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How Much Does It Cost To Make A Home Services App Like Handy?

4645 Views | 1 min | Published On: November 17, 2020 Last Updated: June 29, 2023

Comfort is the synonym of a living expectation now. People are indulging in activities that make their life comfortable. Be it having an online delivery of their shopped items or book appointment online. People have a tendency to skip the fuss of hard work and have ready-made solutions.

This comfort has now indulged with on demand app development that has given birth to online home service apps. These apps provide you with services related to your home chores. Just book a service online and, the service provider arrives at your doorstep. 

As life is speeding up, people are more focused on time-saving and comfortable with money spending. The online home service app like Handy has changed the trend. Thus, showing potential of on demand home app in the coming times.

Nature of Services Provided in App like Handy

Handy is an on demand home service app. It is an online platform where you can hire professionals to perform your house chores or activities at your home. This home service provider app offers you different services and, you can choose the one you want.

Book an appointment, learn the information like name, experience, and contact details of the professional that will provide home service to you. Then you can pay for the service through online payment gateways or in cash (as per the choice) and share feedback and experience if you want.

When we hear the term “home service app” we generally think of generic home chores like dusting, cleaning, or cooking. Well, they do fall under the category of home chores. But app like Handy along with that also performs jobs like packaging, shifting home services, etc. All these home services in a general home service provider app are provided in broader categories. From there you can choose the one that fits best for your requirement.

Types of On-Demand Home Services

Below are the major services that fall under the category of home service app.

online home service app

Let us learn what is included in each of the categories as stated above.

1. Beauty Service

This is one of the most popular on demand home service app that is given. The salon services are provided at home. Simply book grooming service for yourself on the home service provider app and the professional will reach at your doorstep.

The services like hair cut, massages, manicure, waxing, etc. you name it and it is there in it. This kind of service basically covers all types of services that you expect to have in a professional beauty salon.

2. Laundry Service

One of the highly requested services that deal with dry cleaning, pressing, and washing. People ask for laundry services especially for their winter clothes, silks, and home furnishing 

During packing and unpacking of clothes or otherwise, people seek the experts that can handle their clothes, clean them well, press it nicely, and maintain a good quality of clothes.

Thus, laundry service is also one of the popular services demanded. It is further divided into services as said above- pressing, washing, dry cleaning, or tie-dying of clothes the way they want from the service professionals.

3. Home Cleaning Services

The basic cleaning chores like vacuuming, dusting, whitewashing, or any other service that deals with home maintenance falls under the category of home cleaning service.

These home cleaning services can be requested through the service provider app. Just search the service and book as per your time of availability and hire an expert to come and provide you with a cleaning service.

The home cleaning services have a very broad spectrum as it includes a lot of cleaning activities. The services related to cleaning could differ in the service provider app. But to sum up, as a whole, these kinds of services are frequently asked by the users for the good maintenance of homes.

4. Electrical Maintenance Services

In these kinds of on demand home services, the users ask for electricians and wireline experts to fix their electricals points or repair their electrical equipment.

This service includes cleaning of AC, fixing fans and tubes, adjusting the central conditioners, etc. all these kinds of complex electrical fixtures are requested by the users.

The experts on being booked through appointments come to the home of the user and cater to their electrical fixture needs. This service is highly requested when people are moving in or out, have some electricity damage or want to clean their equipment.

5. Plumbing Services

These kinds of services are related to the maintenance of drainage, piping, and water restoration. The app provides the plumbers and plumbing technicians that serve the uses.

The user can request a visit from the plumber and the on-demand home service app provides them, plumber, according to the user’s availability.

It is a great way to solve the water and plumbing issues of the home/office immediately with simple on-demand service requests.

home services app development

Why Go for Home Services App Development?

On Demand home services is one of the first choices of the startups as it has the potential to bloom in the future. The users today are busy in their fast lives and they are happy to avail every opportunity that saves their time and on demand home services are one of them.

According to Verified Market Research, it is expected to grow by 18.96% till 2026 and reach by USD 1,133.40 Billion. Thus, showing strong potential for growth in the coming next 5 years. 

Apart from statistics, if we talk about real ground level reasons that elevate the scope of on demand home service app and why investors should think about it, they are as follows.

1. Convenient

The on demand home service is one of the convenient on demand services that is asked by the users. The user can easily book an appointment with the professional related to the home chores and then get them without going out of the home.

All the services come at the doorstep. Thus, there is no long process of going out making the home service done or doing it all by yourself. As being a common person the user may not be able to perform the chores with the perfection that is expected from experts.

Therefore, home service provider apps provide the convenience of getting their work done with ease from professionals.

2. Time-Saving

Cutting the process of figuring out how to carry out the homework or go out to the experts and getting the time done could cost you a lot of time.

With the home service provider app, the user can easily eliminate this process. They simply have to book the service and then get their work done at the convenience of their doorstep. The time that was consumed in working yourself or going out to seek help gets saved.

Therefore, the online on demand home service app has played a major role in saving time for the users and this is a boon for people in their busy lives.

3. Trusted Resources

The best part of on demand home service apps is that it brings confidence in the users. The confidence that their work is being carried out by the professionals who are working in the respective field for many years.

To further authenticate the trust, the details of the expert are provided to the users. It gives them trust that the work is being carried under exertions. The features like feedback and ratings add more trust value to it.

4. Easy Accessibility

The on demand home service apps work online. Thus, you can book a home service for your home or office easily anytime, anywhere with a simple appointment booking. There is no fuss to reach out to the experts manually.

The user can choose any service they want from varied services offered by the app. Learn all information about the expert and also get complete information about the person coming for service.

It is convenient, time-saving, and gives power to users to get their work done easily according to their time, need, and place.

Features of Online Home Service App

The on demand service app comes with three panels- one for a service provider, one for a service taker i.e user, and the one who facilitates service which is the vendor panel. These three panels have the sub-features which we will discuss below.

home service provider app

For User Panel

When the user wants to book a service, they need the user interface that allows them to easily book their appointment. Talking about the features, they are as follows-

  • Browsing with Filters

The app should have a feature of a filter that lets the user browse their needed service by simple type or search. The search bar should be present.

Apart from the search bar, the app development should be done in a way that all services are falling under different major service tabs. So that when the person browses these services they can easily pick a particular service they want to have.

  • Scheduling of Service

The user should be provided with the date and time calendar facility within the home service provider app while doing an appointment.

They can pick a date and time they want so that their slot gets reserved for the service and there are no clashes and timely service is provided.

  • Multiple Payment Gateways

There should be multiple options with the user paying for services. It could either be standard payment gateways, mobile payment apps, or a customized app wallet that lets users pay directly to the app. 

The cash in hand facility should also be considered with OTP enabling for payment security.

  • Notification of Booking

The push notifications should be given to the user. The notification regarding booking confirmation, the payment received the estimated arrival time of the expert. All these kinds of updates should be given to the user.

This shows professionalism and increases customer satisfaction.

  • Feedback and Rating

When you give users the power to share their opinion, it brings value to your app as well. The feedback and ratings done for the service provided give the real opinion of the service provided.

This also helps you to correct your internal workings as a service provider and at the same time, make the user feel that their opinion is valued and appreciated.

  • Help and Support

While doing app development, one must feature that I personally recommend is help and support. This feature is very essential for the users as there are many times when users get confused with booking, the payment, or want to change their service expert.

If there is a feature that lets them share their issues and get solutions, it adds a great percentage to customer satisfaction.

For Vendor Panel

The one who provides the service has to make a bridge between the end customers and the administrator. They should have a panel that allows easy coordination between the two. The features that will facilitate the same are as follows

  • Profile Approval

The vendor who is providing the services has to hire professionals. There should b a feature that allows them to do the verification of the serviceman.

  • Real-Time Request

The real-time at which request is dropped should be notified to the vendor. The reason behind this is that it will allow them to assign duty to respective servicemen instantly.

Thus, avoiding the scope of ant double bookings or appointment clashes.

  • Customer Chat

They should have an option to entertain the special requests of the customer as it gains more customer satisfaction and also adds value to the brand.

The customer chat will allow them to personally learn the requirements of the user and then they can alter the services according to the former’s needs.

  • Power to Attend Requests

The vendor should be able to sign in and sign off from the services according to their will or what is stated in the contract.

They should be able to attend the requests that are being dropped when offline and similarly the request could be snoozed off when they are offline or not available;

  • Payments

The receiving of the payments should be as easy as booking an appointment. The customer paying for service should immediately reflect the money in the e-wallet or the account of the service provider.

The vendor should be provided with different payment resources to receive their payment.

  • Customer Feedback

Learning from mistakes is the best way to grow. Reading the feedback should be accessible to users. This will allow them to work on their weak areas and improve themselves with given suggestions.

Even if there is no negative feedback, positive feedback will work as a fuel for motivation and get them more customers.

For Admin Panel

The admin is the backbone of any app. Be it the admin panel of courier delivery app or on demand home service app, it is the backend that lets all the work happen. It has the power to manage and know about both other panels- vendor panel and user panel. The features that are needed in the admin panel are as follows.

  • Understandable Dashboard

The dashboard is the broad display of all the activities and controls that are displayed to the admin. It should be easy enough for the admin to learn about the stats and insights of different services just from the easy navigation and User Interface.

  • Management of Vendors

The admin should have all the access to profiles of vendors that are attached to the app. Functionality like onboarding, offboarding, payments, and profile verification. All should lie under this tab which makes it easy for admin to manage them.

  • Payments ’Management

Whatever services provided to users. The fees or payment of the same is divided into two portions- one that straight goes to the service provider- vendor and one to the admin as a commission. The app should have a feature that easily explains the amount of breakdown for easy payments.

  • Management of Promotions

The admin should have the power to send push notifications regarding any offers or discounts on services to attract sales.

The content management related to promotions should be easy for the admin over the app itself.

  • Analytics

This feature lets the admin analyze and understand what are the profits, revenues, and the total number of requests in a particular time period.

This feature helps to learn and know about overall progress and cash flows that are happening in the business through home service provider apps.

Cost Estimation of Making an App like Handy

Now, as we have learned about what is the on-demand home service app, what are the types in it, and which panel should have what feature. It is time to discuss the cost of mobile app development. 

The answer lies above in the features and types of online home services that we have discussed before. Generally, to make an app like Handy, it costs around 15000 to 30000 US dollars. However, to put it in pointers for better clarity the cost of such kind of apps depends on the following factors.

on demand app development

Let us learn how.

1. Geographical Boundaries

As the on demand home service apps are online, you can access the service from anywhere at any time. But, it is up to the investor in how much area they want to expand the business initially as they have to be prepared with vendors for the reverie area they projected to operate.

For example, if the services are functional in the USA, the user sitting in UAE can’t take advantage of it because of the unavailability of the service provider. To get service in the UAE, the app should have more vendors from UAE that include more cost.

So to cut in short, the more the area you need to cover, the higher becomes the cost. But it is for initial stages only.

2. Panel Features

As mentioned above, different panels have different features in them which make the functionality of the home service provider app happen. These features are important but some of the gestures could be opted out.

Therefore, the cost depends on how many features you want to add or subtract in each panel. But as a friendly tip, keep the features that are key for smooth functioning.

3. UI/UX

The user interface is the window to the app from which the user, vendor, and admin functions. The more friendly user interfaces include better gamification, designs, GIFs, motion graphics, etc which adds to the cost of mobile app development.

4. Number of Services

Like in the section above, we told there are multiple services that fall under the category of home service, It is totally up to the admin which services he wants to start with as more services require more vendors and more cost.

Therefore, they can pick one category at first, and later when revenues flow they can incorporate other services step by step. If I had to make an app with one service, my first priority would be beauty services. According to Statista, around 49 billion US dollars was the revenue generated from the beauty industry alone.


The on demand services are now needed by everyone. Everyone has a desire for comfort and these kinds of apps are providing it.

The home service provider apps along with comfort promise the perfection of work from the experts and what could more be asked? So in the coming times, there would be no surprise to have the experts called to clean your dishes too as on demand home service is a boon and sense of relief for the households.

mobile app development

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