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Know Why Should You Convert A Website Into An App

3904 Views | 1 min | Published On: September 27, 2021 Last Updated: June 29, 2023
convert website into an app

“Convert website into an app” is not just a statement but a complete answer for your successful business.  An app can give wings to your offline business, which will be helpful in taking it to new heights.

Converting a website into an app is not rocket science. It just needs a good mobile app development company that can understand your demand and business requirements. 

There are many mobile apps for different businesses like we have Swiggy for food delivery service, Go Puff for grocery delivery, Nykaa for makeup and cosmetics, etc. And we all know how popular these apps are. Their popularity proves that to make your business popular worldwide you need to convert a website into an app.

For every particular business we have an app, then why not for your business too. If you have any business it is really important to convert it into a mobile app for better growth and reach. 

In this blog, we have discussed different aspects of why one must convert a website into an app. Let us read further for more information. 

how to convert a website into an app

How To Convert Website Into A Mobile App

Converting a website into an app is not a big deal if you get the assistance of the right mobile app development company. They help you in every step of mobile app development. 

Below we have mentioned few points to explain to you how to convert a website into an app:

steps involved in converting a website into an app

Give Your App A Name

Try to find an appropriate name for your app depending upon its functionalities. It is very important that your app has a unique name, and is catchy. The name of the app is the first thing that your user will come across, so try it is different and mind-blowing. You can also experiment by offering some funny names to your app. Nowadays, people catch funny or unusual things faster than normal and basic names. Therefore, you can try this idea for your mobile app development depending upon the website’s or app’s functionality. 

You can give the name to your app as per your wish but in case if you are out of ideas then you can also take an assistant from a mobile app development company. Try to be innovative while deciding the name of your app.

Integrate the Essential Features

Now, after the name of the app, let us decide the features of your app that will make your app even more demanding among users. Features of the app will be as per the services you want to offer to your users. 

While deciding the features of the app you need to be active. That is because whether you want an app for food delivery service or grocery delivery service, the features of the app will decide the cost of the app. Therefore decide the features very smartly, so that you can add all the relevant features to your app and you also justify your app development budget. 

However, the features of the most on-demand apps or other apps are common and you can take the reference of our other blogs to understand more about the features of the app. But in short, we can mention few features for your mobile app, the features are as follows:

  1. User registration
  2. Online payment
  3. GPS tracking
  4. Description of your services
  5. Chatbot 
  6. Push notifications

In the later paragraph, we have discussed the features of the mobile app in detail. You can read there for more advanced knowledge.

Launch The App

Now the final stage is launching the app for the users. After completion of the app development process now it is time to launch the app with proper marketing and functions. 

The app is launched after it is properly tested by the testers and when there is no bug or default in the app. Then it is ready for the launch. 

A complete team of testers, developers, and UI/UX Designers work together to give an app that is ready for launch and it is completely bug-free for use. 

Essential Features To Be Added When You Converting Website Into An App

Some of the advanced features that you should be aware of when you want to convert a website into an app. These apps can be featured in almost any mobile app. Whether you are planning to develop a gaming app or any other delivery app you will need to add these features to your app. Let us discuss these features to make things simpler for you.

1. Push Notification

With the help of this feature, you can notify your users of all the recent and relevant updates of your app. For example, if you want an app for food delivery service and if you are offering any special services to the users or providing special offers during an occasion. How would you inform such a huge user base about this discount? Well, in such a situation these push notification features help you. When you want to notify a large number of people with important information. You can use the push notifications feature to inform them and they will be notified easily. Now, you understand the use of this feature and why this is a must to go with your app development plan.

2. Chat

The chatbot feature allows you and your users to get in touch with your services or app through instant messaging or chat. It usually offers customer support to the users for better communication between app users and service providers. Take an example of a taxi booking app, when we find that a cab driver is not able to communicate with us through call. Then immediately we drop them a text message for any extra instructions. Similarly, when we use the Nykaa app, and we have any query or complaint about services we simply put that on the chat and get our issue sorted. Therefore this is again a very important feature for your mobile app, do add this feature when you convert a website into an app. 

3. One-Touch

This is an advanced feature for today’s users and busy generation. With the help of this feature, your users can access your app with one touch. 

Do not complicate the log-in and order placing process for the users. Because this over process or clicking irritates the users. Keep the app downloading process simple and ready to access with a single click. That will make your app simple, easily accessible, and user-friendly.  

4. Form Builder

When you convert a website into an app for the first time you want to get genuine feedback from your users. The importance of this feature to your app is that you might track the progress and response of the people who are using your app. And what difference it brought to your business after converting a website into an app. 

This feature can also be used while doing the surveys and getting the right information about your business. So, again a good feature to keep track of your progress and growth. 

5. Contact

Provide the different ways through which your user can contact you easily. For example, if you have a home services website and converted it to an app. But if you do not provide the contact details of the respective service provider then how are users going to be benefitted? 

Therefore it is very important to provide the complete details of the relevant contacts. 

Why Choose Apptunix For Converting Your Website Into an Android or iOS App

It might seem a big deal when you think of converting a website into an app. However, with the right app development company and experienced technical team, it is just a matter of hours. Technical things usually look complicated, however, it is not always. With Apptunix your job can be done easily and at affordable rates. 

  • Apptunix offers great help to their clients regarding any issue related to mobile app development.  
  • Working 24×7 for the convenience of the client and offers on-time delivery of the project in all circumstances.
  • We provide special offers to our clients who connect with us through our special membership programs. (Although every client is important to us, it is just a matter of loyalty).
  • Completed and delivered several projects without any delay and have experienced and skilled developers. Who can work efficiently and can help your business grow by converting your website into an app?
  • Cost-effective services. Apptunix believes in providing great services at affordable rates.
experts of converting a website into an app

4 Reasons To Convert Website Into An App

There are many reasons why you must convert a website into an App. Nowadays, it is very important to bring your business online. It helps in increasing your reach to the users either through the website or app. But the “App” is considered better than a website because in a single click a user can get access to your services. That is why it is said to convert a website into an app. There are even more relevant points that will justify the point of converting a website into an app. Let us discuss those points below:

  • Reliability Across Screen Sizes

Let’s talk practically, the actual reason for converting a website into an app is the reliability of apps on different screen sizes. It is very easy to access apps on mobile phones, laptops, and desktops. However, it is rather difficult to access websites on smartphones. Due to the small screen size, it is difficult to take a complete view of the features and functionality of the app. Websites can be accessed properly only on screens like laptops or desktops but apps can be used through any device, whether it is a computer, smartphone, or laptop. 

Apps provide accessibility of your services to every user smartphone user or desktop user). Therefore an app is a better way to promote your services instead of a website.  

  • Simple Yet Easy To Access Navigation

As we discussed in the above paragraph, apps provide easy accessibility to your users. Again, at this point, we are going to learn that only. 

Converting a website into an app allows your users to navigate your services easily and make it simple for users to know about your business. 

Whenever it comes to converting a website into a dedicated app, it becomes very important to design the app in a way so that users can easily check it out. 

Through a mobile app, you can design every single page of your app with care and extreme attention. Which will save user’s time and make it very clear how and why to use your services.  

  • Mobile Apps Offer Extended Functionality

We all know mobile apps have so many features and functionalities to offer. Where a website just lets your user know about your business. An app allows you to tell your users about the features and other advanced functions you offer. 

The features like real-time tracking, camera, push notification, makes your app very user-friendly. These functions cannot be accessed through websites, that is why mobile apps are considered better than websites when you want the best for your business and users.

  • Offline Capabilities

Yes, it is true that to access the app properly the internet connectivity must be uninterrupted. But few features can be accessed offline. And these features are only available for mobile apps. Therefore through mobile apps, you can allow your users to access your services even in offline mode. For website use, it is mandatory to have an internet connection but with mobile apps, it can be negotiated.


We believe now your doubts related to mobile apps and websites must have cleared to some level. It is very beneficial to take your business online either through a website or a mobile app. But mobile apps are easier and can be accessed with a single click. That is why it becomes more convenient for the users to work via the app rather than connecting to your services through a website. 

If you have any business, it will bring you better outcomes if you will convert it into an app. We understand if you still have any confusion, therefore we provide a free demo to our clients for a better understanding of the difference between a website and an app. To book your free demo today for converting a website into an app, get in touch with us now.

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