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Explore the Best Ways to Create Multi Vendor App Like Amazon

4228 Views | 1 min | Published On: February 18, 2021 Last Updated: June 29, 2023
create app like amazon

Have you heard of the stories where the princess wished for something the magic wand was waved and boom! The thing was in her hands. The fairytale of childhood is the reality of today. Thanks to technology.

Today either we have to order food, book a taxi or get our furniture delivered, everything happens with the technology and the smart apps. And when it comes to shopping, how can we skip mentioning eCommerce apps like Amazon, eBay, Flipkart, etc. that has become the shopping hub for the people.

With people being dependant on technology and the world getting closed tied to the net. It is very obvious that things are getting readily available online. Many people are selling their products on one platform just like the brands under a massive mall.

In this blog, we will learn what is multi vendor mobile app all about. We will dig into details on how to create app like Amazon, what are the prerequisites, and give a sneak peek of the budget in different sections of the blog below.

What is Multi Vendor App?

The name itself explains that it is the app that serves multiple vendors at once. To simplify how to make an app like Amazon further, this kind of app brings different kinds of vendors to one platform to come and list their products for selling. Now the multi vendor app could be of two types

make amazon clone
  • Specific Multi Vendor App

In this kind of app, multiple vendors list their products by the nature of their product is similar. Just like the Myntra Fashion app. In this, there are all fashion and lifestyle products like clothes, bags, shoes, etc that come under the category of wearables e listed from multiple vendors.

  • General Multi Vendor App

In this kind of application where multiple vendors that are dealing in different things come under one platform to sell their product. This means, in this kind of platform, you can see the person selling furniture and you can also see the electronics getting listed. It is open for all vendors to come and list their products.

Now, it is up to you which kind of multi vendor app you want to develop. This affects the pricing too. But we will talk about the cost and pricing too in the sections below.

The good thing to know about multi vendor app is their craze and growing hold over the industry in today’s time. According to some of the surveys, facts, and studies, I found some amazing results as follows-

  • It is projected that by 2040, 95% of the sales will be done through online platforms-
  • The online retail market will surpass the number of 73 billion US dollars- Statista 
  • 48% of online shoppers spend more than they thought.- thinkwithgoogle
  • Women prefer to shop more on the multivendor app due to multiple reviews and alike options.-

I mean how amazing and motivating it is to create app like Amazon. Well, this is not it. Let us learn about the right procedure and approach to have a million-dollar revenue-generating app like Amazon.

make multi vendor app

Approach To Create App like Amazon

Let us now learn what is the right way of the correct roadmap to make app like Amazon. 

1. Idea generation

You need to first ask yourself in what niche you want to launch your multi vendor marketplace app. Is it need to be specific or general. And after deciding that, you need to think about which geographical locations you have to focus upon. 

2. Budget Identification

After you know what to start with and where to start, you should start looking out for the resources. Know about your existing resources that could be helpful and check out the funds that you are ready to invest to make app like Amazon. You can also seek consultation from app development company just like you seek consultation from a doctor.

3. Your USPs

There is a slight difference between ordinary and extraordinary. The difference of extra. Learn what will be the selling points of your app that will make it different from others. It could be biometric payment, multiple orders, or Fastrack delivery. You need to brainstorm and come up with features that will make our app stand out amongst others.

4. Design Process

To make Amazon clone app for establishing a successful multi vendor app, you need to follow the design protocol that is compatible with development coding. You need to contact expert app designers that provide functional and attractive wireframes for your app that allows users to use the app without much of a hassle.

make app like amazon

5. Coding

Coding is not as simple as it seems. The coding is done in both ways- backend and front end. You have to make sure that the functionality is run through a code at the backend that is actually working at the front end as well. Ask your multivendor marketplace app developers to put in sync the functionality of front end and back end developers for the smooth functioning of the app.

The app could be formed on the following platforms. It is up to you to decide on which platform you want to build your app.

app like amazon

6. Obtain feedback for the app’s initial version

Once your app is ready, try to run it in testing or request certain amazon of people to use your app. Learn from their experience and try to implement changes if needed. You can also conduct small surveys for easy feedback and response.

7. App Optimization

You might have heard of SEO or keyword optimization. If not, then let me tell you that this is the way of making your website or content rank at the top with the use of some specified keywords. Similarly, when you put your app in the play store or app store, you have to use some keywords and do some logistics and calculations so that your app appears on top of the search results in your category.

8. Promote and market the application

The making of the app is not enough. There is no use to create apps like amazon if people do not have one there is some amazon clone out in the market too. You need to advertise and market it. It could be done through Digital marketing or media advertisements, newspapers, etc. Spread the word for your app.

9. Publish the finished app

Once your app is tested, functioning well and you have created some recognition or done some marketing beforehand. It is the right time for you to launch the app. Launch your app and then keep a constant check on analytics. Know about the use of your app, the visitors and keep feedbacks handy for the betterment.

Important Features to Make Multi Vendor App

Now let us talk about the features in your app that will be promising to users if you make one of the top ecommerce apps. Let us learn what are these features.

mutli vendor app

1. Easy Sign Up

The user, either driver, vendor, or admin should be able to logion the app easily. Even when they are signing up for the first time, the process should be extremely simple. Ask your app developers to integrate logging in with the phone number or social media platform as well.

2. Reviews and ratings

Online shopping becomes a gamble as we have not seen the product nor seller. The user feels comfortable and confident to buy a product when they see some genuine feedbacks about the product sold. Therefore, it is very important for you as an app maker, to include the feature of ratings and reviews. More confidence will automatically lead to more sales.

3. List of payment options

Since it is an online shopping place, it is quite obvious we need to have transactions online. Try to have apps like Google pay, PayPal, Master Card, and other standard payment gateways that accept payments worldwide.

4. Push notifications

To be updated is the demand of users today. The push notifications keep users notified of the latest happenings related to the app. It could be customized messages about item orders, transit, or payment. And also it could be related to some schemes and offers your app has released. The push notifications could be applied both for users and vendors.

5. Social media integration

Your app is more likely to respond if it is compatible with the social media platforms too. Try to make your app allow sharing the links or selected items on other platforms. This encourages better networking and your app reaches multiple customers without much of an expenditure.

6. Wishlist

Your app should have the data storing column for the user in technical language. To simplify in general wordings, I would say that the app should have a facility to store the items and save them in the wishlist that was not bought per kept as favorites. You can keep a list like a pending cart too.

7. Synchronization

The functionality of the admin panel, vendor panel, and user panel is equally crucial for the smooth working of the app. Try to make your app god with logistics and management so that all the three panels work together in sync for easy understanding of the designated user.

8. A fast and simple checkout process

People shop online because it is easy and time-saving. Try to implement that essence in your app. Once the user puts the item in the cart. From there to the journey of payment should be quick. Make your app smooth in loading the payment page and payment gateway so that transactions are done quickly. Because if the process will be slow, it might affect your business as there are many impulsive buyers and this buffering will give them time to reconsider their buying decisions.


To create app like Amazon is a big ambition and you will need to join hands with the best ecommerce app development company. I agree. But the good news is that you have an even bigger market to claim and generate revenues. The app development for multi vendor app could start from 20,000 US dollars and could even go up to 80,000 US dollars depending on the wireframes, platforms, and complexity. I would suggest you consult an app company and share your idea on the same. They will provide you better budget insights about making an app like Amazon.

build app like amazon

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