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SwiftUI – An Interactive UI Framework for Designing Flawless Apps

4690 Views | 1 min | Published On: June 20, 2019 Last Updated: October 3, 2019
Swift UI

After the advantageous launch of Swift5, Apple released a new framework for designing the mobile apps at WWDC Conference 2019. The new framework is named as Swift UI, which will make the process of designing an application more flawless and beautiful.

What is Swift UI?

SWift UI

SwiftUI is a creative and revolutionary framework for all iOS app developers over the world. Using it, developers can create user interfaces for all Apple devices utilizing only one set of tools and APIs.

With a declarative syntax that is easy to read and write, SwiftUI works flawlessly with new Xcode design tool to keep the code and design impeccably in synchronization.

The framework possesses some unique features that will bring it directly in the competition of Facebook’s React Native and Google’s Flutter in the cross-platform app development industry. It will support the latest versions of iOS13 & iOS13+ but is still in its beta version for now.

Let’s learn more about this revolutionary framework in the next section.

Key Features of SwiftUI

1. Declarative Syntax: – SwiftUI comes with a declarative Syntax that makes writing codes and deciding what UI should do simple for developers. This will make introducing complex concepts in apps easy and less time-consuming.

2. Design Tools: – Xcode 11 have new design tools that make building interfaces with SwiftUI as easy as dropping and dragging. For example, while working on the design canvas, every change made by the developer will be in complete synchronization with the code in the adjoining editor. In the long run, features like this will help Swift compete with programming languages like Python.

3. Previews: – SwiftUI also allows developers to make more than one preview of their display and design on different devices and in different orientations. This will help developers in experimenting with their designs in terms of layouts and colors at the same time.

4. Real-Time App Development: – With SwiftUI, iOS application development companies will get a chance to create and run their apps in real-time. According to the conference, the Swift compiler and runtime will be completely incorporated with Xcode 11. That implies the design canvas won’t display the image of an approximate UI, but of the live application to the developers.

5. Native Characteristics: – Despite the fact that SwiftUI is launched by Apple to compose codes that work productively on every one of the platforms, the SwiftUI is completely native. It can use all the native functionalities of any platform to deliver interactive UI experience at a lightning speed.

In addition, SwiftUI is also incorporated with APIs, for example, ARKit that will streamline the experience of both; the users and iOS mobile app developers.

Wrapping Up

With SwiftUI, Apples tried to come with everything that users and developers love about Apple’s systems, for example, controls and clarity is delightfully exhibited in the code written using SwiftUI.  With its advanced features, it is surely going to change the way apps are designed and will set the benchmark higher for apps we called powerful.

That’s it. Hope you enjoyed reading about the new features of SwiftUI. Happy Developing 🙂

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