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Here Is How COVID-19 Is Giving a Boost to TeleMedicine Apps

4845 Views | 1 min | Published On: March 27, 2020 Last Updated: March 20, 2024
TeleMedicine Apps

TeleMedicine Apps and COVID-19: What is the relation between the two? Let’s Find Out.

CoronaVirus is spreading rapidly across the globe affecting millions of individuals as well as businesses. The spread of the virus started from China and is now bringing a number of strong countries on their knees.

As per today’s news, the United States now has the highest number of reported cases of COVID-19 in the world with more than 85, 604 people juggling with the new virus.

COVID 19 Cases in World

While various industries and businesses all over the world are planning to slow down for staying safe – the medical industry is the only one that can’t stop its operations.

But, in a time like this, when everybody is preferring social distancing, going for the routine checkup, getting answers to a medical query, or keeping a touch with the doctors has become very difficult.

A number of people are afraid of going to the hospitals thinking that they might catch the virus from others and doctors aren’t able to help them in any way.

So, what is the solution? Can technology come to the rescue? And, if yes, how? Let’s find an answer to all these questions.

Doctoring From a Distance: The Best Way to Deal With COVID-19

It may seem impossible to many. But, the technology is moving faster every day leaving nothing just a mere dream! In case you are a medical professional and are stressed over how you will keep your clinical operations running, despite the strict quarantine and social distancing instructions and with people restricted to their homes, here is the solution for you!

And that solution is TeleMedicine Apps! Utilizing a TeleMedicine App, you can provide online medical consultation to your patients and can make your healthcare business bloom, even in such difficult days of Coronavirus spread. Here is Why Is It The Best Time to Invest in a Telemedicine Application development:

1. The Government is Supporting TeleMedicine Apps

Telemedicine applications that connect people to medical caretakers, doctors and advisors have been around for over 10 years however are just barely now getting pushed to the bleeding edge of healthcare.

As per the StatNews, toward the end of last week, the Trump administration said it would forgo certain government rules to make it simpler for more medical specialists to give care remotely and almost every major medical center in the United States is increasing the utilization of virtual visits to manage the pandemic.

Such decisions taken by government officials put straight the need of the hour – TeleMedicine Apps and their role in controlling epidemics like COVID-19.

2. These Apps Are Experiencing a Steady Rise in Demand

TeleMedicine Applications and CoronaVirus

Apps such as HealthTap, Doctor on Demand, Amwell, and others that provide virtual doctor visits through an online platform or portals are seeing a consistent rise in demand because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

As per USAToday, here is what the CEO of Heal – a Doctor-On-Demand app that operates in USA – said in one of his interviews:

“We have had a 210 percent increase in demand last week”

Heal app operates in regions that are hardest hit by CoronaVirus cases including New York City, the Silicon Valley in N. California, Washington and Seattle. As per the CEO, Nick Desai, this ongoing surge in demand goes far beyond the coronavirus concerns.

As the pandemic is on spike around us, a number of emergency clinics and hospitals are asking people with less extreme symptoms and non-hazardous conditions to stay at home, so as to restrict potential exposure and put less pressure on the healthcare system.

3. TeleMedicine Apps Will Help Minimize Risks to HealthCare Workers

COVID-19 spreads when a person comes in direct contact with the infected person. When an infected patient visits a doctor – the chances of disease transmission becomes higher.

And, if you or your medical staff is getting infected and quarantined, it will result in limited healthcare providers in your clinic putting your operation in jeopardy.

With the help of advanced telehealth apps, you can limit this risk. You can also expand your reach – regardless of whether you are quarantined – with the capacity to remotely examine more patients in a shorter measure of time.

Now that you have seen how a telemedicine app can help you deal with the Corona Outbreak and why it is the right time to invest in such an app – let’s see the must-have features of an online medical consultation app that will help you standout and make the best of this crisis by serving your patients with the utmost care and dedication.

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12 Must-Have Features of a TeleMedicine Application

TeleMedicine apps are a great option to care for patients all the time and this COVID-19 outbreak is no different. But, to provide your services to your patients in an effective manner – you app must be loaded with useful features like:

Telemedicine apps and COVID19

1. App-Onboarding

This feature refers to two main functions of the app and that are: User Registration and Profile Creation for doctors as well as patients. The process of app-onboarding should be as simple as possible so that sick users don’t have to try hard to use the app.

Both doctors and patients should have the option to manage their profiles easily. Specialists should detail their qualifications, experience details, and area of expertise, while patients should report their condition and basic wellbeing parameters while making the profile.

2. User Identity System

When using a telemedicine solution, security must be your first priority. Make sure to store user information separately from the user’s identity so that in case of any data breach, the information can’t be attributed to a distinct individual.

The UIS must follow the latest security measures, for example, two-factor authentication, email notifications after log-ins from new devices and suspicious activity protection.

3. Search

Your app should give users an option to search the doctor they are looking for by name or by their specialization. They should have the option to explore specialists’ profiles and select an expert depending on his/her experience or other parameters.

4. In App-Chatting

Telehealth applications let you connect with your patients on an individual level.

The real-time chat permits you to set up strong communications with your patients. It helps in understanding the worries of your patients and addressing their questions in a customized way. So, it is a must-have feature for a telemedicine application.

5. In-App Video Calling

While using a telemedicine app, sometimes, it becomes essential for a doctor to assess a patient. Although it isn’t possible online, but with the assistance of the video call, a doctor can get an overview of the patient’s health. This is a perfect approach to keep yourself connected with your patients even when social distancing becomes compulsory.

6. Virtual Appointment Booking

Let your users book virtual appointments with certified healthcare professionals so that they don’t have to waste their time waiting for the doctor to come online. You can also give them an option of live conferencing that alludes to real-time video visits which are loved by the users the most.

7. Calendar

Since telemedicine is basically a channel that provides quicker and more helpful communication, users should have a calendar in-app to see and manage their virtual meetings with doctors.

8. Flexible Fee Charging Methods

This feature lets you charge your patients according to your convenience. You can either charge a specific amount for each consultation, as per the consultancy technique or for every minute. This makes it simple for you to provide your clinical administrations on an individual basis.

9. In-App Payments

A telemedicine app should be equipped with in-app payments so that patients can pay hassle-free. Consider integrating the payment portals in your app that are well known in your target area: Braintree, PayPal or others.

10. Push-Notifications

Telehealth application users will definitely love this feature as it will help them remember their schedule and will also help you in connecting with your users easily. Push notifications also help improve the app engagement rate so consider adding this feature to your application and let you users get its maximum advantages.

11. Rating and Reviews

With the chance to review each virtual visit, patients create the in-application community and help others get the right consultation.

12. Upload Prescription

Once you have assessed the patient, you can offer the digital documentation to them. Moreover, you can pick to upload the prescription of your patients. This will help in letting your patients get the valid prescription which could be further used to buy medicines.

Once you have evaluated the patient, you can offer the digital documentation to them. Also, you can choose to upload the prescription in-app. This will help in letting your patients get the valid prescription which could be used furtner to purchase meds.

While the above mentioned features are a must-have for a telemedicine application, there are some advanced features as well that you can add in your app to make it one of a kind like Wearables Integration, Chatbots and Voice Assistants.

But, if you are planning to make an app to help yourself in the COVID 19 crisis – we would suggest that you get an Minimal Viable Product developed first with all the above must-have features and then continue adding the other advanced features in it. It will help you in saving your money and will also let you hit the market ASAP.

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Planning to Get a TeleMedicine App for Your Operations? Here is How Apptunix Can Help You!

Let’s put things very straight here! The COVID-19 outbreak is on rise and it is not the right time to get a Telemedicine Application developed from scratch. It will cost you a ton of money and time – which you actually don’t have.

So, the solution is to get a customized and white-label solution offered by Apptunix!

If you are a doctor or own a hospital and are stressed about how you can keep your operations running, connect with us! We can help you get a customized TeleMedicine App utilizing which you can connect with your patient remotely and run your services unimpacted with the outbreak of this pandemic.

Also, it won’t cost you much and you can hit the market with it in less than 3 days. So, let’s connect today!

HealthCare Apps and COVID 19


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