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Learn About Astrology App Development to Make App like The Daily Horoscope

7451 Views | 1 min | Published On: February 11, 2021 Last Updated: June 29, 2023

Fortune-telling often considered as horoscope or astrology is the art or science that predicts future events based on the planetary positions or zodiac signs. Technology has changed our present and will change our future too even with the future telling practices and the presence of online consultation app. 

With help of the app, you can ask an astrologer for predictions just like you ask for medical consultations on doctor booking apps. And we being curious creatures and seekers of comfort. The scope of astrology apps is very bright.

In this blog, we will learn about astrology app development. We will talk about the scopes, types and what features in the app will add to the cost to make the best astrology app.

What is Astrology Apps?

Astrology apps are types of online consultation apps that provide advice and consultation to users on basis of their planetary conditions. The users are given advice and guidance taking into consideration their zodiac signs, birth charts, palmistry, etc. There are multiple types of astrology apps that we will discuss in a later section below.

Basically, in these apps, the user has to mention their basic details and then get matched to their consultant ie. Astrologer, tarot reader, and psychic coaches in astrology app scenarios, just like in the Daily Horoscope app.

The user asks them questions in real-time if they connect instantly or book an appointment. Just like one can book vaccines online!

After the booking, they together have a conversation through text, audio, or calls and the consultant provides their services to them.

Types of Astrology App Development

Now as we have learned about its use and scope. Let us know what are different approaches os these astrological services. You can choose the category in which you want to launch your app. You can also choose one or more categories for astrology app development. Here are the multiple categories in which you can create an astrology app.

app like The DailyHoroscope

1. Vedic/Indian astrology

In the Vedic astrology system, the predictions are done based on planetary conditions. The birth charts are also known as Kundli are designed by calculating the positions of the planets at the time of the birth and predictions are done accordingly.

2. Western Astrology

It is somehow based on Indian astrology style. The only difference is that the calculations are based on zodiac signs. The zodiac signs are calculated according to your birth date and month.

3. Chinese Astrology

In this, there are 12 animal signs like tiger, dragon, pig, snake, etc. The astrology here follows lunar calendar principles that consist of the 12-year cycle. Each year is dedicated to one of the animals that are decided by the revolution period of Jupiter and the Sun. The future predictions are done based on 5 important planets including, the sun, moon, and comets positions at the time of a person’s birth.

4. Numerology

It is the prediction that is based on the numbers which are derived from the user’s birthdate. It calculates the whole birthdate. For example, the date of birth is 24 December 1995, so it will add 24+12+1995 and keep the figures adding till it comes into single-digit like this- 2+4+1+2+1+9+9+5= 33= 3+3=6.

It is believed that these numbers determine the person’s characteristics and have an important role in predicting the future. Each sign is designated to one planet. And planets of course show high dominance in future prediction.

5. Palmistry

In Palmistry, the person can predict the future of the person by reading the hand of the other. They read the moles, marks, and lines of the hand and tell what are the future possibilities for the person in their life. Palmistry Coach App is one example of it.

6. Tarot Reading

In this type of reading. The person predicts the future with cards that they shuffle and lay down. The cards that come for a particular question or prediction, in general, tell what holds in the future.

The card reader reads the card and interprets what the message is coming through the card spread to the user.

7. Crystal Ball Gazing

In this type of fortune practice, the person gazes and observes the crystal balls and on the basis of that predicts the future. This is the practice of fortune-telling that has been followed in many countries for centuries.

Why Go for Astrology App Development?

Astrology is not the thing of today but going from ages. Especially, if we look up to our mythologies and medieval times, the astrology and predictions held strong positions.

 Even if we talk about today, no matter we are getting food delivered at a single mobile tap. We still pray to our lords when we are doing something new. 

Let us learn what is future of future telling apps in the coming future! (pun intended)

  • Potential industry to Invest

In one of the articles by Verge, it was shown that the astrological and mystical services capture around 2.2 Billion US Dollar market. The growth is happening and competitors for the same are still low. With the increasing craze, this number is likely to increase with time.

  • Potential Audience-Millenials

In one of the researches conducted, it was shown that millennials get around 68 billion dollar wealth from inheritance and they are the largest group population that earns more and has high spending habits.

Therefore, spending on the astrology app that helps them and guides them with life choices is their go-to.

The following is the graph of the psychology of millennials when it comes to taking astrology or psychic services.

astrology app development
  • Venture Capitalists Interest

The venture capitalists are the predictors of market trends and they can see the craze of people towards astrology. The venture capitalists recently are happily funding the startups that are making AI-enabled or technology-enabled astrology apps.

The astrology app development is picking pace and getting fundings easily. The apps like Co-star and The DailyHoroscope are the popular apps that have given the hope and scope to explore this field,

The reason is these apps’ success has generated millions of revenues to the funders in a very short period.

build astrology app

Important Services Your App Could Provide

Now we have learned what kinds of astrology app development services you can think of making. Let us learn what are the important features that you can incorporate in one.

To make App like The DailyHoroscope or any other astrology app. You need to consider the following features.

1. The Basic Ones

These are essential features that are required to create astrology app. To make apps like The DailyHoroscope. Here are the basic features.

  • Horoscope report

This is a timeless horoscope report that tells the prediction and general future statements to the person based on the present planetary situations.

  • Daily Horoscope

This is a daily report or future prediction which is based on the daily movement and position of the planets and their impact with respect to their zodiac signs.

  • Weekly Horoscope

It comes for the weekly future predictions that are delivered from the calculations based on planets and stars’ position in the upcoming week.

  • Monthly Horoscope

When the predictions are forecasted based on the upcoming celestial positions of the planets with respect to a person’s zodiac sign. It tells about what events could occur in the upcoming month.

  • Yearly Horoscope

In this, what are the upcoming events and things that will affect your life are predicted? In this, the astrologer calculates the positions and alignments of the planets. And on basis of that predicts the changes and things that may likely occur in the upcoming year. 

  • Love Horoscope

In this, the user is given predictions about their love life considering the planetary positions of planets that affect love life. Majorly the planets- venus, mars, etc. In these kinds of services, you can also check compatibility tests by putting birth details or sun sign of your partner and learn the scope of your relationship through predictions.

  • Money Horoscope

This kind of prediction service gives insights about users’ finances and their scope in career or business. It could be time based or timeless. The predictions are provided with respect to calculations of planetary positions.

  • Daily Horoscope Tips

Just an app like Co-star that sends fun and quirky messages in a one-liner about the future predictions and guidance. This service tells the future possibilities and shares tips and tricks users can use to make circumstances avoid or happen soon as per their preference.

*These reports should be in downloadable and printable formats.

make astrology software

2. The Advanced Ones

As discussed above, they were the primary features now let us talk about some features that will make astrology app unique from others.

  • AI horoscope notifications

In this, the chatbots are needed that send personalized messages to the user on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis as per the request of the user. They keep them updating with the predictions and forecast These chatbots generally talk in the first person to show a sense of personalization to the users.

  • Personalized readings

Just like you talk to a consultant on TalkSpace. You can talk to your astrologer. Search, filter and browse and know about your future by telling your birth details. You can ask for the readings about your life, love, career, health, etc. It could be done through call, messaging, or video calls. As per the offerings you provide in your app.

  • Dating based on horoscope

Well, the times of tinder and bumble have been a little late. Astrology is taking the place as they believe in a match made in heaven concept. Get the compatible partners based on your birth details and aligning with yours. The potential partners will be shown. The user then can connect to them and take this bond towards some productive future.

Functionality Features to Make Astrology App

Let us consider some of the important features that facilities working in the app below.

develop astrology app

1. Easy Sign Up

The user should be able to login into the app through email id filling, phone number, or social media integration. Once logged in they should be able to use the app with a single tap on the app icon unless they don’t log out.

This feature should be available for both the users and the psychic experts that want to register for their services.

2. Live Session

The app should facilitate real-time conversations. Your app should have features that enable users to talk, text, or do video calling with the service provider. You can aslo facilitate group chats or call. In case the predictions are for marriage or love life.

3. Media Upload/Download

The access to uploading of birth details or Kundli to read predictions for the user. And similarly, if the service provider makes the Kundli, that document should be able to get uploaded and downloaded. It will be better if the media format could be printable too.

Image sharing should also be there for better usability.

4. Appointment Booking

It should have the calendar and time slots just like you expect to have in your vaccine booking app. This means, that you have to share the available slots both from the user and service provider’s end to each-other. And the slot that suits both of them should be booked for having personalized readings.

5. Celestial Calendar

This is the inbuilt feature that allows astrologers to calculate and find out the birth chart of the user. Using this birth chart, the astrologer can predict future events.

Budget Estimation

The horoscope making app is a new concept and has somewhat features like a regular appointment booking app. In order to make a decent appointment booking app you can expect the budget to be starting from 8000 US Dollars and if you want to make an intensively loaded app, the budget could shoot up to 40000 US Dollars. 

You can always consult a good app development company to get an exact pricing idea.


“Ask the stars and moon how much I love you”. Pretty cliche line that every lover might have told their partners, right? Well, stars and moons do tell things which we call fortune-telling. Making Astrology apps is not an orthodox tradition but good use of technology. We suggest you go for the best astrology app development company as they will know which app will have a low market and the industry has a lot of potentials to grow and bloom in times to come.

create astrology app

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