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What’s The Fuss About Candy Crush?

The Candy Crush is clear evidence that how simple ideas applied with a bit of creativity can turn into a huge success. The game was released in 2012 and five years after it has received 2.7 billion downloads. The concept of Candy Crush is quite simple. All you have to do is get 3 matching colored candies in a row or column and the game continue to throw more surprises your way. The gameplay is quite addictive and it’s hard to get your hands on it once you get going in a flow.

Why Candy Crush Clone?

You may be surprised to learn but not all the successful ideas are spawned spontaneously or carry any unique characteristics. They’re almost always following on to a set precedent. Using your own perspective and a bit of innovation you can give a new definition to such precedents. Candy Crush has been a huge success already and game developers around the world have tried to clone it in lots of different ways. Still, there are a few secret tricks that are essential to make gaming apps’ clones a success. As expert game app developers, we possess all the knowledge and skills of building apps that go viral. Once your app is built, we also provide promotion and marketing services to give it the best start in the market.


What You Get In The Clone?


Editing LEVEL

By no means is Candy Crush a simple and short game. It consists more than 2k levels and it’s these levels that make the game what it is. In our clone services, we can help you edit these levels, their flow, graphics and duration etc.


Cloud Storage of Player’s progress

With a game that has the potential of getting 6 billion downloads, you’re looking at huge amounts of data to store payers’ progress and luckily Cloud Storage solves that problem. Our developers fully integrate Cloud Storage of all the game’s data.


Advertisement Controller

Advertisements are a significant source of revenue for any business. Yet too many can be a nuisance for the end-user. We’ll provide you with an advertisement controller that will allow you to monitor and control the adverts in your app.


IAP (In-App Purchase) editor

Given that Candy Crush follows a Freemium model, its main source of revenue is the In-App-Purchases. Once we’ve built your app, you can use our IAP Editor to start making money from it. It’s the most effective form of app-monetization.


Facebook Integration

Social is the way to make anything go viral these days and no doubt your Candy Crush Clone will need to have Facebook integration to create the buzz. Our smooth and effective Facebook Integration will serve that purpose for you.


The time taken to develop the clone game may vary according to its specifications.

There are a number of ways to monetize the clone apps such as In-app purchases, Mobile Advertising, unlock features, etc. Moreover, you can sell your traffic to the top game developers and even create more similar games with different themes. When it comes to making money, here are some of the options:

  • Create your app meaningful, i.e when you develop the clone of Candy Crush Saga, you don’t just have to focus on cloning it thoroughly, but improvise and re-develop it in certain unique ways.
  • Even Ad integration can also be a great option to earn revenue. Our team will look to work in your favor and recommend the ideal monetization model for your app.

The challenges faced in the game can encourage users to explore other possibilities, which may be similar to the game. This often becomes the main reason for developing clone games of popular ones like Candy Crush Saga.

The clone app is compatible with various devices including:

  • iOS (iPhone/ iPod/ iPad)
  • Android operated tablets and smartphones.
  • Cross-platform app development which reuses codes that help the app to function on both platforms. However, this is generally not recommended due to the number of issues surrounding it.
  • Apps developed on native platforms only function on one particular platform.

We encourage Native app development instead of cross-platform ones. Native apps provide the highest UI and UX experience and make the app highly functional.

We provide all possible support for easy resolution of various kinds of issues. Random pictures depend upon the type of server used and the image dimensions. Our executives make all possible efforts to provide answers to all your queries.