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Mobile App Development and IoT – The Road Ahead

Steadily and swiftly, IoT(Internet of Things) is making a huge fuss in industries across the spheres. Be it be a smart workplace, smart home or a smart city, IoT has made a mark everywhere. According to Statista, the world will have more than 31 billion connected devices by the end of 2020. The world will soon see the benefits of this thriving technology piercing in every sector.

The larger picture is that people want to govern these connected devices using their fingertips, and this gives way to IoT penetration in the world on mobile app development.

There is no wrong in saying that IoT is the next big power when it comes to custom mobile applications. Here’s a list of factors which will help us prove our point that the Internet of Things will revolutionize mobile app development scenario in the coming times.

Efficient App Development

IoT has spread its Midas touch in our personal as well as professional lives, providing us users an unprecedented level of convenience. And that’s it’s making the world of app developers an easy one.

Developing an app takes a toll on the developer, by making machine internet interaction available to them. This newest piece of technology enables the developers to build an application is very less time, saving a huge effort from their end. Developers can use the saved time to make more tech solutions or update the existing ones. Also, they can add several amazing and engaging features to the mobile apps using IoT.

Improve App Productivity

Connectivity is the prerequisite of a flourishing mobile platform. What does IoT do in terms of connectivity for mobile apps?  It increases mobile apps’ ability to be connected to gadgets all around. Any custom mobile application needs to be sturdy enough to suffice this requirement. With this, developers have to make applications in order to readily communicate with the endless connected gadgets. This strategy can amplify IoT changeability and enhance the consumer’s interest while making the futuristic application. In a layman’s language, IoT is sure to increase an app’s efficiency.

Integration with Devices

We all know that user experience is an essential element in any mobile app. Since the inception of mobile applications, the primary focus has been to make them user-friendly. This is the reason why app developers make easy to navigate and convenient to use applications.

However, with the numbers of apps and devices going up with every passing day, developers are now more into making mobile applications which can work with smart-connected gadgets to make better applications. The idea behind is to add on more benefits to the applications using IoT.

Personalized User experience

Users found a useful digital assistant in mobile apps giving them a room for easy and widespread adoption across the globe. They make a repository of information over time in order to provide custom responses to the app users. This brings us to a conclusion that with extensive usage these applications become better and all their responses tend to fall into place with every command or interaction. Here, The effectiveness of the app can be multiplied with the help of IoT. Developers can make use of IoT potential while making the tech solution in order to leverage real-time information and location-based data, thus, deliver a personalized experience.

Strengthen Data Security

Organizations across various sectors bring about new applications in order to boost their business. But there is an alarm bell hung over them, they are in danger of a data breach and any kind of cyber attacks because they are like a repository of sensitive information and many a time have user’s personal information like debit-credit card details, etc. saved.

The mobile app domains are facing incidents of data compromise every now and then. Apps made using IoT technology are far less vulnerable to such threats and thefts by using an additional security IoT layer. Multiple entry points and encrypted data lets the app users stay protected. IoT, thereby, enhances the app security to a large level and also protects critical corporate data a lot more conducively.


New age IoT apps can add value to a business in endless ways. In the near future, we are sure to witness some radical changes in the world of mobile app solutions all thanks to IoT. It’s fair to say that the present-day mobile platforms and IoT will evolve together to bring about more secure and efficient mobile solutions.


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Firebase for Startups-The Goods vs the Bad

Tech world today is filled with a huge variety of server-side technologies; mobile solution developers have a tough time zeroing down the most suitable back-end for their application.

We are trying to make your work a little easy by exploring one of the fiercest choice that has become the talk of the tech world within no time, Firebase 🔥. Furthermore, we will also discuss the advantages and disadvantages it brings along with it.

What is Firebase?

Around a decade back, when Firebase was not Firebase it was known by the name of a startup called Envolve. The startup was all about providing the developers API’s which enabled the integration of an online chat setup into their website. The tech geeks started using Envolve for much more than its basic functionality, that was to pass app data which was a lot more than just chat messages, they used the product to sync app data such as a state of a game across its users in real-time.

State Of Firebase

Seeing the hype, James Tamplin and Andrew Lee, the founders of Envolve separated the two uses of the app i.e. the chat system and the real-time architecture. In April 2012, Firebase was made as a separate identity which just provided backed as a Service with a real-time functionality.

Google acquired Firebase in 2014, this helped the product to rapidly evolve into a versatile behemoth of the web and web platform that it is today. This acquisition helped the developers to make a connect with the key cloud tools such as a storage or database through a bunch of software development kits (SDKs). With this, it has added on refined functionality like monitoring in order to fix the performance issues and get access to analytics in order to see the user engagement, among all the other things.

Firebase Apps

While Google boasts 1.6 million apps monthly running purely on Firebase, the company is rigorously working on making every developer using the solution a smoother one.

The Why & Why Not’s For using Firebase

Just like anything else Firebase comes with its fair share of advantages and disadvantages, let’s discuss them in detail, let’s start with the great features.

Real-time Database

Isn’t this awesome, yes it is. With some scrutinization and some data binding spells developers can connect their views with the data and  wizardry change when the information/data changes. This functionality is a cloud-hosted NoSQL database which lets the developers sync and store between the usages in real-time. Firebase database uses a single API to provide your application with the present data value as well as any updates that happen within the data. This real-time syncing helps the users to access the data anywhere and from any device, be it be mobile or the web, it allows the users to collaborate with each other all in the real-time.

Firebase Database

The cherry on the cake is that real-time database ships easily with the web and mobile SDKs, thereby allowing the developers to make the apps without any specific servers. This way even when the app users go offline, this functionality lets you use the device to serve and store all the changes. And when the devices are back online, the information is synchronized automatically.

Static hosting on steroids

The solution gives its developers a free CDN and SSL hosting- all this running on the Google Cloud Platform. This leads to zero problem(s) when it comes to serving the files to numerous users across the globe.

So, if you are looking for a zero-configuration hosting for the next single-page app or a static website invests in Firebase, it will work great even if you don’t make use of any other Google service.

Auto-magical Scaling

Firebase is efficient enough to do scaling with the help of its Real-time Database feature, but things may go haywire once your app starts getting popular among the users or in case your database becomes huge.

Cloud Firestore is based on Google Cloud infrastructure, this lets it to scale out a lot more with all ease and to a much bigger capacity as compared to Real-time Database.

Some More Super-Powers

Firebase has a big bag full of more services and SDK’s which are not only very easy to integrate but also make the whole development process a cake-walk and smooth, some of them are-

Some Firebase features which may be good, but not that good

The Console

The Firebase console lets the developers do a lot of things, but it has its own flaws. The database manager is basically an elevated JSON editor; it does some great work but it is not a completely seasoned solution which the crowd was hoping it to be. This will be a great toy to play with for folks from Mongotron, WorkBench, Postico or PHPMyAdmin.

The console also lacks analytics or detailed logs, this is so unlike data-obsessed-Google’s product feature. So, unless you implement a functionality in the app, there is no way through which you can know the number of times a file was downloaded from the storage.

Defining security rules

The Google solution uses a JSON file with a JavaScript code in a string(s) when it comes to defining rules over storage and database.

This may sound little problematic but since you can use other exterior solutions like Bolt this process becomes little easy. But working with Bolt is easy till a few rules after that it becomes unattainable.

To keep your sanity intact while development you can use services like Graph Cool, Dream Factory, etc. for an efficient working in this case

Can We Develop Locally? NO

If you have poor connectivity every now and then or if you travel and work Firebase is not for you as it can’t work with a local installation. You cannot just open Node or Docker  and start working on your API.

Firebase’s few completely No-No pointers…

Limited JavaScript SDK

Firebase has a few features which can only be implemented in iOS and Android SDKs.
The strongest one of the lot is the lack of offline commitment while working with JavaScript. All the React Native, the web or hybrid app solution will keep on working even if the gadget goes offline for some moments. But just when you close the tab or the app, the data will be unavailable. It’s the developers call if they want to carry on a cache with all persistency. This is really important concern, especially in case on the mobile.

The JavaScript SDK has no way to cache the data(unsure about Android or iOS). With Firebase if you upload the data /products and then everytime you want to make a change you have to reload it except for times when developers manually keep connection running in the background.

It isn’t very hard to implement this, but can’t the Google peeps give us a magical way out to do this?

Querying Data? No Way!!

The Firebase system just allows you do just a little filtering and some pagination and nothing more. This is very unusual that Google is providing the world a data service but without any filtering or searching possibilities.

If developers want to execute any search functionality, they’ll have to download all the existing data and further use a server(like I wrote above) or effectively carry out the process using a third-party service like Elastic.

Data modelling? Please improve it Firebase

One big JSON file, that’s what a Firebase Database exactly is. Developers have no way out in case they want to mention one to many or many to many more connections. This is let them just duplicate the data over and over again every now and then.

Doesn’t sound that bad, after all its all about putting the name of the app user in the chat message. Right?

The real problem arises when you have to edit a given name since developers have to modify the name from all the places its been used and not just in /users.

And telling the app users that they can’t change their names doesn’t sound good, therefore:

  • The client code for writing and editing data to Firebase will be like a messy salad.

  • Documenting the complete information about where all the data has been duplicated will be pretty difficult.

Several NoSQL databases like RethinkDB or MongoDB have answers to this problem, It should not be grueling for Google to find one for Firebase also.

Concluding note

Market share of Firebase

With all this being said, Firebase is a powerful tool especially for small organisations and individuals who are not very experienced when it comes to developing back-end of an app.  Firebase has its fair share of disadvantages also, but they can be overcome with a little tweak or help from external sources. What’s your take on Firebase? Let us know in the comments below.


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Top 5 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Crash

Who doesn’t hate crashing apps or the opens that work like a sloth or freeze for few seconds, we all do. Research by Dimensional Research shows that around 61% smartphone users expect every mobile app they use to start within just four seconds, whereas around 49% of the users want to respond to inputs within just two seconds. If any app freezes, crashes or shows recurring errors, around 53% smartphone users will uninstall them.

Why Do Apps Crash

Whether you are targeting individuals or the entire enterprise crowd, upsetting them with your apps is the quickest way to being shunned out. After having a word with several experienced mobile developers we have churned out a list of five major development failures which take your app astray and throw it down the performance cliff.

Managing Memory

One of the biggest problems which most of the developers were shouting out loud was memory management. A mobile app may be twinning around too many threads and sipping in a lot of memory resources or running on a gadget with way too many apps open.

Most of the coders take the liberty of writing long and complex codes as their’s is the only app that exists in a device. The apps are no less than little digital divas, wanting all the limelight- and draining all the gadget’s resources. We are in dire need of more good citizens in the app ecosystem. Dear developers, keep in mind that most of the smartphone users don’t use the apps in high-end updated gadgets like yours, and better the memory management of your app better will be the user experience.

Poor Network Management

The tech-friendly ambiance gives most of the developers access to super-fast internet. But this can be a huge problem while planning an app development process; a very common mistake which developers make is assuming that just like them we all reside in a 30mbps utopia. Another important reason why most of the apps crash is the responsiveness and freezing apps in the middle of the use, mostly when you are waiting for a response from the apps’ end.

If developers don’t pay heed to this, your app is prone to crashes, as a huge network dependency combined with snack-slow access to the internet can notably lessen the responsiveness of any app thereby leading to instability, poor performance, and some downtime.

Deficient Testing

iPhone is just eleven years old and since the first of the mighty gadget was unveiled, the world now has more than 40 variants of the Apple machines. Does this raise your eyebrows? Let’s count the Android mobile models, back in 2015 the world had more than 24000 Android mobile variations, with a large number of manufacturers globally it’s nearly impossible to keep a complete tally. The pace of these roll-outs in not going to slow down making it very difficult for developers to test their solutions in real-time on all the devices, especially its a low-budget project. There is a bag full of emulators and simulators available in the market but they all have their own drawbacks. They are unable to give us the exact effect of issues like overheated or low battery, working of the gadget’s camera while the app is open or interruptions by incoming calls.

Things pointed out by the simulator may have their own limitations, just like emulators, as it is unable to replicate the device’s hardware. The complete testing process should be clubbed with benchmarking against the available industry standards and the expectations of the user to make sure that the developer and the user are on the same table.

Error & Exception Handling

Whatever you may try and implement to make the app as flexible as possible, you will still have a few variables and limitations which will be out of our control. Let’s take an instance if during a file transfer a user’s wi-fi stop working, or if they enter a wrong value into a given field, it may send the application on a topsy-turvy ride. Such unexpected issues may cause the app to crash, and thereby frustrate the users.

Why Apps Crash

However, it’s not always that the app crashes but at times may leave the user in the middle of haywire, not knowing what’s actually happening and what they need to do now. This uncertainty may be more frustrating for the user than the actual app crash. It’s of utmost importance that you as an app maker take in considerations all such errors and put all these handling conditions into place.

Also, if you notice a fault in your app, first-things-first terminate all the activities and let your users know about it. Sounds unreasonable? But if you proactively manage the communication with your users and give them a heads-up beforehand of any outrage, they are most likely to stay with you for long.

Software lifecycle

The whole iterative app development process- release of a beta version of the application in the market and gradually improving issues thereafter- this one after the other releases helps the apps to build an audience by improving the MVP which they offer firsthand. This highly acknowledged concept comes with a set of goods & bads- where on one hand you can measure user reaction, identify various issues, create a marketing shout-out and get an upper-hand on your potential competition if you are all set to bring about a game changer in the market and more.
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The bag of advantages may be heavier in this case but the absence of traditional software lifecycle brings about several crucial complications as its dependent on the third-party API’s and operating system. This stage-by-stage process requires top-notch professionals to keep a track of everything.  With the rollout of every new version, all the previous testing has to be done again. In simple words, an early release of the app to the market makes it prone to a pile of flaws. Make a note, if the app keeps freezing and crashing users won’t consider whether its the first version or the last. They’ll just delete it.

Can we actually create a bug-free mobile application(on the first go)? Probably not. However, you can put your heads to the trouble-makers and do your best to do your best to make a powerful exception handling for the issues that may go wrong. No app is perfect and yours too will have some hiccups, but you can make sure they are not huge, not the ones which make the users hate you.

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Revealed: Why You Should Get a Mobile App Developed Today?

What will a mobile application do for my business?

I am not a big brand. Why will I need a mobile app?

I as of now have a website. I don’t want to spend money on developing an application.

If you have any of these thoughts running in your mind, you have to think one more time. Here are a few facts to prove the same:

Why Go Mobile

All these stats show the importance of mobile presence for businesses who want to grow in the coming future. Here are a couple of ways in which your business will reap the benefits of developing a mobile application for your customers.

6 Reasons your Business Needs an APP to Grow at Light-Speed

1. Mobile Apps Help You Connect Better With Your Customers

Since 2.6 Billion individuals now have powerful mobile phones inside arm’s reach all times, the real game-changer in customer’s journey (of buying a product or availing a service) is mobile applications. Why?

Because a mobile app gives customers enough time and leverage to compare, think and decide which product or service they desire, what options are available to them and how they can get best benefits while spending less.

A mobile application improves the customer journey by increasing the customer engagement rate. Also, when you engage your clients, you take them closer to your business which leads to numerous advantages like customer loyalty, profitability and increased sales.

Let’s understand this via an example.

Suppose a person realize the need of your service in the middle of the night and needs to get all the information about it ASAP. What will he do? He obviously will not have the option to run to your store and ask you in the mid night.

All he can do is: Download your business app. Afterward, when an idea flies into his head while looking at your services, that he should purchase your product, he can do it quickly, without having to wait for business hours. Or, if he doesn’t buy your product, he will still have the app in his phone which he will have a look at every day. This calls for brand recall which is essential if you want to increase your sales and build brand awareness.

Thus, if customer service, customer engagement and brand awareness is one of your priority (like it should be), mobile applications are the answer to raising customer satisfaction across the board.

2. Mobile Apps Provide PERSONALIZATION to the USERS

Mobile phones are very personal devices for individuals. The customers like to see everything around them in their mobile devices. And businesses that provide mobile applications to buyers offer them not just an advantageous and helpful software product but also make an emotional bond with their customers. How? All with help of personalization!

By collecting users’ preferences, shopping carts and wish lists, the businesses can make shopper feel that they truly care about them. Users can be notified via push notifications using a mobile app about offers they like or often purchase.


Starbucks is an amazing example of a business that derived sales with the help of mobile app personalization. Starbucks’ app uses data it already has about its customers to craft special offers, coupons or discounts for them. And, as per Business Insider, the app’s outcomes are visible clearly: increased visits to the store, and more sales.

3. Mobile Apps Aid Promotion and Provide Better Customer Support

You can make mobile applications with amazing offers and deals to attract numerous customers to your business. If you like to promote your business and reap the advantages rapidly, you should have a mobile application.

Customer support is another imperative factor that hooks up potential customers with the business. Responding to your customer’s inquiries and resolving issues will turn out to be a lot easier, if you have a mobile application to do it. You can easily win the trust of customers by having a mobile application that offers instructions and help them solve issues.

4. Mobile Apps Enhance the Visibility of Your Brand

In today’s modern world, mobile applications are the best tools to increase visibility of your brand. The name of your brand and awareness will increase extensively with a mobile application. It works like a billboard. If you have a mobile application with incredible features and looks, nothing can prevent it from increasing your brand awareness. In other words, it functions as a direct channel that provides the customers all the information they require.

5. Mobile Apps Build a Stronger Brand

One of the most essential things a mobile application offer to customers is attention to and communication with your brand. And via that regular interaction with your target market, you are always building trust and a stronger brand.

The more your audience trusts you, the more probable they’ll be to tune in to later sales pitch. With an application, you’ll exhibit to your clients why they should believe you by showing (in spite of telling) your USPs.

6. Mobile Apps Provide More Value to Your Customers

Business is all about response. You offer a product and the market spends money as per their demand.

Possibly you’ve sat down with your employees and tried to nail down the most ideal approach to encourage more of this “spending money engagement” from your clients. Obviously, you will have to increase their interaction with your business, but you additionally need to give a level of value to your customers that they can’t get anywhere else.

In order to deliver this value, you have to know and understand the needs of your customers.

One approach to do this is by making a loyalty program inside your business mobile application. Loyalty programs bring useful results after you know your customers and how they utilize your application. Starbucks again comes to mind as an incredible example of a successful loyalty reward campaign.

Famous Brand that Leveraged the Power of Mobile Apps to the Fullest And Increased Their Revenues



As discussed above in this blog, Starbucks has put amazing efforts into its mobile application, and that step has paid off back in spades. The mobile payment application has helped Starbucks in drastically increasing the revenue and customer satisfaction for the previous couple of years.

Starbucks utilizes their mobile application further to their advantage by offering rewards solely to application subscribers and then they inspires clients to purchase coffee (And different snacks) from them. They are even more ahead of the game by enabling their clients to pay specifically from the application, accelerating the entire transaction process.

As of August 2017, rewards members represented approx. 18% of Starbucks 75M customers and drove 36% of sales – an important customer segment. The success of this application indicates how mobile application can increase a company’s overall revenues, if the company explore and use them in the correct way.


Dominos Mobile App

Dominos is another brand that leveraged the power of mobile apps to the fullest. Knowing the world is shifting to mobile, the brand took a mobile-first approach. According to Jubilant Foodworks, online orders contributed to around 68% of delivery sales of Dominos for the quarter ended September 30, 2018 (Q2 FY19). Out of this, 85% of orders were placed via their mobile app.

When Domino’s Pizza developed a mobile application for ordering delivery or in-store pickup of their food, they saw an online business rise of 28% in the half-year pre-tax profits in the UK alone. Mobile devices presently account for 52% of their online orders.

Wrapping Up

Are you watching a trend here? If you aren’t utilizing a mobile application that empowers more purchases while making it easier and all the more exciting for your customers to press the “BUY” button, you’re missing out a huge chunk of change from an ever-growing market. I hope you now have an answer to why you should get a mobile app developed, today. J

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Internet of Things: Impact on the App Development Scenario

Apps are now becoming an integral part of our lives. In fact, apps have made our lives simpler and faster than before. Recently, Apple launched a feature in its iWatch Series 3 that helps the users to check their emails and even attend calls via iWatch. Well, when did a wrist watch that showed time started attending calls or check emails? This is where the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) comes in picture. IoT helps to interconnect gadgets like Smartphone, laptop, iwatch and other appliances and gain control. The IoT sensors in the gadget help to manage work smartly and even one can keep an eye at home while working in an office.

Whether a company is well established or a start-up, it needs to integrate its multiple software, Apps, and servers for easy accessibility. According to
Statista, the number of connected devices globally will be $50 billion by 2020. Moreover, the data presented by International Data Corporation (IDC) stated that the  the global spending on IoT will surpass $1 trillion in 2020 and $1.1 trillion in 2021. But the question remains, what is the impact of IoT on App development? Is integration of both the technologies effective and fruitful for the companies in the long run?

The Current Scenario

IoT technology benefits

Image source- Medium

Presently, app developers have welcomed the IoT technology and are even integrating it in their existing and future apps. The latest example is the Uber App. After integrating IoT in the system, it enabled the users to find a ride near their location and connects the user to the car driver which makes the transaction easy, fast and safe. Similarly, there are other benefits of the IoT technology that makes it a wise investment in the long run:

  • Competitive Advantage:

  • Every day there are new apps launched in every category and industry. With so many options available, an app that can look different and unique from the crowd, has to be the one that leverages IoT technology, further enabling a seamless user experience. So if a company wants to gain a competitive advantage, then IoT is the best thing to assimilate within an app. It will directly help in lead generation, increase sales and henceforth, the revenue.

  • Fast and Smart Resource reducing human effort:

  • Manage multiple software and tasks with one single app or gadget. The interconnectivity allows the users to stay at one place but everything that’s happening around the world with the help of there gadgets. Even the app developer’s work becomes easy and effective as they can easily control or overview several apps from a single platform.

  • Enhanced App Security:

  • IoT technology serves as an information platform and a user can access a plethora of information from anywhere. But it also poses the threat of cybercrime which app developers need to work on and ensure that the apps based on the  IoT technology are secure and the encrypted data transferred is not leaked or misused by the third party. This has also been successfully done with the help of edge computing.

  • Complete control on gadgets:

  • Ever thought how your mobile knows how much steps you have walked in a day? How can your monitor restore all the files opened by you at home=and again in your work device? The interconnectivity helps to control all the gadgets through one Smartphone or app with the help of the IoT technology.  Tech companies are now bringing up new age devices that are controlled by IoT making lives much easier.

    IoT technology is transforming the world of technology and various industries like health, energy, retail, etc are adopting the technology to gain a competitive edge. So, in a nutshell, IoT technology is here for the long haul and one can gain competitive advantage by launching IoT based apps in market.

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    6 Common Myths About Android App Development That Need To Be Trashed

    The era of smartphones and mobile apps is at its apogee. The mobile technology, in particular, has been advancing at a rapid and incessant pace. There are apps for almost every sort of purpose. Mobile apps have equipped us with the power to control almost everything with unbelievable ease. As a result, the mobile app development industry is experiencing a period of definite boom. There’s been a surge in the number of companies and individual mobile app developers, all looking to make a fortune through their services.

    Pre-Requisites Of Android App Development

    If we talk about the apps, they have a long journey to cover in order to reach the end-users. It requires time and thoughts to develop an app. An app development involves cost and manpower. For different platforms, there needs to be a corresponding framework environment. An Android app development requires a Java SDK, Android Studio, Native and third-party libraries. Apart from these basic prerequisites, some other standard tools become necessary if the app to be developed is a gaming app.

    How Are Apps Changing Our Lives?


    Mobile apps are changing our lifestyle in a myriad of ways. As said earlier, there are mobile apps for almost every purpose these days. In such exceptional cases, people tend to begin and end their days relying on the mobile apps. Apps are now managing your household chores, transport, shopping, education, work, banking, entertainment, health and lots more. That’s clear indication that our lives are highly impacted by the mobile apps. There are still more uncharted territories that mobile needs to breach but there’s every reason to believe that it’s only a matter of time before that will happen. Each day new ideas are given life in the form of mobile apps.

    So What Are The Myths?

    This blog takes a look at the commonly held misconceptions about the Android App Development. For the most part, the views of the people outside the industry are flawed and they can have a detrimental effect on the future of Android apps. In the long run, as these misconceptions go around and reach more ears, they can cause potential clients and businesses to distance themselves from Android apps. This blog is an attempt to address such misconceptions and bring the actual facts to light.

    1. Android Requires Lesser Cost & Efforts Than iOS And Other Platforms


    The most common myth is that because Android is open source almost anyone can create a mobile app without too much difficulty. Its true that Android is open source but this does not make app development effortless. There are millions of Android devices in the market and managing even a single UI on all these devices needs a lot of efforts. Nor is it true that every Android app requires less cost. Some of the high-end Android apps with lots of features and functionality can raise the cost of development considerably higher.

    2. Once An App Is Launched, Development Is No Longer Needed

    That development is not required once the app is pushed into Play Store is the biggest misconception about Android apps. An app isn’t done with its launch. Every app needs continuous enhancement and maintenance to stay strong in the market. So the app needs to be in the constant care of the development team for bug fixing, new feature additions and maintenance.

    3. Idea Is Enough To Start App Development


    This is true to some extent and not just with regards to Android but almost every other mobile app platform. However, the key thing is that your idea will not work if it isn’t feasible. Before the implementation of any idea, it’s quite crucial to perform the feasibility check and thereafter ascertain the time and resource requirements. You also need to cross-check whether or not the idea you are going to deploy is worth attempting? A thorough market-analysis must be undertaken to determine the potential of your app idea. So overall, it’s a lengthy process from idea-conception to app development.

    4. Only Some Apps Need Marketing

    Mostly, we tend to think that if an app’s concept is a good one, the app will sell itself. That’s another misconception. Every app needs marketing to increase the buyer adoption and selling rates. Marketing is the key feature for the success of any app. To beat other apps in the same category and with similar functionality, it’s the marketing that can prove to be a gamechanger for you.

    5. Earning Can Begin Instantly With Downloads


    Another huge myth is that once the app is in the Play Store, the earning will start instantly. That’s not the reality. Downloads will not pump in money unless the app user pays you for using the app.

    6. Native Development Makes App Development Easier And Solves All Issues

    No doubt, Native development makes the app smooth. But it is not possible to use it in all scenarios. In fact, everything depends on the requirement and not all requirements fit in Native. There are some functionalities that need to be developed in cross-platform. Although Cross-Platform offers nearly the same experience as Native, the user has to compromise on some features.


    So, those were some of the most basic and common myths about Android app development. No doubt, there must be many other. But the point is that these misconceptions impact development of the app either directly or indirectly. Such, myths should be clear to the client, business owner, and a developer so that an efficient and productive app can be launched in the market.


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    Best Services For Creating Mobile Apps Without Coding

    Android and iOS are the most popular platforms in the world of MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT. Both platforms provide the environment in which it is possible for a developer to create efficient mobile apps with customized features. With the rise of Hybrid Application Development, it is also possible for non-mobile developers to develop Android apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


    But what about those people who don’t have any knowledge regarding App Development or HTML, CSS, and JavaScript? Can they create their own Apps?


    Yes, it is possible. There are some web services which enable us to create simple Mobile Applications without having prior programming knowledge.


    In this article, we will discuss the best web services that can help us create our own simple mobile application without any programming practice.


    1. Appy Pie

    appy pie

    AppyPie is a no-code and best DIY Mobile application development tool that allows you to make simple and creative mobile apps with a unique experience. This app creator supports Android, iOS and Windows platform as well.


    It is one of the preferable mobile app creators because it provides unique features and analytical capabilities also.
    It allows user to create an app with 3 easy steps:-
    1. Select app category
    2. Build App.
    3. Publish App.

    You can add push notifications, connect database and in-app purchase functionality etc. It provides both free as well as paid services.

    2. AppsGeyser


    AppsGeyser is an online service that allows you to create custom mobile apps. It converts your web content into Android apps. The user can create mobile apps based on the content pulled from different web pages with 2 easy steps. AppsGeyser is Android only mobile application platform. Most of the apps can be created within 5 minutes.


    Key Features of AppsGeyser:-
    1. Provide different templates for games, web services and for social pages etc.
    2. App Monetization.
    3. No SDK required.
    4. Easy and free app creation.
    5. One can easily sell apps on AppsGeyser platform itself.


    3. BuzzTouch


    BuzzTouch is another great open source option, which allows us to create interactive Mobile Apps. BuzzTouch is a reliable solution for both Android and iOS apps. It enables us to use pre-written plugins and customize them to add new features without any limits. It is designed to create apps using web-based forms. BuzzTouch also allows the user to create launcher icon or banner image for the home screen etc.
    You can create a limited number of apps on BuzzTouch server for free. After that, you need to buy its premium plan.

    4. Andromo


    App creation with Andromo is an idiot-proof. Anyone with zero programming knowledge can make an android app using just their imagination and the Andromo online tool. Andromo is not a cross-platform app maker. It is smarter, faster and better than that. It is only used for the creation of Android apps. It actually generates real Java code and compiles it with Google’s official Android SDK.


    It is required to sign up with Andromo and it allows you to create your very first app for free. After that, you have to go for its monthly and yearly based plans. It offers very flexible monthly and yearly premium plans with more benefits.


    Andromo creates your app in minutes..not in months.
    How Andromo Works:-
    1. Create your Andromo project.
    2. Add features, graphics, and content that makes your app unique.
    3. Build your app.

    Andromo will create your app and email you when it will be done.


    5. AppMakr


    AppMakr is another content-based app builder that allows us to create both Android and iOS apps in just a couple of minutes. Like other app builders, it also provides free and premium plans with many flexible and reliable features at affordable prices.


    AppMakr provides secure mobile app development. AppMakr has the partnership with McAfee and MetaCert that scans over a billion of web pages for any malware. It also allows us not to store passwords on their website.


    You can create an app in just 20 minutes and make it available to the whole world with just $1 per month.

    Final Words


    Aforementioned is a broad collection of app builders that assure easy and smart app development for those who are not experts in coding. You can create outstanding apps with the help of these web services. Apart from these well-facilitated tools for App development, customization, complex functionalities and performance optimization can be achieved by applying logical and efficient coding techniques by professionals. Positively, this well-researched piece of information will help you to take the firm decision and make your app development process better and optimized.

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    How Co-working Spaces Could Prove Beneficial To The Startups?

    It’s a harsh reality that most startups get muddled up in the very initial stages owing to the overwhelming challenges that come along their way. It’s as much as the gravity of the situation as the unpreparedness that can make the business world look a really daunting place to them.


    What makes the crisis even more difficult is the feeling of solitude in the struggle. As social beings, we tend to perform better when we’re supported by others in our cause. That’s where the novel approach of co-working spaces is gaining huge credence. A Mobile Application Development company must also come to terms with the co-working spaces.


    The concept of co-working spaces is based on the belief that people excel at their work if they’re surrounded by like-minded and talented individuals. The spaces bring in a whole bunch of people from various walks of life, who share some or all thoughts with one another. That way all can contribute to each other’s growth with their fair share of experience. This implies that a startup that hasn’t yet had a taste of the real business scenario can learn from other’s experience what they might have to contend with.


    All co-working spaces operate pretty similar in nature but may differ in the kind of service, the setting and group of people they host. But there’s more to co-working than just doing away with the solitude. Startups that work in co-working spaces tend to be quadruply successful than the rest.


    The key difference could lie in the drive to work more, increased motivation and interaction levels. That seems to make perfect sense. A startup avails the priceless insight on complex business problems right off the bat by working in a co-working space. People have confessed to having a relaxed and more exuberant feel in the co-working spaces. Mobile Application development services can benefit immensely by opting from co-working spaces. Here’s more to make you convinced that co-working space does indeed make a difference to a start up’s life.


    Strengthen Your Network


    The value of a good network to any business can’t be emphasized enough. People go so far as to say that the success of a business is highly correlated with its network. And nowhere else than in co-working spaces can a startup find the ideal prospects to widen its network.


    That almost everyone you’d come across in the co-working space will be a professional is a given. These people can literally contribute to your understanding at a much higher level. Furthermore, working alongside these equally passionate and goal-oriented people would have a positive impact on you.Sharing new ideas, getting new insights and learning from other’s experiences is a great way to kickstart your startup. Who knows you may even run into your future business partner in a co-working space. The value of the network for an iOS application development company is huge.

    Very affordable


    Compared to renting out a workplace, the co-working places prove to be a much cheaper and affordable option. There’s no need to even enter into any contracts.You could pay on the daily or monthly basis as per space you’re looking for.


    So that’s a great advantage as you don’t have to stick around for too long if your work is only for a short period of time. In addition to this, most co-working spaces provide fluid access to the basic office needs such as a printer, fax, internet etc.Stay worry-free off these meager costs in a co-working space. As Mobile application development company, you can’t ask for anything more than that.

    Tap Into The Pool Of Talent


    Co-working spaces look to house a coterie of smart and talented people with a shared set of beliefs and interests. This kind of atmosphere is hard to find otherwise. Imagine all the brilliant and innovative ideas that take birth when this group of like-minded people set-about interacting and sharing their wisdom with each other.

    Complex business problems that can seem enormous to a single individual can be broken down and solved with much ease when discussed within a group. The scope of learning, experimenting and then executing your ideas in the best manner is something that a co-working space has a lot to offer. An android application development company can increase its chances of success through these spaces.

    How To Find The One For Yourself?


    As previously mentioned that most co-working spaces are similar in nature, but they can be different in the way they operate. So your job is to find the one that works for you. Most spaces allow will allow a free-tour for a day or two. That should be enough to get a good sense of how things work there. What one might want to be particular about is the kind of community and people the space houses.


    They’re the ones you’d find yourself turning to in the moment of need. Then there are incubators that provide very good support but in return of equity. They do happen to be quite selective as to who they let in their space. But if you manage to find your way in, you’d be set to experience a great working environment where everybody is ready to help each other.


    Contrariwise, there is office space where you’ll have to rent a place and pay accordingly. You can’t expect to have much interaction here and everyone seems to keep to themselves. So support, facilities and the type of events that take place there are the key things you’d need to focus on to decide which space is meant for you.

    Where To Find One?


    Co-working spaces are easy to find. A simple Google search would bring up a good list of them in your vicinity. Most notable co-working spaces often hold events and seminars. If you happen to attend them, you’d get the chance to meet new people, share opinions and get the sense of the community.
    So always stay vigilant of these events, there’s no telling in what way they might prove beneficial to your startup business.


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    All About Mobile Apps and Mobile Advertising

    Digital Marketing is in high demand in today’s era and every business for their success and survival are trying their best to make a remarkable presence in Digital World. They are in a great search to understand the modern digital trends strategies and to find their target audiences.


    Promotion of a mobile business is the really tricky. The question lies in the fact where to place more investment in mobile applications or in mobile advertising? In order to get recognition digitally it is very important to know the difference between the two and not to jump on a conclusion. So here are all the essential insights for you to have a deeper understanding of the two.

    Mobile Advertising

    Mobile advertising is one of the rapidly rising industries, and passing up on the chance with mobile advertising is ill-judged. A strongly established strategy for mobile advertising plan can get new clients and can also increase the buying intent of existing customers.


    Mobile ads are petite in size that adjusts well in the screens of smartphones, displaying higher visual graphics than words.Like other forms of advertising, mobile advertising will have its adaptability curve revised as the trends change.


    Mobile App

    Mobile Apps development helps to get higher clients via service provided by Mobile app.Mobile Apps are easy to use. A user can easily navigate a mobile app and get all the required information by just a click.Your business and business practices must comply with your mobile app. Simple navigation, compatibility across multiple mobile platforms and connecting with existing customers is what a Mobile App do.


    Decision and choices in business are pretty important as it can bring a business one step closer or can put your business in a real bad situation. Whatever your decision may be, it has to be wise just to make sure that it doesn’t hamper your existing clientele and brings you new business with a tremendous increase in ROI.

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    Time To Wipe Out Siri – Viv is Here

    A good news people who love technology – after Siri now co – founders Dag Kittlaus and Adam Cheyer, who are the essential assistant now built into all of Apple’s iOS devices, are all set to reveal their latest artificial intelligence project – Viv. As the name of the AI bot, is more facilitated than Siri and is able to carry out complicated tasks by imitating the “inclination and awareness base” of a human companion.

    Let’s talk about Viv – Via can be used in many ways, for example – One can set up a dinner reservation and purchase movie tickets all based on one query, and if the movie is sold out or a restaurant has no seating available it will let you know beforehand and if we will Complete this same task with Siri it will be requiring different commands and human synergy.

    There was a live example given by one of the leading newspapers that Viv team used it to order pizzas from a nearby restaurant, with Viv determine numerous voice-based topping and side dish orders without even opening the app. Viv’s maximum functionality is enabled through association with third party apps like: Uber, Florist One, Seat Guru, ZocDoc, and Grubhub, similar to Amazon’s Alexa. The team is now looking forward for more partners and plans to bring the Viv in more connections with devices like cars and TVs.

    Chief executive of Grubhub – Mr. Matt Maloney, said that will is impressed with the idea of Viv that is allowing consumers to perform in different activities without having to toggle between services. According to Kittlaus, the goal of Viv is to offer a way for humans to interact naturally with services through complex human-to-human style conversations.

    Big tech giants like Google and Facebook have already made offers to purchase Viv, and there are many Mobile App Development companies which are also seeking but it is not clear if Kittlaus and Cheyer have plans to sell the technology.

    The team Viv wants it to be Labs where they want to see the technology built with the wide range of devices, and as said by Kittlaus the company will “pick the path that gets us there.”

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