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Cost of IPL Score App or IPL Betting App For This IPL Season

5201 Views | 1 min | Published On: February 23, 2021 Last Updated: June 29, 2023

The season of showering sixers, boundaries, wickets, and high scores on the pitch is returning back even bigger and grander. Cricket is the passion of every person.

When IPl comes, there is a huge craze that unites spectators on bias of teams, cities of India, and betting! Multiple teams competing with each other to win one trophy comes with a lot of excitement and speculations on who will win.

And that’s why IPL betting app is counted as the top pick of sports enthusiasts as it keeps running adrenaline and keeps the user updated about IPL events like an IPL Score App.

In this blog, we will learn about the features and factors that add to IPL Betting app development costing. 

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The craze of IPL in people

There is a cricketer you can see in every home who likes to bowl or bat. And this passion has given birth to one of the Gigantic match tournaments of the time IPL- Indian Premier League. The IPL is not only watched in India but is equally celebrated and watched in countries like the United Kingdom, Canada, the USA, and many Asian Countries. The reason being the participation of all international players playing against each other.

According to the reports by Statista, there is around 450 Billion US dollar market that comes from gambling.

The following graph is drafted after research from that shows gambling market stats by 2027.

develop ipl betting app

Advantages of Getting An IPL Betting App

Now as we learned in the section above why people are so drawn towards the IPL. It is quite obvious what is demanded by the public is always in trend and has the maximum potential to boom.

Now I know you may have concerns about the policies of gambling. To that, I would say that different countries have different policies related to gambles. Though there are very much relaxations in sports gambling as it is now a fully acclaimed hobby app.

But if you are worried will people be interested to put their money as a bet in the IPL betting app. Then the answer is sure shot yes! The reason being, gambling was one of the old hobbies coming from old times. The only difference is technology has come into place.

If you develop IPL betting app, people will be able to register themselves know score through the integrated IPL score App feature place bets, and win. 

And even if some of them lose, the development is a win-win situation for you. Because people do not like IPL, they are passionate about it!

ipl betting app

Features of IPL Betting App

Usually, the live cricket score IPL app making is not simply developing it is a wholesome process that is done through a prescribed timeline. You can professional mobile app development company to quote you a time for the app as IPL 2021 is approaching.

make betting app

Now let us talk about the features that you need to provide to the user who goes to your IPl score app and for betting.

1. Sign Up/Login

The very first feature that you need to provide to your user is the signing up of the app. The user should be able to saily register themselves or login into the app by email verification, OTP filling, or through social media profile integration.

2. Choose Player or Sport

For IPL betting app development it is very important that you provide your users with the option. The option which player to choose, form their team and place a bet against whom. You can also have more than one game variant in your app like football, basketball, car races, etc. But if you want your specialization to be IPL score app-centric, I would recommend sticking on that only.

3. Live Game Update

The highlight of your app will be that along with it being functional as an IPL Betting app, it will also work as an IPL score app that will keep providing highlights and updates about the live match that is happening. User-friendly features will enable IPL score app download process easily.

4. Betting Guide

The beauty of the IPL betting app is that anyone can use it. They don’t have to be an expert or professional gambler. All they want is a little guidance and your app should have that feature.

While doing IPL betting app development, try to integrate the quick guide or instructions that take the user to journey on how and what way they can place a bet, keep a check on scores, and then claim rewards.

Make your app user-friendly with the guide and attract more users.

5. Player Information

If you are doing IPL app score development or IPl betting app development., the user has full right to know what they are betting on. The app should provide full information regarding the innings played, total scores, highest scores, achievements, highlights, etc so that the users know what are the stakes of choosing a player they want to place a bet upon.

6. Match calendar

IPL is a series of matches between different teams, so the app should have the feature that keeps users updated about the schedule of the matches, if you are thinking of IPL betting app development, also provide the option of placing bets on the matches that are scheduled to happen in future.

7. Betting Model Selection

The IPL betting app could have multiple betting options based on the number of players, risk, duration, etc. Some of the prominent betting models are as follows.

betting app development

Try to integrate as much as models possible. This opens more sope for users to bet.

8. Final Ranking Report

The admin panel of the app is very crucial for a smooth user experience. It should be able to send notifications to the users and keep them updated whether the user has won or lost their bet.  The app should have the feature of creating new betting pools and let users learn their rankings.

You will get the final result from the admin about your betting, whether you won or lost when he creates the new pool of betting.

9. Instant Payment

The essence of betting is winning or losing some rewards. The rewards come out of money or money-based items. Therefore, in order to run the app smoothly, your app should be able to have smart payment gateways or include adding payment apps like Google Pay.

The acceptance of money through standard payment gateways allow users from worldwide to place the bet in their currency.

10. Multiple Language Support

IPL is not one national sport. It is observed, enjoyed, and followed by many nations across the globe. So it is quite obvious, people from all over the world will be attracted to your IPL score app and want to place a bet.

Therefore your app design should have multiple language support that lets different users use the app in their language. It attracts more users to the app.

11. Match Summary

A good IPL score app tells the user about the highlights of the app, updates about the live scores, and tells the user what is happening in the game. Even after the game is over, the user should be able to access the summary report in form of bullet points or video that tells how was the match.

12. Offline Support

This feature may not be counted in IPL betting app development, but it is a very important feature to make your app rank and be the favorite of the users. I this, you should have the call supports or helpdesk where the users can ask their queries. You can also include the chatbot if you want to include this in the making of the app.

Tip- You can aslo provide facilities like creating chatrooms (the way it is done in the Chatango app) for the users to have more interactive experience.

Costing Factors to Influence While Developing An IPL Betting App

Now we have talked about what it is the timeline and the features required at the user panel of the sports betting app. You can also ask for the functionality of the admin panel and know the details from experienced app developers.

But for now, let us throw light on the factors that add to cost in IPL sports betting app development.

ipl score app
  • The Platform

There are different platforms on which an app could be built. The different betting software functions differently. Some work on the flutter, some on Node JS or some on the Native platform. I understand you might be confused about how these platforms work.

Well, different platforms have different functionalities. Once you book an app consultation, the person can tell you which platform is best for your app and how it will support the functioning. The most popular ones are React and Native though.

  • Designing and Wireframes

The design is the skin to the body. You need it to look captivating and so easy to understand that users do not have to struggle themselves with how to use the apps. The tabs and bars on the app should be so expressive by design that user is able to direct themselves through the app. 

Wireframes are the basic tabs and bars on which the design is placed. So if you choose better wireframes for your IPL live match app, expect the cost to be higher.

  • The Panels

Majorly in sports betting app development, there are 2 panels- the admin and the user. But there are also some apps that include the third panel- the bookie panel. So if you are planning to add one more panel. Obviously, there will be a wholesome different designing and programming required which becomes part of the costing in betting app development.

  • Database

Database refers to the stock of the information your app has to provide to the users. So if you are planning to launch your app globally, you need to have information on every match, player, game and also have the supports of multiple language dictionaries, payment gateways. More bulking requires more storage space adding to the cost.

Usually, if you go for IPL betting app development you can keep a rough budget of 10,000- 35,000 US dollars. It could be altered according to your requirements. I recommend you to seek consultation from an app development company.


The IPL season is back and the same craziness is coming into play. The IPL will be coming every season therefore there is a sure-shot business that will be happening every year.

Here are many spots betting app but if you go for IPL betting app development that also acts as an IPL score app will definitely be unique in the betting industry and yet have the potential to attract every user who wants to either get an update or place the bet in IPL.

Join hands with the best sports betting app development company to get in touch with the best betting app developers.

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