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How Bike Rental Businesses Are Dealing With The Pandemic? Top Bike Rental Apps

4368 Views | 1 min | Published On: January 4, 2022 Last Updated: June 29, 2023

It’s time for rental bikes after a lengthy period of taxi sharing and cab rental applications. These mobile app-based bike rental app development has become a convenient way to commute, whether alone or in a group, without having to hail a taxi or cab. People in all of the major cities, especially Millenials, have drawn to the newly introduced convenient bikes.

Bikes are the only answer that can enable people to get to their destinations on time in any situation. Companies have started to offer bike rental mobile apps, which are a huge relief to the environment from automobile pollution and everyday honking. Second, there will be much fewer automobiles on the roadways, resulting in reduced traffic.

Step By Step Working Of Bike Rental Platforms

Bike rental app platforms make hiring a two-wheeler simple, convenient, and on demand. The vast majority of them have apps for both Android and iOS. Users can manage their accounts, check nearby bike stations, identify available bikes, make bookings, and pay securely using these apps. 

Working Process:

There are only a few easy steps to the entire procedure:

  • To begin, the user must first register using an app or website.
  • The pickup location and booking date can be entered on the home page of a bike rental app.
  • The user can then look at a list of available bikes.
  • The bike details page provides additional information on the selected bike to aid in the selection process.
  • After selecting a bike, the user can customize it with accessories if desired.
  • The review cart page then displays, where the user can check over the entire booking before making the payment.
  • Finally, on the payments page, the user can select a payment method and complete the transaction to finalize the booking.
  • After completing the booking, the rider can opt to pick it up from a nearby bike station or have it delivered to his door for an extra fee.
  • When the rider is finished with the bike, he or she returns it to a specified bike station.
  • The platform administrator can monitor all of the motorcycles’ and riders’ activity in real time.

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Statistics Of Bike Rental Applications

There are various causes for this market’s growth, according to a report from the Global Motorcycle Rental Market. Over the last five years, this service has experienced tremendous growth. Only 700,000 motorcycles were available for rental in 2013. The number had risen by 2.3 million by 2016. One of the reasons is that everyone now has access to the internet, which is increasing at a rapid pace with each passing year.

 Another cause, according to the paper, is the rise in global road trip tourism. Analysts project that the worldwide motorcycle rental app development would increase at a CAGR of 7.74% between 2017 and 2021, according to the same report.

Must Have Features In The Bike Rental App Development

Important features of bike rental app development are given below :

features in bike rental app development

 Document Verification

Bike owners should submit all of their papers, such as insurance and licenses, for the verification procedure and be checked by the admin.

Multiple Login Options

Users can log in to the app using a variety of methods and get authenticated in a short period of time by just inputting the code supplied to their registered cell phone number.

Requests for Reservations And Instant Bookings

The rapid book option allows the renter to book right away, while the request to book option allows users to make a booking request to the bike owner and wait for confirmation from the bike owner.

Internal Communication

During the booking process, this feature allows bike owners and renters to communicate with one another.


Renters can save their favorite bikes and make use of it to book in the future by adding them to their wishlist.

Reservation Management

The administrator is in charge of all bookings made on the rental marketplace platform. Admin can access reservation data and reimburse money to renters in the event of cancellation, as well as make payments to bike owners.

Review Management

Admin has the ability to oversee and edit all reviews submitted by both bike owners and renters.

 Manage Service Charges

The service cost will be shown as a percentage as well as a set price. The admin will handle the service fee for both the owner and the renter, and the service cost will be deducted in accordance with the terms and rules.

Payment Methods 

When it comes to giving payment alternatives to customers, the more options you have, the happy your client will be. However, this may put a lot of strain on the application’s backend development, especially for those in charge of funds. 

As a result, administrators are allowed to offer as many payment options as they can afford. This leads us to the next thing we’ll discuss.

Unlock Bike Using A QR Code

Another significant element for bike-sharing is the ability to unlock bikes by scanning a QR code. As a result, the user is ready to ride the bike in a matter of seconds. In the mobile application, the user must tap the “unlock” button and then scan the QR code to unlock the bike.

Customer Support

In the event that a user has a problem while riding the leased bikes or when making a reservation, effective customer service must be offered. The success of bike rental businesses around the world is due to one-touch customer service.

Types Of Business Models Of Bike Rentals Mobile Apps

business models of bike rental app development

Aggregator Model

This concept serves as a general platform for various independent bike owners and private bike companies to list their bikes for rent. Customers can select from a large database of vehicles on the site. Individual vendors perform all functions in the aggregator model, such as listing the bike, delivering it, and collecting payment.

The administrator is only in charge of the app’s overall performance. Individual bike owners must pay a percentage of their revenue to the admins in exchange for listing their bikes on their bike rental app.

Self-Owned Fleet Model

This model occurs when a single seller with a fleet of motorcycles decides to rent out his bikes for a fee. In this scenario, there is only one owner. Most start-ups in India use this business model since it provides them with complete control over the services they provide and the cash they earn.

Nonetheless, this technique necessitates a higher initial investment than the Aggregator model for a bike rental app development

Monetization Prospects of Bike Rental Mobile Apps

If you know how to monetize your app, apps are typically the greatest and easiest way to make money. It is possible to monetize in order to generate both direct and indirect money.


This is the most straightforward method of generating indirect revenue through the app. When a third party contacts the app’s owner and purchases a little space in the app to advertise and promote their brand and products. These collaborations are extremely necessary for the app’s success. 

For third-party promotions, app owners can either charge for the length of time the ad remains on the app or charge using the cost-per-click and cost-per-mile methods.


We use A linear income scheme in the aggregator business model. Bike owners who register their bikes on an app must share a portion of their booking income with the app owners. Customers who book a bike must additionally pay a deposit, which is deducted from the final payment. If consumers cancel their reservations before using the service, they will be charged a modest cancellation fee.

Various Payment Options

This is where you can make it easier for your clients by providing them with a variety of payment options. You will gain more consumers if you accept both offline and online payments.

Discounts For Special Occasions

Normally, it is the bike owners that publish promotional coupons and discounts, although the app owners can also do so. These incentives bring in more customers and increase revenue.

Physical and Logistical Nature Considerations 

Before you start your bike rental app business, make sure you understand the logistics to ensure you can fulfill demand with the number of two-wheelers you have. If your app can’t keep up with the demand, it’ll most likely fail.

Top Bike Rental Mobile Apps In 2021

top bike rental aps


A Lime is a San Francisco-based company that rents out bicycles, electric bikes, electric scooters, and mopeds. App Lime is a dockless system, which means users can park their cars wherever they choose. North and South America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand are all covered by the app. You can build your own bike rental app like lime by contacting the right app development company. 

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Nextbike is a Leipzig-based app-based bike rental startup that was started in 2004. Its app is available in 28 countries and 300 cities across Europe, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. There are docking stations where the company’s bikes can be parked, but the software also allows travelers to identify and park automobiles anywhere within a certain radius. Bikes and e-bikes are available through the app.


Spinlister is a world-renowned bike rental and bike sharing app that links bike owners and renters worldwide. Bike owners can post their bikes on their app, and those looking to hire bikes can simply search for bikes in their neighborhood and rent them. The entire renting process is simple, and Spinlister provides a variety of protection and delivery options to keep their customers happy.

Smart Bike

This is yet another really useful bike rental software that locates the bikes closest to you so you don’t have to. Because the GPS of an app is enabled, it detects your location and displays all of the nearby bike stops. The program, which is accessible on Android and iOS devices, allows users to select bikes based on their preferences.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Bike Rental App?

As we know, features are fundamentally involved and have an influence on bike rental app development costs. There are so many aspects that we consider when estimating the cost of bike rental app development. It is difficult to calculate the exact cost of specifics regarding the bike rental app development. 

However, it will estimate based on a variety of elements such as goal, sophisticated features, app dimension and kind of device, location of the mobile app Development Company, experienced and knowledgeable developer, and so on. So As a rough estimate, a bike rental app development can range between $10,000 and $20,000. 


If you’ve been wondering how to establish a bike rental business, this blog should have clarified things for you. You will never fail if you enter the market with a new idea. With our app developers, you can rest confident that the solution you receive is of the highest quality and will help you earn the maximum money.  We make it a point to supply bike rental app development that helps you produce the highest profits using sophisticated technologies such as AI, ML, VR, AR, Data Analytics, and so on.

The market for a bike rental mobile app development is large, and when done well, it can be profitable. Because of the high level of competition in the market, your bike rental app must work properly, without any bugs, and be able to stand out. As a result, we recommend that you should approach the best mobile app development company for your bike rental app development.

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