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How To Build Marketplace App? Guide For Cost Estimation And Feature.

2792 Views | 2 min | Published On: March 19, 2021 Last Updated: June 29, 2023
features and cost requirement to build marketplace app

We always imagine a place where we get everything under one roof. In the 90s when we thought of shopping, firstly we had to think about the right shops to go to. Where we can easily get our needs. Now, we don’t even have to go out to get our job done. Everything can be ordered just by sitting at home or anywhere on this earth. Simply one needs to put his/her order online and the very next day we get our parcel of happiness. This all is possible because of marketplace apps. Developers have build marketplace apps just to make the work for buyers, sellers, and distributors easy.

Online marketplace app is the platform where buyers get authentic sellers and vice versa. Marketplace plays as a third-party vendor or distributor just like Amazon, eBay, and Flipkart. They are the best examples of a marketplace. Just the way these apps work, similarly when you build marketplace app for your business. Keep in mind that your app does have all the features, which these top marketplace apps have. 

Now if we talk about what a marketplace app is and how you can build marketplace apps of your own. Then let’s go further into the details. Marketplace app connects different sellers and buyers through different online distributors. These online vendors provide service for all, in one place. There are usually three parties involved, sellers, buyers, and distributors/admin. The distributors can also be considered as the admin section. Which performs all the formality parts between seller and buyer, like transaction, getting details of the buyer and seller, and keeping the interaction transparent and convenient.

Smartphones are our best friend now, even if we are alone, our smartphones never disappoint in entertaining us. They provide us everything we want, whether it is ordering food, ordering ice cream, or booking on-demand cabs. Similarly, marketplace apps are the place where the user gets everything. Users search from different categories and buy the product as needed. On the same platform, sellers provide their different products and services for different categories and make sales.  

Scope of Marketplace App. Build Marketplace App For Your Business.

We all know that the coming years are completely devoted to digitalization. No one is willing to go out shopping and get into crowded shops and markets. Therefore marketplace app really has a good future ahead. You all might know of Amazon, a huge marketplace app and generating revenues in trillions of dollars. In the coming years, it is expected to grow even larger. If you also wish to build a marketplace app like amazon, contact us. Our best developers specialize in building marketplace app.

On average people spend 44 hours and 35 minutes doing online shopping. So one can easily figure how beneficial it is to build marketplace app and start a new business. 

build marketplace app with best developers.

How To Build Marketplace App Through Simple Steps

steps to build marketplace app

In this section, we will discuss the process to build marketplace app for your business. Steps that are involved in developing a marketplace apps are explained below. 

1. Make A Prototype Of Your Business App

In this part, you need to make a prototype of your marketplace app to understand its potential and functioning. A prototype is the exact body or structure of your app, which is not launched yet but yes you can gather all the drawbacks and advantages of the app. In this section, you understand all the documentation required for the development of this app. The documentation here refers to the software development and its functionality and to understand the scope of the business. It also included specific guidelines and descriptions which are required from the owner’s end and from the user’s end.

2. UI/UX Design

Now comes the designing part. Here you need to decide the design and structure of the app. You have to choose the layout of the app, logo, and other design of the app and other features. Once the design is confirmed, now comes deciding the best UI/UX designers for putting your planned design into reality.  

3. Coding and Testing

It is the technical part, where once the project is ready it is further converted into a proper body with the help of software and coding language. It is handled by the backend technical software tea. Just for knowledge, you all know the advancement of technology. So currently people prefer to use python or node js mobile app development. Therefore hire the technical group who is comfortable with these programming languages.

Later comes the testing part, the testers debug the issues to avoid or eliminate any technical glitch. Once all these steps are done, your marketplace app is all good to use.

4. Launch

Now comes the final step, when a marketplace app is launched for the users and for function on different devices. Remember one thing, this is not a one-time affair. Even after launching the app, there might be a few times when you need to upgrade your marketplace app or want to make desired changes. So always be ready for these instant or quick changes as and when needed. There is one point that should not be neglected, that technical things can face issues any time, so be ready and don’t get panicked. In order to handle all technical glitches and issues, think of Apptunix mobile app development company. We have designers, testers, and developers, and a complete team to turn your dream app into reality.

5. Promote, Grow and Scale

Finally, work for introducing your app on different platforms and devices. Promote your services and app through advertisements and other means. Slowly move towards growth with the market.

Feature To Integrate In Marketplace App

build marketplace app with following feature

Every app needs to be featured with the best services because these services only make your app different from other marketplace apps. Even the cost of your app also depends upon these features. That we will discuss in the next section. Few features are given below which will help you in building the best marketplace app. Follow them carefully.

. Registration

The first thing is first, you must have seen, before using any app. They ask you for a casual sign-up formality, whether from Gmail or FB. This login or sign-up is a simple registration, which every app asks for in the beginning. Integrating your marketplace app with this feature will allow you to know how many users are using your app or genuinely connected with you. This also helps your user to know your services even better and every time they get updated with new happening or events. This is a very basic feature that every app must-have.

. Profile

Now comes the profile making, some people do love creating their account on the marketplace app to share their thoughts and reviews. This feature helps even the owners to know how they can make their services even better for users and sellers. You must have seen on Myntra, when people share their reviews about a product they are actually able to do it because they have their profile on the app. Similarly enabling users to create their profile will help you in getting more loyal users and it will also build trust among users. Try to keep it simple, just ask for name, gender, and product preference because many details or questions might irritate users. So keep it simple yet classy and informative.

. Support

This feature included, where users can get help or guidance when they get stuck somewhere. Just like Uber cabs or app like Zomato, we immediately ask or put in our query when we didn’t get our food delivery on time or when we seek any other related help. This section helps app users to get information about their problems and issues, which they might face while using the app. You can also provide users with features like a chatbot, this is an AI feature that is used very excessively while building a marketplace app.

. Category Listing

This is one of the very important features. This feature enables users to search for the product in their respective categories. It reduces effort and helps in promoting smart shopping. With the help of this feature, sellers and buyers both can easily place and find their item easily. They can easily shop through categories, users don’t have to wander the whole app. Category listing enables product search easier and convenient. Buyers can buy anything just by selecting the right category, similarly, sellers can place their services or products depending upon the different categories. 

. Search Option

This is a very basic feature. Just the way we search on google or other search engines. This feature works the same way. When users have to search for something other than the enlisted category. They can simply put their product category or name in the search engine. It reduced the effort of surfing and direct users to their desired platform. Build marketplace app more user-friendly with this feature. 

. Shopping Cart

Another very basic feature, which you all are aware of. A shopping cart is just like the basket which we use while offline shopping. Where we keep all the items which we want to buy. A shopping cart is also like that bucket, where users can put all of their products or item and later buy them all together. Users don’t have to put individual items and it also saves time.

. Wishlist

In this feature, users can add the product or item which they want to buy later. Imagine a situation where a user wants to buy something but can’t buy it because of unavailability. Some users also put their products on their wishlist because they wait for a sale. So “wishlist” is also an often-used feature of any marketplace app, therefore it is a must-have feature for your marketplace app.  

. Reviews

This feature helps users to pen down their honest reviews of your services and product quality. It helps in creating transparency between user and owner. Makes your app more user-friendly and trustworthy. 

. Payment Option

Providing users with different payment options is really very important. You can’t consider every user would prefer to do online payment. Some might like it paying through COD. Provide access to different company’s cards. Also, provide google pay or Paypal option. You can also make this feature more attractive by saving user’s account details for future transactions. This helps save users time and effort. Make sure this feature is highly secure as it is related to finance and bank accounts. Build marketplace app which is safe and easy to use with Apptunix’s experts.

. Tracking of Orders

The tracking feature helps in following the order once place. For example when we place an order and are eager to receive it. We keep on tracking it, where it reached, and in how much time it will be delivered. This feature is also a must-go in your marketplace app because it is also too much in demand by users and makes your app more effective.  

. Order Status and Confirmation

When we place an order, how to confirm that our order is placed successfully. There this feature helps users. To let users know or to notify them about their product status this feature is very important. Sometimes users get confused, whether their product order is placed or not due to network issues or poor connectivity. So if the confirmation or order status is sent through a simple text message then it becomes even more convenient for users to know about their order. Therefore “order status and confirmation” feature are again very important to count in. 

Cost Estimation To Build Marketplace App

It is very obvious that we pay only for the services we avail of. So when we talk about the price or costing involved while building marketplace apps it is directly proportional to the features and services you add. Plan out the feature which you want in your app and later the designing and developing part. There are usually three sections where your funds are mostly required, like, features of the app, designing of the app, and further maintenance and advertising. Therefore plan things depending upon these factors and then contact a marketplace app developer to know the exact cost required for building an app.

Maintenance and advertisement is the main factor where cost is required. Once you build marketplace app, now you need to advertise and promote it on different platforms to make it visible for users. As mentioned above you can’t relax once the app is launched, because real glitches are faced once the app is running. So be ready to pay for maintaining your app’s services and speed.


Marketplace app is a really very good option if you are thinking of starting a new business. It has good scope in the future as well, so contact the best app developers for your project. In order to read more about these technical topics do read our blogs on mobile app development or eCommerce mobile app development.

contact experts to build marketplace app

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