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3 Retail Mobile App Trends for 2019 that You Can’t Miss

4660 Views | 1 min | Published On: May 23, 2019 Last Updated: October 7, 2019
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In today’s competitive landscape, a mobile app isn’t simply a part of technology for retailers. It is a vital tool to engage customers with their brand. If done in the right way, retail applications engage both – in and out of the store users – with customized experiences and simple credit solutions.

According to research by Google, searches for “near me” have multiplied in the previous year. Retailers like Nike, Sephora and Amazon are all utilizing mobile applications with added functionalities to increase their sales in 2019.

Forrester’s Retail Best Practices study found that smartphones were used for price comparison, research or to make purchases in 33% of U.S. retail sales in 2018 (which added up to more than $1+ trillion). It also anticipates that mobile shopping sales will grow 18% every year in the next five years.

To ensure your mobile application improves your customer’s shopping experience in the year 2019; we’re sharing some key Retail App Trends in the m-commerce space — including examples from top brands — to motivate your 2019 business strategy.

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3 Retail Mobile App Trends to Boost Your Sales Game

1. Provide Customized Shopping Experience Across Various Platforms and Devices

As per Google research, shoppers are now becoming omnichannel. 60% of online customers start looking for a product on one device and purchase on another.

That is the reason forward-thinking brands are reconnecting customers by providing them personalized content over various channels and devices. They do this by sending customers relevant offers, messages, and content based on their web browsing data, mobile application activities, and in-store purchases.

Sephora, the famous retailer of beauty care products, has been a pioneer for a long time in making and developing such solid strategies. The brand has made a solid network of clients both, on the web and offline, by frequently planning its methodology on one channel to drive results in another.

The brand guarantees cross-channel personalization for their members through their Beauty Insider program, which tracks user’s activity across mobile, web and physical stores. This information is then used to send customized tailored product recommendations across various channels and devices.

Retail Mobile App Trends for 2019

For instance, if a user searches for a contour on, they will see the related make-up product and comparable product suggestions on their mobile app.

The key trends to learn from Sephora Mobile App are:

  • Keep reminding the users the goods they want to purchase over various platforms.

  • Create promotional content that matches search, browsing and purchasing history over the channel.

  • Make customized campaigns based on user’s behavior like the number of purchases, subscription type and so on, or personal preferences and attributes.

2. Let User Feel Confident While Making the Sales – It is Easy in AR & VR Era

These are the most amazing technologies that you can use in m Commerce.

With regards to online shopping, users are unable to test the product personally. They need to envision how the product really is or what it must resemble. But, AR and VR technologies fill this hole by helping users change their imagination into reality.

Again, we hats off to Sephora, for incorporating Retail and Digital Marketing Strategy utilizing these emerging technologies in their mobile application. Their application presently accompanies an Artificial Intelligence feature called Virtual Artist, which utilizes facial recognition technology to enable users to virtually try on cosmetics products.

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In other words, the objective of Sephora’s mobile application is to give users the tools they need to enable them to feel positive about making a purchase.

The key trends to learn here from Sephora Mobile App are:

  • Use emerging technologies to include “try on” feature in your app to make purchasing increasingly intuitive—regardless of whether users are in a store or at home.

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3. Blend the In-Store and Mobile Experiences to Ease Ordering

Retail Mobile applications can help in driving sales on online channels as well as in-stores. And when you blend both these experiences, the sales can multiply several times.

For instance, Walmart’s mobile application incorporates a barcode scanner so customers can do price checks and gain access to more information in-store.

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However, it can likewise be utilized by users to make an online order from their home. An application user can scan an empty container of their preferred hand cream to order the thing on the web. This is called blending of both the experiences in a mobile app.

Retail Mobile Application Trends for 2019

The application additionally gives users local deal flyers so they can persuade users to come to nearby stores or look at the weekly specials if they’re in the store.

The key trends to learn from Walmart Mobile App are:

  • Expand product information in-application to increase sales.

  • Let the customers order online using mobile apps with ease.

  • Use location-based techniques to help drive customers to the nearby store.

Final Words

The Retail Industry is expected to develop in the future with new innovations like AI, AR, VR, and Big Data analytics. This will impact the manner in which customers shop with their mobile applications.

And, this also makes it necessary for you to distinguish which feature can pull in your target audience while giving them an improved shopping experience. Simply remember, your customers expect more from retailers like you, so as to emerge out victorious. So, you should stay updated with the most recent mobile eCommerce application trends.

We have done our bit – by letting you know these must-follow retail mobile app trends for 2019. Now, it’s your turn – to really implement them in your retail mobile applications. So, are you prepared?

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