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How to Make App Like Pokemon Go with Cost Breakup

4671 Views | 1 min | Published On: March 8, 2021 Last Updated: June 29, 2023

The one critique that has always been attached to gaming apps is that it makes people stationery. They sit at one place only and play. Well, an app like Pokemon Go has failed this theory too. And due to the innovation of moving and screen browsing, Pokemon Go became a massive hit in a very short span of time.

In this blog, we will talk about what should be aspects people need to consider while going for game app development to create apps like Pokemon Go. Or any gaming app that is a good mix of animation, motion, graphics, story, and great user experience.

We will also discuss the cost breakup in the later section of the blog.

How App like Pokemon Go became a hit?

Pokemon Go is a location-based AR game that is available on both iOS and Android. The game is based on the plotline where the user is the main character has to search and capture the characters present in-game. They have to collect them, train the monsters to make them ready to fight. The AR games are already in trend and hit. But, App like Pokemon Go is one of the kinds that gave AR game without heavy equipment gears. 

pokemon go clone

The app when launched hit markets with a boom. The users were able to move, wander and play it. The makers of the app, Niantic were flooded with appreciations. This app is the better version of one of the app release by Niantic Ingress. The app today has a user base of more than 1.6 million people. 

For me, the app stood out and became hit on the following parameters

  • The idea
  • Fine Technology
  • Unique Approach

One more appreciation attached with Pokemon Go was that the app has made people come together. The users of the game go out to have interactions and strategies for battles. The app made users socialize. Well, a gaming app with a chat facility does that too. But this app is special because it comes in an Augmented Reality Format.

The AR today is in the trend and will definitely be in more demand by 2021. So going for game app development that enables AR is going to attract users. Thanks to the app like Pokemon Go that has created the base for the AR games. So once you launch the app. There will be no worries about how your app will be treated by the users.

To know more, read the success story of Pokemon Go.

Game App Development Process

To make the game is not a child’s game. Game app development is a very calculated approach that has to take care of multiple aspects. Let us dig in and know what are the most important 8 steps that are vital to make a successful game app like Pokemon Go.

1. Game Design

If you want to make app like Pokemon Go or any AR app, you have to be with the right approach towards game app development. You need to have the concept and the plotline on which you can build the story. And let the story move forward with the game. So you need to design your game. As in you have to think about what type of levels you want to have in the app. What are the characters and what are their powers and omens? You need to think of your story, outcomes, situations that will make the game interesting. Because if your game is plain, the user may play for some time and then drop it. You have to keep it interesting with the sequence of events.

2. Game Engine

Can you think of train coaches moving without the engine? Certainly not. Because the train can not move. This is what basically the game engine does. It is a kind of gaming software that puts in all parts of game app development i.e animation, graphics, music, codes, and systems together for working together. Well, the game engine is not a necessary element in general game apps, but if you are planning to make app like Pokemon Go, the developers have to use the game engine. In Pokemon Go, a unity engine was used.

3. App Prototype

App prototype refers to the first glance of the app. It is a rough sketch of how your app will look. It includes all the screens, wireframes, tap options, menus, icons, etc. It helps you as an investor get a rough idea of what is the base designing of the app.

develop game app

To explain in simple words, I would say the app prototype is the base of the cake when it comes to look and feel. Rest sprinklers, frosting, and decoration come under UI/UX designing, layering, and wireframing of the app. So you should tell your designer how your characters of the app should look and what kind of display you expect and see if they match your expectations in the prototype. Because designing if by any case is not up to mark at this point. It could be corrected right there and then. InVision,, Pixate, or Flinto are some types of tools used in prototyping.

4. Geolocation Tools

Information Alert: Niantic was an inner Google Startup before becoming a full-fledged sports gaming company. So there are no wonders why an app like Pokemon Go was so seamless with the GPS enabling, map navigation, and spot searches. But you do not feel disheartened, If you want to make app like Pokemon Go, get a license to connect your project with Google API. The more budget-friendly option is using Open Street Maps but they do not provide locations.

game app development

5. Game Balance

Have you ever wondered why apps become popular? Why app like Pokemon Go or PubG was a massive hit? The reason was the overall feel of using the app. The users were able to relate to it and the environment created around them. You have to bring the same kind of feel to the users while they are playing the game. Here are the pointers you can work upon-

  • How many times characters will appear
  • Which character will appear at what place depending on their nature and activities they perform.
  • How the location influences the appearance of the character in the app while playing.

There should be the proper balance of the game in-app like Pokemon Go. Users who are in game should always feel thrilled and the people who just logged in to the app should not be confused by the complications. The app should be a good mix of both.

6. Device Sensor

If you are planning to make app like Pokemon Go. obviously, you need to be good with sensing and direction intelligence as your characters will be seen through the mobile screens over original locations. The sensors that required to build an app like one will be-

  • Accelerometer to identify the speed at which the user is moving with smartphone
  • GPS identifier to know the locations and help in navigation
  • Gyroscope to determine device orientation in space

7. Notifications

A very important feature in any gaming app. It is a message drop up over the mobile screen. It notifies the user of what is happening in the game. While playing a game the tips and directions on how to approach further in the game could pop up. 

create app like pokemon go

The notifications in the app are enabled with Socket notification that kets user play and also get notified when online about game moves.  When offline the push notifications could be used to keep users engaged.

8. Graphics and Sounds

The user today demands relativity. If your app is not attractive in terms of game story, animation, graphics, and sound the users are not able to habitat themselves. Thus, making your potential app turn into a big flop. 

The Pokemon Go is a 3D model which adds up a major portion to the game app development cost. You can ask your app development consultant what kind of assets and tools are needed to make amazing animated characters and themes.

Cost Estimates

Now we have talked about the aspects of game app development. It is time to look out for the cost breakup to make app like Pokemon Go. Let us consider the major contributors to the cost.

build app like pokemongo
  • Designing

    Designing is a major part of the game. The more interactive you want your app to be, the more refine the design should be. The design here does not refer to the playfields and images of the sets you want your game to operate in. But the total operating bar for the user letting them know how to use the app, go through multiple stages, and use the functionalities to move forwards. The tabs, buttons, menu bars, etc should be to the point. The cost of a good app design could go around 55,000 US Dollars.

  • UI/UX

    The designing and UI/UX have a very thin line. The design is the overall feel and theme of the app whereas the UI/UX is part of designing that lets the functionality of the app happen. The app should be self-explanatory with nice wireframes and functional tabs and cursors. The cost of having an effective UI/UX could go up to 4,000 US Dollars.

  • Back End

    Now we are talking about functionality. If you want your app to be smart with sensing and functionality just like Pokemon Go. You obviously need to have a very strong backend development. The coding and platform on which the app is built should be able to process the data with instant results so that it keeps app interactive for the users. The estimated could be around 65,000 US Dollars.

  • Server Expense

    Just like blood is pumped from the heart the servers are heart to the app. For having an app like Pokemon Go you need to have a god server that is able to entertain many users all at once and provide them a buffer-free smooth gaming experience. Niantic used Ingress for the game server. You can ask your game app developers to know which server suits you best for your app hosting. You can expect around 75,000 US dollars to build app like one. But it could differ too.

  • Testing

    Testing is a very important part of game app development. It is the procedure that helps in identifying any issues arising while tat app was built. The issues are found and resolved so that when the app gets launched, the users have an error-free smooth gaming experience. This process cols cost around 30,000 US dollars.

  • Animation

    The animation is the soul of app like Pokemon Go. Your app should have amazing animation. The interesting characters and game designs of sets and locations should be convincing enough that the user is able to relate themselves. It is a costly portion of the game app development process that could cost up to 85,000 US dollars. But a good game is worth taking expenditure for a better user experience and good revenues.

  • Sounds

    Sounds add volume to the gaming experience. Pun intended! Well, if you put sounds like voices of character in the situation and scene it adds more life to the game. The user enjoys the game more and this increases more thrill. Afterall all these AR games are about thrills. You can expect the nominal 10,000 US Dollars costing for the same if you want some quality sounds.

  • Support

    The support refers to the AI chatbots or the customer support helpdesk or game guide that lets users know and solve any queries raised by them in the middle of the game. The supports could be handled through calls, chats, or messages. The budget of 10,000 US dollars will be more than enough for the same.


Today when we talk about playing and participating in games. We don’t think of the playgrounds but the screens of battlefields that pop up in the gaming apps. The gaming apps have become the modern form of curriculum activity that not only binds children but adults too. It has become a serious business to do. And in the times where AR and VR games are becoming the reality of today, it is best to invest in such options.

create app like pokemongo

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