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Everything You Need To Know About Uber Air – An On-demand Helicopter Service

4620 Views | 1 min | Published On: June 19, 2019 Last Updated: November 15, 2019
On-demand taxi service app development

On-demand Helicopter Service at your doorsteps!

Technology is the future. We have heard this statement from quite a long time. Maybe you remember this statement from your childhood. But now, it is going to change.

The technology that you used to talk about is right here. Yes, soon the world is going to witness a change in the taxi rides. Uber, one of the fastest growing taxi services has announced test flights of Uber Air which will be called as On-demand Helicopter Service.

With this, Uber is trying to push themselves with the short air trip mobility. They are going to start soon and the rides will cover a distance of around 20 kilometers in just 10 minutes.

Uber is going to partner with some big organizations like NASA which will help the Uber build its vehicles. They are going to help Uber to make their vision come alive. It might sound like science fiction but the Uber is sure that it is going to happen.

It is true that you might have a lot of questions that need answering.

How are the cities going to accommodate this new technology when they have not changed their ways from a century?

How many people can travel at once?

What is going to be the fee? It is going to be much more than a normal Uber Taxi or affordable?

Well, if you want an answer to these questions, there are some things that you must know about Uber Air.

What is Uber Elevate?

Uber Elevate, which Partnered with the best aircraft manufacturers, technology companies and the real estate was launched in October 2016.

By tying up with government agencies Like NASA, it will help Uber to create the aircraft, the infrastructure and will also decide on what is going to be the standard procedure in mobilizing the aircraft from city to city.

Their plan is to make an Electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft to cover the short distances of 100 kilometers. Its speed is going to be between 150-200 mph and will cruise on the altitude of about 1000-2000 feet.

The test flights have already been announced and it will take place in Los Angeles and Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas in 2020. Commercial flights are going to start in the year 2023. There has also been an announcement regarding the city i.e. one city from Japan, India, France, Australia, and Brazil would be picked as the one of the third international cities for Uber Air flights.

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How Uber Air will Cut The traffic?

Uber Wants to change the means of transportation. It wants to change the surface transportation which as always been path based. The air mobility is Node based and every node is connected to the other nodes at various points. Uber cited the example of India, where from CST to Mumbai airport the time is going to be shortened to just 10 minutes. It is going to save the users at least 2-3 hours a day.

According to the COO of Uber, Uber air is going to be reliable as well as safe to use. The on-demand helicopter service will be cost-effective and affordable. They are developing the models which will be accessible for a price that would be as much as the cost of Uber X. It is also going to depend on the concept of a car that you chose, which is from the piloted version to the autonomous one.

The Aircrafts the Uber will use:

Uber is looking for a new type of aircraft for their Elevate Programme. This is because the old helicopters are too noisy, costly and require very high maintenance. The companies partnered with the Uber such as Pipistrel, Bell, Embraer, Boeing subsidiary Aurora Flight Sciences and Karem are working on a prototype for the eVTOL aircraft. The aircraft will be landing and taking off vertically and will be powered by a battery. The aircraft will be going to a certain distance with a single charge.

Major Challenges in the process?

For Uber air, there are many challenges at this time. The type of aircraft which has to be used for transportation is not yet finalized. It is not clear at this time whether it is going to be a winged model or something like a drone. Then the major challenge is in building the sky ports from where the aircraft will take off and will land on.

Here, the aircraft will be charged and maintained with time. All in all, there are a number of challenges but Uber is in hopes of overcoming the all.

Wrapping Up

Many Entrepreneurs have taken the leap inspired by the Growth of Uber for X model. It has given acceleration to many successful on-demand startups in the last few years. As there were many successful entities, they were a bunch of failures as well. Uber brought a wave of on-demand applications in the market and reached to an exponential growth. If you are an entrepreneur and are looking to smash the market the same way, you can Contact Us and we will help you build your imagination.

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