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Guide for Sports Betting App Development that Functions like William Hill Betting

5617 Views | 1 min | Published On: January 31, 2021 Last Updated: March 14, 2024
app like william hill

Technology has definitely changed our way of living. Be it eating food by ordering food online or having a doctor visit virtually. Everything has shifted to the digital landscape and when it comes to games. The story has taken a transformation from grounds to mobile screens.

Games always come at the top when one talks about recreational activities. It gives a break to a person from their monotonous work life and provides pleasure. And in today’s time, the sports betting app is a medium of pleasure and earnings to the user.

Sports betting is not a new concept. It has started from the ruling times where emperors used to place their bets on sports games and used to lose or win something. Everything is almost the same, the only difference is the shape of technology and rewards.

In this blog, we will learn about the sports betting app development approach to make app like the William Hill betting app which is one of the accomplished sports betting app in the industry.

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The craze of Sports Betting Apps

Betting placements today is the common thing today. Millions of people place bets on the games worldwide to get the rewards. With sports betting apps, this craze has gone one level up, and people are participating in sports bets like a festival. 

The betting app industry with technology has transformed the gaming sector. People are not only playing or getting updates about their regular sport but also at the same time earning a lot of money.

According to the reports by H2 Gambling capital, it was discovered that the betting industry exceeds the score of 80 billion US dollars in 2018 and is expected to go up to 102 Billion US dollars by end of 2023.

Here are some of the reasons that may have been the catalyst to the increasing craze of Sports betting app

William hill betting

1. Trend Updates

The sports betting app users can learn about the latest trends related to sport. Which game is trending currently globally, which player is performing better these days and which team is having a good playing record. All such trends help users to know which is the best option for them to choose in terms of sport, player, and team to win the bet.

2. Live Updates

With the technology being so advanced where Moon is having a 4G network set up. It is possible to get updates every single second. The William Hill sports betting app lets users learn what is the live score of the players and team on which they have placed bets. It keeps users updated and keep the adrenaline rushing!

3. Automated Booking

The bots in the sports betting app play a major role. They automatically show you the list of the payers or teams from which you can choose to bet. They automatically calculate the pot money of the total bet and the returns. It is easy and 24/7 available. No need to wait.

4. Large Community Reach

The biggest advantage of sports betting app development is the accessibility of the app round the clock. The user who wants to put the app just needs to have a smartphone with a network and it does not matter either person is sitting in California or Florida. Also, the more users, the bigger is the betting price and rewards.

5. Easy payments

Today apps have standard payment gateways and online payment methods like Google pay or Amazon Pay from where the user can do payments for their bets irrespective of time or location. It is a simple, quick, and easy transaction process that attracts users to the app.

6. Instant Rewards

The beauty of online sports betting apps is that everything happens in real-time and if not so, the process is quite quick. Just like the user gets the instant update, the user is also able to do payments for bets quickly. After winning the bets, they can get rewards either by crediting in some coupons or cash instantly. The users don’t have to wait and this is what sports betting apps master. No waiting just fast-paced results and actions.

Pre Requisites to Make Sports Betting App

After knowing about all the craze and popularity of sports betting app. Let us learn what are the basic things you need to know or work upon before launching your sports betting app.

Legal Constraints

If you are already into the sports betting business you might be known to this. But if you are starting altogether new, then this is the very first step you need to know.

The legality of sports betting depends from place to place. Like in Argentina and the Philippines you can not place a bet on every sports game. Only a few apps are permissible.

On the other hand, in countries like Russia, Singapore, Brazil, etc. gambling is banned. But if you are trying to do sports betting app development in Australia, then you are most likely to face no issues as they are the most lenient ones.

Sports Betting Business in the USA

The USA has the major scope of growth in the business of sports betting app after the lifting up of the ban in May 2018. Though the ban has been lifted, the investors have to be careful about the new Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act. Currently, the following states and territories are legally permitted to entertain sports betting app.

  • Nevada
  • Delaware
  • New Jersey
  • Mississippi
  • West Virginia
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Santa Ana Pueblo in New Mexico


You need to have your license before launching the best sports betting app for your business. If you fall under the state that allows gambling, you have to request for license issue to state authorities.

Getting a license is not an easy process as you need to go through several tests, certifications, and attestations before getting into the gambling business.

This could be a costly and tiring affair. Therefore, grabbing a license should be your first step towards sports betting app development.

sports betting app development

Features in Sports Betting App Development

After getting your license the only step that you need to take is to go to a good app development company. It should provide you with features in an app like the William Hill Betting app.

The User Panel of App

1. Easy Login

The user should be able to login into the app with a simple email Id or phone number or through social media integration. Once signed up and registered with the app, the user should be able to easily login and start betting. OTP mobile verification could also be integrated.

2. Player and Sport Selection

This could be a listicle interactive display of the sports or players from which the user can pick or choose the sport or player on which they want to place their bet. It will be a display list of all those events and players on which users can place bettings. The user can further filter out the list according to their preferences.

3. Live Game

The users can get regular updates of the live game or in fact checkout on the highlights of the game or player of their interest. This keeps the user connected with the match and the betting apps for sports.

4. Betting Guide

It could e one of the add-on features or the feature that could provide you goodwill. In this feature, the app itself gives instructions and tips and tricks on where and how to place a bet for a greater possibility of a win. This feature makes the app more interactive.

5. Information Board

In this, when the user chooses a player or they choose a match on which they place a bet, they can get whole information related to the same. Like the track record of performance, what are the player’s participation level, etc. How many wins, losses, and draws have been faced. A short information mania of the player or match on which user wants to place a bet.

6. Choosing Betting Model

There are different ways by which users can place bets. Some could be getting an assured return, some models may not. Some bets may be riskier than others. The user has multiple options to choose which kind of bet they want to place.

7. Easy Chats

The chats in the app are one of the popular features of the gaming app. And so has it become for the sports betting app. The users can chat about the live game and share their views and thought through in app text messages.

8. Ranking Update

As the online app provides live updates, the user can learn what is the ranking of the game or player on which they are betting. Even after the match has happened; it is the leader board that can tell about who are the winners that got the most amount in the betting app.

9. Payments

The payments in terms of placing the bet or in terms of reward for winning the bet should be easy. The app should integrate the feature that lets users receive or send the payments through standard gateways that are accepted globally.

10. Multi-language Support

If you are launching your app in different countries, make sure your app supports multi-languages. This means the app user of the particular country should allow the user to see the app updates and the content in their preferred language.

11.  Match Summary

This app feature should tell the gist and highlights of the app to the user after the match gets over. This will act as a reference and tips or betting to users in the future after keeping match summaries as their reference.

12. Offline Services

Now offline services are not part of the app. But it comes useful to build the reputation and goodwill of your app. In this, you can include features like sending rewards to the users at their home or inviting them to live watches, etc.

sports betting app

Features of Admin Panel

Now let us learn about the other important panel of the application- the admin panel. The admin panel is the backbone of the app. Let us learn about the Prominent features of the panel app.

1. Sign up Process

In this feature, the admin should be able to own 100% source code of the pp ab=nd be able to sign up for the app and use it with their free will. (Of course, abiding by all the laws). The admin should not feel any issue in assessing all their administration right over the app and have a convenience to use dashboard.

2. User Management

In this, the admin should have access to learn the details about the betting done by the user. The details like in which math or player the user has placed a bet. What amount and how much amount should be rewarded in case the user wins. This kind of management and calculation of bet money should be available.

3. Bookie Management

The bookie management could either be an automated version or the actual people involved in a sports betting app which we think is not legal. So in apps, an automated bookie is provided that provides the percentage of rate winning and lets the users invest as a bet over game/player.

4. Payment Management

The admin should be able to learn what is the total amount of money that has been put as money bet by different users. The standard payment gateways like GooglePay or PayPal etc. should be integrated so that the admin gets payments instantly. Also, the feature should be able to tell the total amount of receivables.

5. Reward Management

In this feature, there should be automated logistics systems that provide the amount of the winners of the bet get the rewards. It should allow the admin to learn what amount to be given to which user with how much reward price. Total money calculation and reward distribution roll should be easily calculated. Therefore automated calculations with instant debit and credit features should be there.


The game and betting is not the story of today but has been going through ages. The ways have been changed. The way technology has dominated the world, the best sports gambling apps like William Hill app have gotten massive popularity. As the craze is getting bigger and bigger and sports betting apps have gotten legalized. No wonder, this will be one of the top demanding apps of the coming time. I would suggest you should start thinking of sports betting app development.

online betting app

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