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Top Mobile App Marketing Trends Of 2018

4744 Views | 1 min | Published On: April 24, 2018 Last Updated: November 15, 2019

Mobile applications have taken a jump from being an arbitrary measure of investment to an essential requirement of a business.  Businesses of today just cannot afford to neglect the huge amount of income that gets generated through these mobile apps.

“Go Mobile or Go Home” is the advice or message that trend watchers are giving to the enterprises that want to grow.

In the year 2018,  the aim of the growing companies is to meet the needs of the of customers (the number is growing) who use smartphones or/and tablets as their first and only gadgets.

The question, whether mobile marketing is important for a business is no more the center of curiosity today. Rather the question that is being focused upon is that how the customers respond to mobile devices. As per the suggestions from a report by Gartner, for half of the customers, their smartphones will be the first and foremost choice to perform any internet related activity. And this will happen by the end of 2018.

To get an idea of how much the mobile apps world has developed so far- there are254 billion free downloads on the app store, which is crazy. Considering this number, the one question that emerges is what 2018 has in store for the marketing of mobile applications?

To get the insides of this question, here are the mobile app marketing trends to look for in the year 2018:



It is predicted that by the year 2021, videos will attract almost 78% of the global mobile data traffic.

Livestream has become one of the fastest developing and popularized subcategories of the video world. As per the data of the Facebook, the time users spend watching live videos is 3 times more than the time they spend watching videos which are not live.

This proves that visual content is one of the most effective and efficient measures to keep the customers constantly engaged, hence making it extremely important for all the enterprises to regularly update their video content. one of the best examples of how live streams help in attracting more traffic is Trump’s inauguration. Online publications got a combined viewership of about a 4.6 million people.



Chatbots are not new and we have seen them for quite some time now. But due to their limited functionality, they never achieved the mainstream popularity.

Today, however, chatbots are gaining popularity and are being considered ‘cool’ and this has been possible with the introduction of AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence and language processing. Various organizations are using chatbots today to provide quick responses to their users.

Chatbots are able to give suggestions to the users in just a few seconds as it uses AI, through which it can easily process a large-sized data, making it one of the best response tools for today.

The best example of Chatbot is Bus Uncle. Bus Uncle is the most popular chatbot which is available on facebook messenger. It provides the details about the public buses that run in your locality in a very little time. It also provides the users the seating details of all those buses. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: How to steer your marketing efforts in the right direction



With the growing popularity of virtual assistance and smart speakers amongst the household sector of the society (all credits to Amazon and Google for the affordable prices), it won’t be wrong to expect a tremendous growth in the popularity of various other IoT products.

In the near future, from products like mobile app controlled electronic home and kitchen appliances to remotely controlled dog feeders, everything will be witnessed as regular technology.

There are even some predictions which propose that by the year 2020, 95% of the new products will have IoT as a major part of their designs.

This proves that IoT can enable the corporations to interact with the customers even when they are away from their smartphones.



One thing that users really get attracted to is personalized and customized content on their feed.

To explain this better, whenever we see some similar type of videos on YouTube, for next few days our feed is filled up with videos of similar and related content which gets optimized for our preference.

Organizations, in order to serve a better experience to their users, are personalizing the content. Thi helps them in keeping their users engaged for a longer period of time.

Amazon is the best example here. When you search for a product on Amazon, it provides you with a list of similar products the next time you make a search. This provides an idea of how important it is for organizations to keep an eye on their customers’ activities in order to give them a personalized and customized content.



Today, the total consumer expenditure is increasing. Also, as a result of the evolution of the global market, app monetization grew exponentially.

The global gross customer expenses touched $82 billion, making a 33% annual growth in the past year.

Also, the expected rise in the worldwide gross user spend is to more than $110 billion this year i.e. 2018 and this is further expected to reach $139 billion by the year 2021 making a 30% growth year after year.

Though the gaming industry still remains the master in gaining revenues from users, subscriptions will help the mobile apps to grow. And this growth will ensure an increase in the expense shares of these applications.

Undoubtedly, the world of mobile applications and its development is observing intriguing and impressive trends in the year 2018.

Stay in touch with this space for more interesting information about mobile app development, the latest trends, facts, data and much more.

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