Build an Instant Messaging App like WhatsApp for Android and iOS

WhatsApp Clone Application

If you want to influence the most exclusive messaging application that has completely transformed the messaging app market then you are at the right place. Various attempts have been made futile for the WhatsApp clone app as a real-time messenger application, however, none of them transformed into victory. Regardless of presenting similar functionalities, no real-time messenger application has ever been a distinct advantage or have touched WhatsApp’s amazingness as an application. With a specific end goal to build a messaging app like WhatsApp at Apptunix we are offering a detailed understanding of its comprehension mechanism and technicalities. We are ready to use the instant chat app like WhatsApp.

How is WhatsApp Messaging App Working Technically?

If you have an idea to create WhatsApp like application, our expert team is ready to discuss with you the merits of your ideas and ways of their realization. We will create a messenger app that meets user requirements.

Working model of WhatsApp clone App

What we offer?

Features of clone app for chat app include Chat history

Chat History

In this feature, you can send messages which makes it important for quick and easy connection between friends and also you can view your previous chat history.

 Contact synchronization for WhatsApp clone app development

Synchronization of phone contacts

Once you’ve installed and logged in to the app, we synchronize all your phone contacts with our app so that you will be able to connect to the members in your contact through our app.

Data Sharing feature for clone app for whatsapp

Data sharing

This feature allows you to share pictures and sound with the known ones. We have additionally built up a component to share instant pictures.

Create messenger app or chat app with video and audio call as feature

Audio and Video call feature

Communicate with your friends with voice or video calls on the chat application likewise you can speak, record and send your message with the instant messaging app.

Social integration is supported for both Whatsapp clone Android and Whatsapp clone iOS apps

Social Media Integration

With our App Facebook integration will also be possible. The image can be imported in from facebook while enrolling and is transferred to the server for records.

Admin panel for chat app developement

Admin Panel

The admin can control the application. The correct messages exchanged in the platform can be seen just by the admin. Alter and change can be done by the admin to suit particular needs.


WhatsApp is the world’s #1 mobile messaging app and a secure way to communicate with friends and family. With more than 1.5 Billion active users WhatsApp user base is spread to 180 countries, which is the greatest share among all social and messaging networks.

To develop an app like Whatsapp there are a few important steps that you must consider to make your app stand out in the market. First of all, you need to find a good chat app development company to help you with the process. Then you will have to do some market research together to decide the features of your app. The next step should be app development using an agile methodology to get a robust app with intuitive UI/UX.

The cost estimation for building an app like Whatsapp will depend on the platform for which it is being developed. For example, if you are building an app for Android, it will cost you less whereas if you decide to develop a Whatsapp clone app for iOS, it will cost you a little more. The approximate cost of developing an App like WhatsApp is around $30K.

If you develop a Whatsapp clone app, it will work exactly like Whatsapp. It will provide users the ability to send text and media messages in a single tap. Messages in Chat Apps Like WhatsApp are sent with end-to-end encryption to ensure privacy. Along with providing users the ability to send messages instantly, Whatsapp clone apps developed by Apptunix are secure and reliable.

Whatapp clone apps include features like VoIP phone calls, video chat, group chats/calls, geolocation integration, calendar sync, and media sharing. These apps also use uses cloud services in many different ways to store the user’s data securely.