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How to Design Stand Out E-commerce Apps

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5091 Views | 4 min | Published On: April 12, 2017 Last Updated: April 22, 2020

They say that consumer is the king and it can’t be further from the truth. Businesses put in so much time and effort to understand the mindset, habits and overall behavior of both the existing and potential users. All that to make a push towards forming amiable customer relations and increasing the sales.E-commerce apps are on rising. Technology has revolutionized our lives. Although it hasn’t changed the things that we do, it has changed the way we do them.

Shopping fits as a prime example in that context.

We haven’t fully stopped shopping from our local and mega stores, but we may have taken a particular liking to how purchase has been made super-simple through some of the e-commerce apps. Thanks to the mobile innovation. It’s all good for the end user to be eulogizing the great advantages of using an eCommerce app, but designing it does pose its challenges and you’d be fooled to believe that it’s pretty straightforward.

There are obviously some principles that every mobile application development company will have to consider and keep an eye on.Customers like to feel comfortable buying things in an eCommerce app; there’s no other way around it. The comfort factor has to do with the security, ease of navigation and so on. If you let your users down in these two areas, you’re going to be playing catch up thereafter. Gaining trust first up is difficult enough, gaining it after losing it once could be a tough nut to crack.

As far as the design is concerned, you could play around the fundamentals a bit. However, for the interface, you’ll have to make sure it conveys the message across as you’ve intended it. The user’s understanding, habits, behavior are of crucial consideration here. In most e-commerce apps, you won’t be able to evade these three components: Catalog, Filters and Shopping Cart.

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e-commerce apps

The catalog is really the face of the app. Herein you see a list of items under a certain category.To ensure that it attracts the user’s attention and doesn’t leave them distracted, it’s a good idea to organize everything. Here’s how to go about it:It’s been observed that users tend to get confused when they have myriad of options in front of them.

So you may opt to cut short your menu list. That way users won’t be overwhelmed by a surge of options. Keep everything in order while paying heed to the principle of visual hierarchy.Visual hierarchy is quite significant for every iOS application development company. It dictates that all the items are organized on the basis of their size, shape, color, position etc.That way user can instantly tell as to what are the most prized and valued items.

Let em’ Zoom in and show fewer items at once


The zoom in/or image enlargement option is a must-have. Users should be able to have a close-up look at the selected items.Once again, show less at once or you’ll just baffle the user by throwing everything their way in one go.

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Filters are there to help users find precisely what they are looking for. Filters happen to be an important component in all the e-commerce apps. At a broader level, there is the men/women and kid’s filter. However, once you go past that, there are other more specific filters pertaining to size, color, price etc.

The question is whether or not filters are important and can an iPhone app development company really forego them? Well, the filters are absolutely important in every e-commerce app and no, you can’t forego them.

Shopping Cart is next step after the user has made a purchase decision. After adding items to cart the user should be able to review it.That way they can make a final call as to what they want in or out of the bag. Then there are the checkout and payment options.All this process from adding to cart to checking out has to be flawless. First up, you have to get the color combination right.

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A white background is always the ideal choice. The buttons can go with green to complement the white in the background.It must be emphasized that designs aren’t just about mesmerizing effects, they have to do with the feelings as well, i.e. how a user feels upon tapping a button or changing the screen. The shopping cart should provide last minute details such as the product’s brief description, promo codes applicable to the purchase and the final price.

Take all these into consideration and try to make the purchase as much a pleasure walk for the user as it’s possible.The checkout screen is actually the last stop in the user’s journey. So you better not disappoint them here.Keep it simple yet interactive. A good checkout screen will have many payment options. More importantly, it won’t stretch for too long. The quickly the checkout happens the better for both the user and the app.

Most apps these days lock in user’s address details so as to save them from entering it again and again in future transactions.These are some of the added features mainly for the user’s convenience that have become near mandatory for every expert Android application development company.

Following on the guidelines mentioned in this article is sure to add an edge to your eCommerce app. Successful eCommerce apps all have one thing in common – they’re delightful to explore and yet precisely clear cut.See if you can get the same dual factor in your app and have everyone buzzing about it!

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