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Apple Arcade: The Quick Introduction, Changes & Challenges!

3735 Views | 1 min | Published On: September 21, 2019 Last Updated: October 1, 2019

Apple Arcade – Apple’s ambitious video game subscription service is out now on iOS. The new gaming service is another step in Apple’s quest to rule the entertainment sphere. Judging by the killer lineup of games the arcade library is filled with and the lucrative pricing – $4.99 per month, family sharing support and free one-month trial, it’s a big step in the right direction. The iOS app ecosystem stands to be transformed forever!

A quick introduction to Apple Arcade

What is Apple Arcade? Imagine Netflix for games – that’s pretty much what the tech giant seems to be striving for. A dedicated tab for the Arcade is present at the bottom of the App Store. One tap takes you to the game library boasting over 50 titles – an intriguing mix of titles from both big-time studios and indie game developers. The number of games is set to expand beyond a hundred by fall 2019.

The games are all Apple-exclusive titles, totally free to play once you’ve paid the monthly subscription. Apple Arcade offers cross-platform compatibility so the subscribers can enjoy their favorite games on any Apple device – their iPhone, Mac or Apple TV. Apple Arcade is exciting news for those that enjoy a large screen gaming experience, for those that are more into on-the-go gaming, and for those that love to play all the while, switching from one platform to another!

What does Apple Arcade mean to the existing iOS gaming marketplace?

App Store is teeming with free-to-play games that rely on irksome monetization strategies that tend to both ripoffs and put off the gamers. Apple Arcade is focused on providing game lovers with something they’ve never experienced before – unlimited access to premium quality games that are focused on entertaining, not selling. That’s right, no advertisements, no purchases, just pure gaming bliss!

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With the release of Apple Arcade, the entire ecosystem of iOS apps is set for some major changes. Take a look –

Big improvement in the quality of games available to iOS devices

A game subscription service, no matter how great the price and other features, is only as good as the games on offer. With Apple actively involved in the development process of the games instead of just paying the developers for their titles and including them in the arcade library, the quality of games is understandably sky high.

Apple Arcade’s list of games includes titles from some of the gaming industry’s biggest, brightest names, including game developers like Capy Games, Simogo and Ustwo. ‘Assemble with cars’, ‘Grindstone’, ‘Skate city’ and ‘Where cards fall’ are just some of the excellent games you can play on Apple Arcade right now. The roaster overhaul scheduled this fall promises a lot more thrill and excitement to the subscribers.

Enhanced privacy

Apple Arcade comes with stringent privacy standards. iPhone users have long been apprehensive of the amount of data that iOS games collect for reasons such as analytics, in-app selling, and advertising. Apple’s game subscription service isn’t focused on in-app purchases or promotions, hence the developers have ensured the privacy standards are stricter than the rest of App Store and subscribers can enjoy the games without worrying about how and why their data is being collected.

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Impact on paid games development

The immense popularity of free-to-play games has already been a concern for developers working on paid titles. The no sales, unlimited access model of Apple Arcade games can significantly impact and diminish the market for paid games. With a wide and varied lineup that caters to different tastes and sensibilities, Apple Arcade can affect the sales of paid games and cause the studios developing paid games to rethink their business model and strategies.

Concern for smaller, lesser-known and new iOS game developers

Given Apple’s keen involvement in the act of game development, it’s safe to assume the company has a specific vision for the kind of games it wants. Aside from the small pool of developers, Apple is closely working with, the rest might find the going particularly hard. App developers outside of Apple’s pool, whether they’re small or independent developers or newbies, will need to find a way into Apple’s pool in order to get premium placement for with their games or contend with being featured lower down on the charts.

The shift in iOS app developers’ focus

iOS app developers have been driven by user numbers, sales, and advertising. With the exclusion of in-app purchases and marketing, there’s bound to be a big shift in the focus of iOS app developers. With Apple being the sole buyer/investor and no means to generate revenue from the gameplay experience itself, the developers’ focus is set to shift from creating games and strategies targeted at the audience to simply pleasing Apple in order to garner a high slot for their game.

A different direction for future games

Apple’s involvement in iOS game development means the company’s sensibilities will channel gaming ideas moving forward. While Apple’s idea is to concentrate on art and entertainment with its games, the company’s supremacy can also hurt creativity by keeping the weird and unique gaming ideas that don’t fit Apple’s mold from realization.

Apple Arcade has been the cause of much speculation ever since it was announced back in March 2019. Now that it’s here, gathering positive reactions from all sources, it’s feeling even more speculation. Its arrival is wonderful news for gaming enthusiasts across the world, but will it turn out to be just as wonderful for the developers and iOS ecosystem on the whole? Only time will tell.

Source – The Verge

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