.

Once the person is registered with the app, the person should instantly have access to login and logout of the app with a simple tap.

For the better security of the app, the registration could be supported by OTP verification over the phone through message text, or via email.

2. Message Broadcasting

The app should have an option of sending bulk messages. It means, that the sender can send the same message to multiple people all at once by creating a broadcast list.

The broadcast list refers to the list in which users can add the other contact or friends to whom they want to send messages. The app should also give the option of making more than one broadcast list.

The feature of a good broadcast list is that it can add many people. Bigger is the limit of adding people better is the list (in view of users). The sender should also have the option to add a person to two or more playlists.

3. Notifications

This feature enables users to learn about receiving messages from an individual, broadcast list, or through group chats.

It should come as a pop up when the app is running in the background. This keeps users notifying about the messages coming to them over the app. Also, the notifications could be attached with ringtones that could be allotted for differently.

For example, different ringtones for a personal message, group message, and then calls.

4. File Sharing access

 The other important feature of the app is access to us to share audio, video, images, and documents over the app only. The app should allow users to share the images and video content from their gallery or through internet browsing with other users.

The other thing that partially comes under file sharing is the sharing of messages. This means you can forward the message of one person to the other person. However, you can put some disclaimers on forwarded messages.

5. Chat History

Do you wonder how to make a chat app with the best chatting functionality? This feature allows users to find their chat or a particular message they have sent in the past. Jist toe the words or the message and search from the related results.

You can also have the option to save or bookmark some messages that will be highlighted on search results or even if you delete the chat or message thread of a person, these messages will be kept safe till the time you have kept them bookmarked.

6. Group Chats

The important feature to consider when you make app like Whatsapp is the group chats. In this, the user can create a separate message thread where they can involve multiple participants. These participants texting in this separate thread (also known as channels in slack) are able to receive messages altogether.

The difference between broadcasting and group chat is that in broadcast the sender sends messages to multiple people. But all receivers giving replies to the sender will send messages separately.

Whereas in the group chat the receiver sending message will notify all other participants that are added to the group.

7. Audio+Voice Calling

The highlight of WhatsApp that made it a favorite of all was the calling option. To make app like WhatsApp it is very important that you include this feature. In this, the person can have a call over the platform with more than one person. It could either be audio or video.

Alo these apps could be of two types. First, the person could make a call in the group only, or secondly, call one person and then add other people separately. WhatsApp is currently providing 8 people on the group or I would say conference call. To include more, you can check out the Zoom app features.

The person also has the option to mute their mic, turn off the camera, or do both while having a Call.

8. Encryptions

This is the highlight of the features that will actually help you gain the trust of the users. In this feature, you provide encrypted messages where the message sent by the user would directly go to the receiver.

If any false practices are happening in the midway people try to fetch the message content and manipulate it in their favor. That won’t be happening.

The encryption ensures the safe delivery of messages without being exposed or leaked to third parties without the consent of the person over the app.

Final Words

Today the form of communication is WhatsApp. When people think of messaging they say WhatsApp me rather than saying text me. With new policies coming into action, people are concerned about their privacy. It is the right time to put your mark over the big market size by offering apps like WhatsApp but with security and surely the revenues will flow in your favor.

Hence, to create one of the best online chatting apps, contact us to get started.

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