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Working of Lime App like Model. Learn Scooter Sharing App Development

3972 Views | 1 min | Published On: February 28, 2021 Last Updated: June 29, 2023
bike sharing app

Sharing is caring and definitely the time saving that has been proven to be fact today. The car rental apps have become very popular with the times the reason it saves the fuel and environment. And the very new addition to this saves on fuel and environment is the eBikes.

The Ebikes or scooter Sharing mobile software like lime app have become popular with the time. The time today demands the latest technology, comfort, and sustainability, and scooter sharing app development definitely hops on the trend. 

In this blog, we will centrally focus on what is the right way to go for scooter sharing app development, what are the prerequisites, and when it comes to scooter or bike sharing app development, what functionalities are needed.

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Demand for Scooter Sharing App

The scooter sharing apps could be of two types. Both of them are in high demand. Let us know what are these two broad classifications of apps that fall under the bike sharing models

  • The Uber For Bikes/Scooter

In this, the user just likes to book a taxi, they can book a bike for conveyance. The person who is a rider comes with a bike and like a regular passenger, the user sits on the back of the bike and travels to decide the destination. At the end of the commute, the billing price is paid by the user. It is a simple uber mechanism on two wheels!

This model is getting very popular as the petrol prices are hiking and people prefer to cut down on the commute if possible. Also traveling on two-wheelers saves time in long stuck traffics. So, uber for bikes is a big yes these days.

  • eBikes Model

In this, the user himself rides a bike that is a bicycle or electric scooter that emits very little pollution and is a great way to save the environment. The user just has to scan some barcode and then unlock the bike, travel to their destination, pay for the total travel and park the bike with a digital lock. The Other user nearby can again ride the same bike by unlocking the QR code on requesting eBike in his neighborhood.

These tips of bikes are getting very popular because people today are into environment saving and fitness. The eBikes solve the purpose of both. So there is no doubt in saying that the market of eBikes will eventually see a boom in times to come.

Here are some of the facts that validate the statement above.

scooter sharing app development

So either you go for Uber model or eBike model, the chances of earning revenues is equally high.

Route to Scooter sharing App Development

After knowing the scope of the high market of scooter sharing market for uber sharing rides over the globe. Let us know what are the basic things you need to keep in your checklist to go for a perfect scooter sharing app development.

scooter sharing app

1. Know your Audience

To launch a scooter sharing app you need to know what are the different areas where the users can have access to the eBikes. In this you have to take care of geographical locations, the interest of users towards the environment protection and fitness. Learn all the demographics and launch your app to the place where you can see to motivate the audience to go green and fit with your eBike service app.

2. Know your USP

The scooter sharing apps are becoming very popular these days and everyone wants to make the best app for electric scooter. Though they are still new in the industry, people want value for money. Try to brainstorm what you can offer to your users that could be special and unique. The features like calorie counter along with route traveled costs could be one of them. You can also ask an app development company to consult you on the same to deliver something unique yet interesting to the users.

3. Know your Resources

Once you have decided where you want to start e scooter app development, what USP you need to include. You have to calculate your budget and the eBikes that you need to have before starting your scooter sharing app functioning. Try to know the bandwidth of your resources, this will also help you to have an estimate of your app budget. (We will talk about the cost estimation of scooter sharing app development in the later section of the blog)

4. Know your Developers

This is a crucial step to make a scooter sharing app. In this, you have to look out for the mobile app development company and know which platform they are using to make your app. Because platforms like Node Js, Flutter, React, etc have different specializations. Each works differently. Try to connect with the app company that has experience in making apps on different platforms and especially the platform you want your app to build for smooth functionality.

5. Know your App Interface

There is no use in making an app if the user is not able to use the app. The screens appearing on your app should be understandable to the users. Ask your app designers to have interactive wireframes with attractive app designs to make your app one of the best ebike apps. Your app designs and the content of your app should be very explainable and easy to understand for users. Make sure that your designs do not confuse the users on what are the ways to operate your app.

6. Know your Performance

Last not least, the app once made, makes a trial run in a selected group of people. Try to know how your scooter sharing app functions. How feasible it is to use. Learn the feedback of the users and if possible try to make changes to make your app one of the best scooter apps. Because happy customers bring heavy revenues.

create scooter sharing app

Panels to Include in Lime App Like Model

The panels are the backbone of the app. They have the features that e the app function smoothly. Let us look at what these panels do.

Admin Panel

Admin Panel is the panel that is run by the investor from the backend. He has the power to run the app. Let us know what are the main functions that come along with the admin panel.

  • Monitor Performance

This feature allows the admin to know what was the total travel done by the user and what was the total wear and tear of the bike. It keeps the admin updated with the condition of the vehicle when it is in service of the users.

  • Offer and Promos Management

The admin with a single push notification can send messages related to the offers, discounts, and promos to run their scooter service app at lesser prices to attract customers. This feature allows the admin to run any message for customer retention.

  • Seamless Access and Control

Under this feature, the admin has full control over the bikes. They can keep the track of all the bikes that are out for the service Also, they have the power to cease any bike from the user by putting a lock code over them.

  • Invoice Management

Just like performing courier services or logistics the proof of bills is important. So is in the scooter sharing apps. After the rider has done with the travel using the scooter. The invoice is sent to the user from the admin that explains total billing and amount due for pending.

  • Reporting and Analytics

This feature gives an overview of all the items that are related to the scooter sharing app. It shows the number of bikes taken by users, total distance traveled, how many bikes are currently active for services, revenue generated, etc. Thus, it sums up all the things that are important to calculate the app’s functional and financial position.

  • Track the Rider

With GPS navigation, the admin can learn where the bike is and where the rider is going. This feature reduces the chances of theft. Also, it helps the app to locate the other users who want the bike nearby.

bike sharing app development

Rider Panel

Now we have talked enough about the powers of the admin. bUt it should be noted that the real king is the user which is the rider in this case. So what are the features you need to put while doing scooter sarong app development are as follows.

  • Easy Onboarding

The user should be able to easily sign up for the app. And once they are registered with simple QR code scanning they should be able to unlock the bike and use it for riding. Once the user has completed their travel, they should again lock the bike with a QR code, pay their bill, and be free.

  • Chat Support

The user sometimes needs assistance on things like how to use an app, bike, or do the payments, etc. Your app should have a helpdesk or chatbots embedded in the app that helps users 24/7. It puts a good impression of your app on the user. And the easier the app becomes to use, the more customers get attracted.

  • Notifications

The user should be notified with the messages like the offers/discounts or coupon codes. Also along with that, they should be provided with bills and receipts through push notifications.

  • Secured Payments

Your app should have the standard payment gateways that are accepted globally or at least in places where your scooter sharing app is functional. Also, try to include some payment wallets like GooglePay, etc. This becomes easy for users to do payments.

  • Geo Tracking

Your app will look good if you provide an added feature of the route and directions. In this, the user can put their destination and your app along with providing a bike also gives directions. The app becomes more user friendly. And a better user experience leads to better revenues!

  • Vehicle Information 

When the user is onboarding on your bike he should feel confident that this is the genuine product to use. You should provide information like the vehicle model, the distance traveled so far, etc. Also if possible, try to put feedback and ratings. This brings confidence in the users.

There is also a third panel that is the user which is a driver panel in case you are making Uber for Bikes app. To learn what are the features included in the driver panel, you can click here

Cost Estimation

The total cost of making the app depends on the number of features you want to include in your app. What are the designs, and what platform you choose for app development. The making of a scooter sharing app could range from 7000 US dollars to 40000 US dollars. But it is just a rough idea. I would suggest you go to a professional app consultant to get a fair idea of the cost of scooter sharing app development.


The world is getting concerned about their savings, health, and environment. This has led to many ventures’ growth that promotes sustainability. The eBikes or scooter sharing app development is definitely something that the smart investors are looking forward to funding and embrace. So, I would suggest you take a first mover’s advantage by building an app before it gets common. Because in times to come, this industry will be booming.

Join hands with the best e scooter app development company.

make scooter sharing app

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