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A Comprehensive Guide Of Uber For Salon App Development

3009 Views | 1 min | Published On: March 24, 2021 Last Updated: June 29, 2023

The internet is a vast area that contains almost everything that exists. In today’s times, it is very easy to find every product and service on mobile phones. People all over the world always find a way to get these products and services delivered to their doorstep be it food delivery, courier delivery, etc.

Every beauty service that has existed has moved on with the digital revolution. People are keen to get salon app development services for their business. The businesses that are new in the market and the ones that have already been established are moving towards the digital world to attract more customers with less effort. 

The on demand salon app development services offer businesses to access their nearby customer base in the most beautifying and efficient way possible. The new technological advancements and trends have changed the perspective of not only the business owners but also the users. In this blog, you will find out about uber for salon app development including its features, working, future scope, and various other things.

The Rise Of On Demand Online Beauty Services

As the on demand market is growing, salon services are also gaining a lot of popularity and customer base. The on demand platforms these days have provided immense convenience to many users. It has made the lives of beauty professionals and already existing salons easier so that they can work conveniently. 

This is also resulting in the rise of demand for on demand salon app development services. Uber Beauty is one of the leading on demand salon service providers today. These services have changed how people used to get beauty-related services like hairdressing, makeup, etc. According to BusinessToday, at-home beauty services are rising after the spread of coronavirus. 

There are many beauty professionals who are looking forward to getting benefits from these on demand beauty services. Investors are looking for the right mobile application development company to get uber for salon app development services. And why wouldn’t they? After all, Uber is one of the leading service providers in the marketplace.

Development Steps Of Uber For Salon App Development

There are four basic steps that contribute to uber for salon app development. The steps are explained below:

1. Requirement Analysis

We examine your business model and its criteria first and foremost. You should write down the systems to get and the object model to incorporate in this regard. In addition, the development team for the uber for salon app development is allocated appropriately.

2. Customizing Frontend

The ready-made solution of salon app development services should be customised from start to finish to meet your branding requirements. Its logo, colour combination, and other related components are customised to your company, making you the sole owner of the app.

3. Customizing Backend

To provide a cutting-edge solution, your Android and iOS app developers should concentrate on building a robust and trustworthy backend. Everything is tailored to your company’s needs from beginning to end.

4. Testing And Deployment

The final product of Uber for salon app development process is then put through its paces to ensure its features like storage, security, etc. It is released on big app and web platforms after it has passed all testing procedures.

Essential Features Of Uber For Salon App Development

Here are a few notable features that a beauty service app has and you can also include these in your Uber for salon app development process:

1. Customer Panel

With the customer panel in uber for salon app development, one can easily cope with any situations or circumstances by simply scheduling an appointment with the requested salon and receiving their services at home. In simple terms, this side of the app is used by the clients to book appointments with beauticians or salons. Just like an app that provides home services, the clients can make use of this panel to reach, hire, track and review the professionals.

  • Chat & Alert: This functionality enables users to start chatting with the beauticians or salons that they booked. It also alters the user about any notification or message from the salon. 
  • Schedule Booking: This functionality can be useful for customers who want to pre-book any service irrespective of the time gap. Users can pre-book for a service before a few hours or a few days. 
  • Appointment Booking/Cancellation: Customers can book their appointments with the salon or beautician at any time according to their convenience. They can also cancel their appointments if they are not free at that time.  
  • In-App Payments: Getting a standard payment method integrated with the app has proven to be a major benefit for the users. Customers can make payments in any method they want including online payments, net banking, cash on delivery, plastic cards, etc.  
  • Real-Time Tracking: Users can use this functionality to track their beauticians while they are on their way.
  • Profile: Customers should be able to create and manage their profiles easily. There should not be a hefty amount of information asked from the users in their profile. They can also add their personal details in the app like contact information, address, etc.
  • Rating & Review: Customers should be given the privilege to provide the app with their feedback and reviews about the services provided to them. They can also rate salons or beauty professionals according to their experience.
  • History Details: The app should display the previous bookings to the respective customers in case they want to repeat the same services or compare prices with another service.
  • Advanced Search: Customers should be able to make use of the advanced search functionality to learn which beauty professional would be fit for them according to their needs.
  • Estimate Cost: The uber for salon app development services should offer the functionality to estimate the overall cost when they select all the services they need. This overall cost should consist of the cost of services opted, beautician fee and fee for travelling the respective distance.

2. Beautician/Salon Panel

This is the panel used by beauty salon or professionals. This is the region where they get to know who hires them and what services the customer requires. This panel can also be used for earning and expanding the business of the salon stores or beauty professionals.

  • Availability: This functionality can be used by professionals to show their availability. They can display the availability of toggle if they are free to deliver any services or they are busy with other clients.
  • Profile Management: Beauty professionals can create and manage their profiles in the app. They can display various information about themselves including the price range, the expertise field, etc.
  • View Ratings & Reviews: Salon stores and professionals should be able to view the reviews and ratings given to them by the users so that they can work for the better.
  • Commission Report: The uber for salon app development work basically on the commission rate that the beauty professionals make per day. This commission report will explain the information about the commissions earned for financial management.
  • In-App Navigation: The functionality of GPS should be integrated into the app to enable the tracking feature. This offers the professionals to reach the location of customers via the most optimized route.
  • Accept/Reject Request: The beauticians should be able to accept or reject any booking according to their availability. If they are busy with another client at the moment, they can reject the request of the other client and the request shall be passed on to another professional.
  • Earnings: Beauty professionals should be able to manage and keep track of their earnings.

3. Admin Panel

The main dashboard of the salon app development is the admin panel. The company you hired for mobile app development, should build the most effective admin panel that works for any delivery app services. It is handled by the owner of the app. The app owner can manage other apps integrated with the uber for salon app and the people using them too. The owner can also make any changes required in the app and also add new things to it.

  • God’s Eye View: The admin should have complete access to the operations being conducted in the salon app development service. This will ensure better management. 
  • Verified Profiles: The beauty professionals and the salons in the app should get their profile verified by the administrator. This will offer users a sense of safety while using their services.
  • Advanced Reports: The advanced reports will allow the admin to monitor various sectors of the business and analyse if more marketing is needed to expand the business. It also provides us with clear ideas for the business plan.
  • Customer Support: The app should have the functionality of delivering customer support so that the user can be helped with any query or request at any point in time.
  • Advanced Analytics: The analytics will allow the admin to keep an eye on the operations of customers and beauticians.
  • Set Provider’s Range: The admin can set a distance range for every beautician for accepting any service requests. This means that when a customer requests any service, the beauty professional near his location will accept it. 

4. Advanced Features

  • Heat View: This functionality will allow the admin to view which geographical area consists of more customers so that more beauty professionals are rerouted to that location. 
  • Legally Protected: The request made by a customer will be tracked using a GPS tracking system. The address of the customer is kept confidential. 
  • Booking Method: It is not necessary that all the users own a smartphone. The business should accept booking via any method like email, phone, SMS, etc. 
  • Email Notifications: The customer should be shared a final email that includes the final bill and the details of the beautician to establish authentication and for future references.

Working Of Uber For Salon App Development

The working of uber for salon app can be demonstrated as:

  • Registration: Users should be able to register in the app using not only contact number and email address but only social media accounts to provide convenience to the users.
  • Browse Profiles: Users can look through various profiles of the beauty professionals and choose the ones he/she thinks matches the requirements.
  • Book Appointment: After going through the profiles and choosing the right one, you can make an appointment according to their preferred time. 
  • Status Update: Uber for salon app development should have the functionality to continuously keep updating their customers regarding the status of their service.
  • Avail The Services: The services provided by salon app development are offered to the customers so that they can be comfortable at their homes and make use of these services. 
  • Rate & Review: After making use of the service, the customers can give their rating and review the services provided to them. 


What The Future Holds For Uber For Salon App Development?

The popularity and success that the on demand salon services are gaining clearly depict a positive outlook for the future clearly. As we can witness that the on demand industry is expanding continuously, it assures that various providers for this particular service will co-exist.

The competitiveness in the on demand market has been increasing simultaneously with popularity. The thing to consider here is that the main aim of uber for salon app development is to benefit users by unique and specialized services.

One of the major requirements in today’s world is beauty services. Getting them online and on demand has offered extreme convenience to people. There is a wide variety of services and the potential for the expansion of this particular on demand service.

These on demand service providers are connecting with their customers in a very simple way and benefiting each other efficiently. To sum up, everything that has been stated so far, the future of on demand salon app development services is very bright. 

Final Words

The investors and entrepreneurs in the marketplace are finding uber for salon app development services very profitable with regards to the upcoming market trends. This resulted in the service providers collaborating with the investors for salon app development.

There are many customers who are happy to receive the beauty services at home. It is also essential to provide the customers with high-quality services. This will result in the growth of your business in the marketplace and it will stand unique on the platforms integrated with the app. 

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