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How App like Podbean Works? Guide to Make Podcast App.

4233 Views | 1 min | Published On: March 22, 2021 Last Updated: June 29, 2023
create podcast app

The radios are one of the first mechanical discoveries that were related to entertainment. People used to tune in to the stations through their big radio boxes and listen to the stories, music, and conversations to keep themselves entertained.

However, the radio is still in the entertainment industry but has transformed into multiple formats.

Hopping from the boxes to the platforms like Netflix, the world has adapted itself to get entertained in a new way, and the podcast is one of them. In this blog, we will talk about how podcast apps are making good in the market and app like Podbean as ruled the market. Also, we will talk about ways to go if you are interested to make podcast app.

The market of Podcast Apps

The podcast is in the middle of the advanced and traditional entertainment industry. It is a kind of based on radio format. The word podcast comes from iPod and broadcast. In this people download audible files and listen to them.

People can record and share their stories, thoughts, documentaries, and music, etc. It s very popular in the United States as people have long drive hours and it is good to be entertained on the way. 

If you make a podcast app, you are opening the competition to that sector of the market that is so big but yet to explore. 

create app like podbean
  • The podcast market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 27.5% and reach to 60.5billion US Dollars.- Statista
  • The audience for the podcast app increased in COVID 19 as people spent more time listening to it during quarantine and lockdown.
  • Technology, Media, And Telecommunications Predictions 2020 came out with a report that showcased the projected growth of podcasting business by 2025 for more than 3.3 US 
  • The industry is expected to make 1 Billion US Dollars by end of 2021.- Verge
  • By March 2021, over 1.75 million podcasts happened.-

What is Podbean?

Podbean is a successful podcast app that has gained a massive audience in recent times. It is a web and mobile-based application that lets the user record, publish, and promote the podcast This web-based system allows users to publish, i.e audio files with just a single click or tap.

Podbean has been popular among people because of its easy sharability on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube, etc.

The users of the podcast can publish their blogs and share them and integrate them into their website or video blogs for better engagement. Its easy usability and worldwide sharability make podbean a favorite of the users. To make a podcast app like podbean you need to integrate tools that accept sharability and wider usability.

In the next section of the blog, we will talk about what Podbean offers that you can include in your functional model if you want to make podcast app like Podbeean.

own podcast app

What Podbean Offers

The Podbean podcast app has the following features and services to offer that make the app hot amongst all. Let us check each of them in small brief details. Well, you can have look over the infographic below that tells about how the Podbean app works in its routine. 

app like podbean

The Value Offered by Podbean is:

1. Easy Publishing

The app allows user to publish their audio file with a simple record and publish through a single tap on the screen.

2. Unlimited Hosting

The user is not restricted to the number of downloads. They can download and record long episodes. The rates and plans are quite affordable.

3. Professional Podcast Website

The user can theme and customize what kind of picks they want to include in their library or the free website that you come up with for your account registration.

4. Own Domain Integration

You can integrate your domain for your podcast website.

5. Scheduled Publishing

I want to make podcast app, you also have to provide the scheduling features to publish just like you do in appointment booking apps.

6. Mobile Podcast Publishing

Easy to use and publish podcast episodes just from a single tap on the phone.

Common Features of Podcast App

Now as we have talked about what Podbean offers and how it actually functions, let us talk about the functionality. To make a podcast app, what features are the staples that you need to integrate to make a successful podcast app. Here are the following.

develop podcast app

Let us know each feature.

1. Subscribe

The user should be given the option to choose from the packages so that they can download or listen to podcast episodes from different genres. Also, it is both for the listener and the person who wants to record and publish their podcasts to the portal.

2. Download episodes

You should provide your user to download the audio files in different formats and sizes so that they can listen to them in a go. There should be a library and file saving for users to use and download them as per their need.

3. Boost audio

I know it is all about the device but if you make podcast app, you need to have quality audio tools that enhance the overall voice quality.

4. Playlists

The user should be able to make or save the prepaid list of particular genre podcasts or audio files. The app should give this benefit to the user that makes their podcast library customized according to your choice.

5. Language Selection

If you are planning to make podcast app then you should have a large database and publish your app in different regions and countries so that different languages could be heard. Aslo you can embed the voice translator that changes the language as per the user’s choice.

6. Keep Favourites

The user should have the option to save or wishlist just like you can do in the Amazon app of your favorite product. The podcast or audiotapes user wants to listen online later in the time should be saved and kept in the user’s saved list.

Approach to Make Podcast App

Now it is the time we talk about what is the right way to make podcast app after we have learned about the successful podcast app Podbean and how a basic podcast app offers value to the user. Here are the basic 4 simple steps.

make podcast app

1. Pick Target Audience

When you are making a podcast app you need to know who is your potential audience that could be your customers. Understanding their needs and requirements will help you make a better app. Try to offer the user experience that they have never gotten before. 

To come to this, you can go for different surveys and studies and inspect the following domains-

  • Demographics of where the major portion of users live, the climate, culture, beliefs, etc
  • Behavioral trend- what are their psychology all about and what is their mindset.

Making an app that is super easy to use and aligns with your users’ value can guarantee you a good hit.

2. Choose monetization model

After you know what type of app you have to make. You need to figure out the ways through which you can earn. After all, business is all about generating revenues. Right? So draft some major ways through which you can pull out good returns when you make podcast app. Some of them are as follows-

  • By advertising third-party products on your audios.
  • By providing subscription packages to the users.
  • Cost per click method for every time user clicks on ad f third party product
  • In-app purchases for some added features or premium features.

3. Hire an app development team

You need to hire mobile app developers to make podcast apps. But before you hire you to have to know about their expertise work experience, costings, and everything that will be deciding the timeline and cost of your app is built. Getting a good app development company is very important as they help you in building the concept and provide you all the resources that are important to make podcast app.

4. Create an MVP

It is a baby step towards making a podcast app. If you create MVP it gives you an option to develop an app use it, inspect it, and from feedbacks work on it more so that a more fully loaded app is launched in the market. It leaves no scope of the complaints or under functionality. You can work on the concepts, themes, and basic features in MVP.

Development Costs

To make a podcast app you have to go through different aspects ad budget is prominent of all. The cost of making a podcast app depends on what features, design, the functionality you want to integrate into your app. To give you a hint of this you can bring your calculator and sum up the cost of your podcast app development on the following constraints-

Product features

More the features, more will be the complexity of your project and more labor will be needed that adds to cost.

App consultation

Whenever you are planning to make the app, it is very important you go to some ex[ert business developer or app development consultant. They will brief you on what is the right approach, what features you can include helping you do competition analysis so that you put out the best to use podcast app out in the market. Some companies even provide free app consultations.

Product design

Better prototypes, wireframing and beautiful Ui/Ux designs will add to cos because giving the right user experience should be the ultimate motive.

Hourly rate of your development team

Which app development company you are choosing is also important. Many companies cost a hefty amount while some cost pennies. What you have to narrow on are the quality podcast app developers and the timeline.

Technology stack

On which work stack the app is being built is also the important factor of determining the cost You can consult the expert app consultants over the same as they will tell you which frame suits best your podcast app needs.

These are the yardsticks to measure the cost. However, if I have to give you the rough estimate, I would say you can expect to make podcast app in the budget lying somewhere from 7000 US dollars to 25000 US dollars. Seeking advice from the business analyst is must come at one definite cost.


Entertainment history has always been the source of refreshment for people. From times of kings, tribes and today entertainment has always made its special place to make people relax. So it is evident that technology has been a major factor in changing our lifestyle. We can not ignore its impact on the entertainment industry. The podcast has always been a part of it be in form of radios then and today through mobile apps. The industry is so big yet untouched and tapping on the industry for the revenues is not a bad deal. So it is recommended that if you are interested to invest think about podcast apps. The revenues will SPEAK for you. (Pun intended)!

podbean app clone

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