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How Media Mobile Apps are Propelling the M&E Industry to the Next Century?

4708 Views | 1 min | Published On: May 21, 2019 Last Updated: November 15, 2019
Build a Media mobile app for android and iOS

Affordable smartphones and cheap but excellent internet services —these modern-day amenities fuel our desire to stay informed and entertained round the clock. According to a recent research, the media and entertainment consumption landscape have changed significantly over the past few years from newspapers and televisions to media mobile apps.

While the development of Internet-based services has boosted intelligent mobile applications, declining mobile data prices have added to the exponential growth in mobile content consumption via mobile apps.

As a result, just like every other sector, mobile apps are now marking their presence in the M&E sector as well with media mobile apps.

No doubt, Content is the essential factor behind this billion-dollar industry. But, the industry has now digitalized and bought the solace of accessing everything people require from their mobile using the internet effortlessly.

This change, in turn, has fueled some innovative startups to come up with exciting new ways to share information and engage people across varied demographics.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

Top Entertainment and Media Mobile Apps in 2019


Daily hunt media mobile Apps

Founded in 2009 by Umesh Kulkarni and Chandrashekhar Sohoni.

Formerly known as Newshunt, Dailyhunt has fast established itself as one of the nation’s premier news app. The startup has been touted to become one of India’s billion-dollar babies by Goldman Sachs Group Inc, one of the largest investment banking enterprises in the world.

Another company looking to make it big by taking the regional language route, Dailyhunt provides live news feed and video coverage in 17 languages, reporting on everything from politics and entertainment to sports and business. Users can also read the local newspapers, exchange daily greetings, funny memes and images. The company very recently secured a funding of $22 million from the Sofina SA, which is a clear indicator that its best days are still ahead.

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best entertainment apps

Founded in 2014 by Priyanka Gill.

More power to the girls – that’s pretty much the idea this startup is based upon. The company’s app aims to be a virtual BFF to all the desi girls (and women) struggling to keep up with the trends while handling work.

The interface is designed to provide a unique, fun-filled experience to users, with personal stories, tutorials, and hacks on almost everything. With 39 million registered users and no sign of slowing down, POPxo is sure to provide stiff competition to all the entertainment and media mobile apps vying for the top spot.

The Lallantop

best media apps

Founded in 2015 by Saurabh Dwivedi.

A startup catering to the millennial generation, The Lallantop offers both in depth as well as light-hearted coverage on current affairs in politics, entertainment, sports, and other fields. The Hindi language website and its fun, quirky mobile app aim to promote discussion and features opinion-driven articles, poetry, quizzes and much more.

There’s a special section for all things viral – from movies and advertisements to books and music. In a world filled getting increasingly more populated with regional entertainment and media mobile apps, the Lallantop’s unique tone and presentation style make it a standout app that looks bound for the Unicorn shores.


Netflix Media and Entertainment app

Netflix is the world’s leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and movies on your mobile phone. Its mobile app delivers the best experience anywhere and anytime. From Mailing DVDs to a Global TV Network, Netflix has came a long way and is now reaping benefits.

It is having more than 78.6M subscribers who consume content via Netflix mobile application every day. Netflix keeps on developing at a strident pace, surpassing the expectation of its founders as well. Here is how it works and handles its user base.


media mobile apps

YouTube – the world’s best entertainment channel – is the Hub of Millennial Entertainment and 70% of YouTube views come from its mobile app. On average, there are 1,000,000,000 mobile video views per day on Youtube.

The lives of people have turned out to be riotous and for the most part, they are following the same repetitive routine. But, with the development and evolution of entertainment applications like YouTube, they have something to cheer for. This, thus, results in the application’s massive success.

Wrapping Up

The media and entertainment landscape is changing — that is no mystery. And, so is the technology, which is affecting people’s consumption habits.

Numerous technologies like AR, VR, Mixed Reality and IOT are upcoming and will change the manner in which people consume data. These technologies can be incorporated into an application to take the full advantages of the opportunities.

It’s crucial to stay on the top of these trends and find out user’s preferences so as to deliver the best possible customer experience. If you are a media or entertainment company not having a mobile app yet, hurry up! It’s already late. Get a free quote here.

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