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Learn About Costing and Features for Vaccine Booking App Development

3563 Views | 1 min | Published On: January 28, 2021 Last Updated: January 15, 2024
vaccine app development

2021 has come up with the hope of getting our lives back to normal. The biggest good news that we have received this year is the remedy of the pandemic in the form of vaccination. The COVID 19 vaccine has come and given all of us a ray of hope.

As soon as the vaccines came into existence big vaccination drives are being conducted. People from all over the place are managing and coordinating with the health officials and government to get vaccinated.

At such times when there is a need for mass management, what could be better than taking the help of technology. Earlier also we have seen many telemedicine apps that manage health issues over the mobile, so why not the vaccination!

So in this blog, we will be learning about the need for vaccine booking app development, what features you need to include and what factors dominate the costing of booking app development.

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Need for Vaccine Booking App Development

Imagine if there were no apps where you could book appointments for Covid vaccinations. It would have been such a difficult task to visit every vaccination centre nearby. Vaccine booking app development is a great choice for clinics and hospitals. It not only helps customers but also attracts appointments to a clinic.

The world has shifted to the virtual spectrum and our lifestyles are highly dependent on technology. According to reports of Statista, there are 3.3 billion smartphone users worldwide, which indicates ease of app usage. Along with that here are some of the more reasons that advocate the scope and need for an online vaccine booking app.

From Customer’s Point of view

  • Comfort– The user can cut their waiting time by simply fixing their vaccination appointment with the doctor. They don’t need to wait in long lines and expose themselves in traffic to get a vaccination. Simply book their slot, and go for vaccination at the fixed/allotted time.
  • Simple Process– The user does not have to physically contact and learn about vaccination. They can get full information online about the vaccination process and book their appointment with a single tap. Also, doing cashless payments with integrated payment gateways like Google pay or Paypal helps users to do booking transactions easily.

From Business Owner’s Point of View

  • Cost-Effective– When the app is developed, it helps the vaccination providers to manage the allocation, resourcing, and management easily with help of in-built logistics of the app. This cuts the cost of the whole process as many activities and task forces engaged with vaccine providing are managed from the app alone.
  • High Demand– In today’s time, post-COVID 19 vaccination getting released, the people are furiously waiting to get a vaccination. In Fact, according to reports of WHO, in a single day alone, the USA on 26 Jan 2020 got more than 23 million people vaccinated. Therefore, the masses want such apps that help in better coordination and management.

The point to be noted is that you should not restrict vaccination apps with COVID 19 vaccines. There are many mandatory and health improving vaccines that people get. So the scope of the vaccine booking app will never get outdated.

booking app development

Features to include in Booking App Development

Making an online appointment booking app for vaccine is a different thing than making a user-friendly functional mobile app. The features of the app are the main factors that affect usability.

online booking app

Let us learn some basic features you need to include.

1. Easy Sign up

Your app should have an easy registration process through mobile or email id or with social media integration that makes your app easy to use. The user after signing up can fill in their details easily and then, later on, coordinate with service providers for easy functionality of the app. You can also use OTP verification for authentic user registration.

2. Third-Party Integration

Many times it happens that the big parties collaborate with your app to make the process more simplified. Your app should have a scope of integration with third parties like the medical care supplies, government authorities, and medical authorities that can assist you in better functioning of the vaccine booking app. 

3. Real-Time Bookings

The online appointment booking app allows users to get their vaccination booking online ready for them in the minimum time. Moreover, the booking is done as soon as the user and the service provider confirms the slot. It all happens in real-time which is very quick and makes the booking process absolutely simple.

4. Chatbot Integration

Chatbots are part of Artificial Intelligence technology that will take over the world by the next decade. In this feature, the chatbots are the assisting online robots that help users to get their answers to common questions that they often face while doing online appointment booking. These chatbots are available 24/7.

5. Smart Search

This feature allows users to filter and search their specified requirements from the main menu or search bar to reach their relevant results. This saves time for the users as they can directly jump to the vaccine and book the one as per their convenience.

6. Visual Media Integration in Online Booking App

This feature will allow users to have the actual images of the place of vaccination, or testimonials, or real clients in form of images and videos. Also, user can upload their documents like health reports or ID for appointment booking with this feature easily.

7. Multi-Language & Global Currencies Support

We are living in a world where boundaries have been faded in wires of technology. In such cases, if you wish to expand your vaccine booking app business globally you need to have multi-language support. This means users can translate the content into their preferred language. And also along with that, you can provide users multi-currency support so that they can use the app and pay in their currency easily.

8. Automated Communication

Often known as push notifications, this feature allows all app users either the patients, vendors, or health providers with the information that is sent as news to the user. The communication could be regarding the discounts, offers, schemes, or a part of CRM for better user engagement.

9. Simplified Management System

When it comes to appointment booking apps, there are multiple features that are required to be coordinated. Like connecting the health providers with the users. Then having good synchronization with the admin panel and vendor panel that supply vaccines. Keeping up with the task force. So to manage all, the requirement is to have a simplified yet smart management system.

10. Multiple Payment Options

The user should have access to choose from multiple payment gateways to do payment so that transactions happen easily. You can integrate some standard payment gateways like Google pay, Master Cards, RuPay, Paypal, etc.

11. Dynamic Pricing

Your app should show the pricing of the same vaccine at different places to the users. It means many times the same vaccine is displayed at different prices to the users. The reason being the taxes, Fastrack process, or due to the brand goodwill. The user can have an option to compare prices and select the one that suits them best.

12. Feedback and Reviews

The user after getting their vaccination should have the option to rate the service provided to them. They can also write the feedback and experience of how they got vaccinated and how online vaccine booking apps helped them to get vaccines easily. This will increase the goodwill of the company and also at the same time act as word of mouth for your promotion.


When we talk about the cost of the app that helps users book vaccination online, the cost of the app is dependent on various factors like the design, healthcare app development, and complexity of the app. To make a vaccine booking app, the average cost can start from 5000 US Dollars and could go up to 75000 US Dollars depending on your needs and different functionalities over the app.

vaccination booking app

Let us have a look at the factors that affect the cost.

1. Application Platform or Operating System

You can get an idea of your app development cost from the platform that you choose. Making an appointment booking app on the Android operating system costs much higher than having mobile app development on iOS.

The reason is that the OS demands more testing and trials than iOS.

2. Application Design

The design of the application is an important part of vaccine booking app development. The more budget you put into designing the more developers and designers can use more wireframes and layouts that make the function extremely well.

The better the design, the better is the interface that makes the app more interactive.

3. Application Size

The size of the application is also one of the factors that add to cost. The size of the app is based on the number of features and functionality you put into the app along with databases of users, vaccines, vaccine providers, hospitals, etc.

So I would say, bigger size implies a bigger price.

4. Addon Technologies

The technology add ons refer to the level of technology or the functionality of the work stack you use to make features for the app. More work stacks are integrated, it will add to cost. 

Here is a glance at the overall technology stack that is required to make a functional appointment booking app.

appointment booking app

5. Application Developers

As told above, there is no fixed price for vaccine booking app development. It is all decided by the need of functionality you want in your app.

Along with that which app development company you choose also plays a major factor in the cost. What is their expertise, what apps they have made till now, and what are the skills all adds up to cost. Because the better developers will always quote prices higher.

But this is certainly not true in every scenario, many times app development companies are going through promotional offers. So, you can contact the company and get the exact price quote for your vaccine booking app.


The vaccine is the cure to the illness. And technology is the cure to time and cost savings. So why not blend the two together to make a functional vaccine booking app. This idea is still new in the market and many health organizations and distributors are looking for an app like this. So make the first mover’s advantage and develop the app that will make vaccination drives smoother and your profits higher!

vaccine booking app

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